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Best CBD oil for depression and anxiety?

I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for 8 years, it’s been progressively getting worse especially in the past 4 years. I have a high heart rate but low blood pressure.. I’m wondering if CBD oil will affect that negatively. Can you guys recommend the best CBD oil that could help with depression and anxiety ? I’ve done some research but I’m still unsure what type of ratio of THC/CBD oil is best. Thank youu in advance.

Edit: I am in California. I’m a noob to weed stuffs but am aware it’s legal here. Also. How much CBD oil should I take ? How do I certify it’s pure ? Ive heard if it isn’t pure it won’t be effective for depression. 🙁

I caught a ton of heat for saying this in the CBD subreddit, and maybe I will here, but CBD on its own is snake oil.

The people in the CBD subreddit fall into three categories: people who are advertising a certain brand, or just trying to give CBD a better reputation overall to increase sales (there are a lot of these, and most pose as authentic users with no financial ties to the industry), people who are experiencing placebo, or people who have been using CBD in tandem with THC, which is the only method that involves CBD having any type of perceivable, effects at all.

I’ve tried CBD a ton, and ordered over $150 dollars with of products because of people churching it up to be something it’s not. I’m really happy for those that experienced positive results through placebo, but when I suggested that, everybody in the subreddit lost their damn minds.

CBD and THC work are synergistic, and when you CBD while you’re using THC, you’ll notice a much smoother, relaxed high, unlike high THC strains which have been known to cause anxiety in many.

I cannot stress this enough, CBD on its own will not do anything that you’re able to notice, no effects whatsoever. If you’re interested in trying it still, your best bet is to buy cannabis with a higher ratio of CBD than THC.

I’ve finally found a CBD oil that works and I’m so happy I want to tell everybody!

Before I get into this I just want to say that no, I’m not in any way related or sponsored by any CBD brand. Most of the brands out there are a complete scam. The majority of testimonials that have become viral on social media are either faked or dubious to say the least. Please feel free check out my post history. I’m just a simple designer from the UK, I’m in no way an “influencer” or a PR marketer trying to pull a fast one. Anyway…

I suffer from Anxiety, and when I say suffer, I mean suffer! I have the type of anxiety that’s so bad that if I attempt to have a conversation with someone new, I will shake and stutter. If my husband politely asks me to hurry up or tries to surprise me, I will have a full blown anxiety attack. It has been an absolute burden on my life and has prevented me from wanting to socialise in public. It effects my work as I constantly “shiver” and we even decided to elope to get married so that I wouldn’t have an attack walking down the aisle.

I first heard about CBD from a friend. They sent me one of the many viral videos and I was intrigued. It’s pretty easy to get CBD oil these days, so I purchased a bottle online to try.

Honestly I saw no difference. This particular brand recommended that I take a few of their peppermint drops under my tongue, 3 times a day. I did this for 2 weeks and saw no change. I would still shake and stutter. I felt conned.

A few months later my husband saw CBD oil at our local Boots and decided that if Boots where stocking it, it must be a more legitimate product…

These new drops where orange flavoured and had the exact same effect. That being none. Although they looked a lot fancier! So like most people I just threw the bottle away and decided to never bother with CBD oil again. Luckily my wonderful husband doesn’t give up so easy and he started researching into CBD oil and the differences each give.

To put it as “Explain Like I’m Five” as I can…

There are 3 types of CBD oil. These are: Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum.

Now legally in the UK you can only sell CBD oil if that oil has less than 0.3% THC. THC is the psychoactive substance that makes you high in cannabis, but at these levels it doesn’t. To play it safe, stores like Boots and Holland and Barrett, will only sell Isolate and Broad Spectrum CBD oils. Both of these types of CBD have been stripped (purified) fully of there THC values. Unfortunately during the purification process, these oils lose a ton of the other “good stuff” that actually helps to make the product work.

So with this in mind, my husband was now looking for CBD oil that was marked as “Full Spectrum”. This means that all of the goodness is kept in, and nothing is diluted away with unnecessary things like flavouring!

…Unfortunately, finding Full Spectrum CBD oil in shops is like finding hens teeth!

Roll on to a few weeks ago. My sister has recently started selling at the local artisan markets and to show our support we decided to attend.

Her stall was right next to a man claiming to sell “Handmade Artisan CBD oil”, which obviously peeked my husbands interest.

The gentleman on the stall was really helpful. He confirmed that most CBD oils on the market where not what they say they are, and where in-fact diluted down so that their CBD percentage was a lot lower than what they claimed it to be. Plus the fact that isolate and broad spectrum is only really good for pet consumption and with the CBD market not yet regulated, CBD companies are getting away with flogging you products that have been proven not to work. (CBD water and CBD bath salts for example).

Honestly at this point I was done with CBD oil and pretty much refused to take it. It didn’t work for me and I didn’t see the point. My husband bought some regardless.

Out of curiosity my husband started taking it to help him sleep and my god it worked! After a few nights of listening to him snore I decided I would give it a try.

The first thing I noticed was the taste. The proper stuff tastes like cut grass! Once I had gotten over that I realised that I had stopped shivering. AFTER JUST 15 MINUTES! This effect lasted over 5 hours in total, but even after the event my hands where noticeably sturdier than they typically are.

Since that day I can not express just how much this has changed my life for the positive. Possibly the best example would be last week, when my husband and I travelled to india to attend the wedding of a friend. This was a huge event for me as 1. I have never travelled abroad before and 2. I have never attended a Hindu wedding. I took my CBD oil daily whist I was over there and I didn’t have a single anxiety attack. Not on the plane, not in a new country, not at the wedding, nothing. We are now planning more trips abroad and a possibly even a second wedding!

I’ve found that I don’t need to take it every day as suggested, but I do have some days that are more stressful than others, which is when I chose to take it.

Apart from the anxiety its really helped with a stiffness I get in my neck. Sometimes my neck just never wants to turn. I’ve realised that this is no longer an issue for me. Also my sleeping patterns are amazing. I would often stay awake at night worrying about stupid things. Now however, I feel calm. It doesn’t make you tired, you just feel really relaxed.

Anyway I hope this helps someone. I’m off to plan a wedding!

Edit: Apparently I’m an ad. I’m honestly not. Its a shame you get vilified for sharing things that could help others these days. Feel free to check my post history.