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CBD Review on 4 Corners Cannabis

4CC, or 4 Corners Cannabis, is unlike any other CBD company you’ve ever heard or read about. In fact, 4CC goes above and beyond to produce the best CBD dominant products on the market. How do they do this, though? Well, by growing, processing, and extracting the CBD oil all by themselves, instead of hiring a 3rd party agency to do their work for them.

At 4 Corners Cannabis, each worker has a specific job title that they adhere to. Some are growers, some are breeders, and even still, some are extraction experts. This company takes pride in what they do, and they have done so for many years now.

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What products do they offer?

4 Corners Cannabis offers a range of CBD products; some of them may even surprise you. Check out a summary of the most popular CBD-induced products for people and pets below.

CBD Salve: The original salve created by 4CC, this dominant hemp induced product provides relief for your muscles, allowing you to move more fluidly when you’re running around. You can use this product as a lip balm, and it can be applied to damaged skin, too.
CBD Salve Stick: Are you looking for something that’s both durable and powerful? These salve sticks are made with coconut oil, beeswax, antioxidant, and CBD dominant hemp extract to give its users relief anywhere, anytime.
Oral Tincture: Are you feeling pain symptoms anywhere in your body? Have you been feeling a little bit stressed lately? 4CC’s oral tinctures will do the trick. Take it straight from the dropper or add it to one of your daily beverages. Keep in mind, hints of coconut and orange may make an appearance on your pallet, but that’s part of the fun.
Pet Tincture: Yes, thankfully 4CC’s has relief from pet ailments, and it comes in the form of a tincture. Simply put a few drops on his or her food or open their mouth and put it directly on their tongue. Be sure to keep this bottle at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
Glycerin Tincture: If you thought they had a good range of tinctures so far, you’d be surprised to find that their glycerin tincture is loved above most others. This sweet and tangy liquid can be dropped in a drink of your choice, it can be taken alone, and it can be vaped. If you have a coconut or avocado allergy, this is the option to go for.
Avocado Tincture: The avocado tinctures come in 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg. These liquid products are created using virgin organic avocado oil and CBD dominant hemp oil. If you have a coconut or citrus allergy, this is the way to go. Keep in mind, you may find earthy tones and bitter tastes on your pallet when consuming this product.
CBD Honey: If you’re looking for something sweet to add to your drinks, this is the perfect product. Add it to tea or to a favorite dessert to spice things up.

What else does 4 Corners Cannabis offer?

Right now, 4CC’s only ships within the United States. Once your package is received, if you have not opened it, you’ll have 30 days to return with a full refund minus shipping charges. If there is something wrong with the product you’ve ordered, 4CC’s is happy to help and arrange a solution accordingly. Professionals will answer all questions at this CBD company promptly.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Reviews

Fastest order processing and shipment time I’ve ever seen! Amazon 2day shipping is the only other thing that compares! Nice job, y’all.

you guys are the best

you guys are the best! love your stuff

I ordered 42 bottles of the great new…

I ordered 42 bottles of the great new gummies. Because of the popularity of this new item, customer service informed me that delivery would be delayed. But they got them out ASAP and there was only a single day delay. I highly recommend 4 Corners Cannabis for all of your CBD needs!

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Great product

Great product. Great service.

My shipment arrived much earlier than I…

My shipment arrived much earlier than I expected and in great shape.

4 Corners is very caring and they…

4 Corners is very caring and they respond immediately and take care of all my needs.

Nothing even close…

I lucked out and found 4CC early in 2019, when CBD products were taking off. Since then, the online CBD sites have exploded out of control. I’ve tried many, but ALWAYS come back to 4Corners. They “set the bar” on QUALITY. They also don’t dilute their brand by constantly trying to offer crazy offshoot products (to increase profits). I use them for all my pet products (older big dogs with t-storm anxiety) but also for myself. You may find less expensive out there but you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR… I won’t use any other brand now, three years of trial & error (& now proof!) cemented my loyalty. I sincerely hope they adhere to their original mission/vision, and maintain their unmatched quality.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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We just tried the new gummies

We just tried the new gummies. Lemon Ginger is fantastic.

When I put my order through I made a…

When I put my order through I made a mistake not realizing there was a CBD citrus without THC. I ordered it thinking there was only one type. I called and they immediately sent me two of the correct ones and return labels and were very understanding.
The rest of my order was good!

Great product for my dog

Great product for my dog. I truly see the difference if I run out, so I try not to.

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Great product and service as usual.

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Love my products

Love my products! Received promptly. Couldn’t be more satisfied

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Such excellent product for years and…

Such excellent product for years and years. Works wonderfully with back and nerve pain! (When prescribed medicines for pain never did) Shipping is fast and tracking very helpful. 4 Corners is my top choice always.