Best full spectrum cbd oil for anxiety reddit

What’s the best quality, full spectrum CBD oil out there right now that can be ordered online? Or even just a top 3 or so?

Live in AL so idk if it’s even legal here? Rest of this post is just additional info that may or may not matter.

Wife has been using Funky Farms 1000mg dropper that we found at a vape shop, but I don’t think it’s full spectrum (doesn’t say so on bottle). Main use is to try to treat some digestive issues as recommended by her Dr.

Dr. Is apparently not allowed to help us with getting/choosing product so we are on our own with this. That doesn’t really sound right to me either, but that’s what we were told, apparently they want to avoid legal issues.

So far the one she is using is working, and it’s working on other issues she has that we didn’t know it would help. Her anxiety is reduced, sleeps better, pain is somewhat reduced, digestion/cravings seem to be a bit better, etc. Idk if it’s placebo but at this point we want to up the dosage to 2000mg and go for the combined effects of a full spectrum CBD oil. Wether it contains THC or not is a non issue for her.

Please help recommend a CBD oil that is for anxiety. I am absolutely exhausted.

A couple times a year I will get this insane amount of anxiety from something small. (Hearing my upstairs neighbors have a party at night for example) So because of this I will get a boom of anxiety and will not sleep at all. This will go on for a few days at a time as the anxiety gets worse and worse the more days I do not sleep.

I am tired of this and really need to try this CBD oil which I know nothing about. I don’t take anxiety medication as I don’t want crazy side effects. Please help recommend something to me.

I’ve been looking at the brand HerbStrong with their ‘recovery’ drops & also the brand Bluebird Botanicals with their ‘Hemp Complete’ product. Honestly though I have no idea if these actually aim to help anxiety. I would greatly appreciate your recommendations for an anxiety based CBD oil. Thank you in advance everyone!

There’s no oil specifically made for anxiety. Look into whether you want a full spectrum oil or an isolated CBD oil. Full spectrum contains cannabinoids and terpenes from the full plant, including THC. Some people may feel more anxious from the THC (me) but others may get relief from it. If marijuana relieves your anxiety, you’ll probably benefit from full spectrum. Isolate is just isolated CBD so you only get the benefits that CBD has. It usually tastes better as it’s just mixed with a carrier oil like MCT oil.

I would use Lazarus Naturals 50mg full spec tincture. Anything under 50mg is probably no bueno in my experience.

Lazarus Naturals’ CBD oil is fantastic. They’re affordable, share their process with you and I believe have a nice discount for veterans, low income and people with long term disability.

I use about 25mg full spec of Lazarus Naturals every night at bed. It gives me a solid 8 hours. I am like you if I get woken up I am up for the night with anxiety. I am very sensitive to it so a little goes a long way for me. I found that if you start with 10mg and work from there you can find what’s right for you.

I know this isn’t the CBD solution you’re looking for, but as someone with problems sleeping with any noise going on:

A box fan on high! So far the absolute best solution. I never would’ve believed it until my sister made me try it.

Noise canceling earphones

Again, the box fan. Even on low, it’s a huge help.

Earbuds, listening to an app with soothing sounds, like rain

Telling the neighbors to shut the fuck up. I did that last time and it never happened again. I mean, I literally screamed at them, “How selfish can you be? How can you live with yourselves? It’s 3 in the morning and I have to work in 3 hours. Everyone who lives here has to be up within 5 hours. Stop what you’re doing and realize that you’re not the only people on the planet. I’ve literally never met anyone so selfish. Fucking go to your homes and shut the fuck up.”

Or you could just call the cops on them for a noise disturbance. Really. Nothing wrong with doing that.

Are tinctures usually better than capsules?

Yes – capsules are ingested orally and tinctures typically are best ingested sublingually which result in better bioavailability of CBD. Tinctures are the best way to go for new users!

SunSol cbd Oil, $30 and good quality, comes in a good size Tincture bottle. I use choc mint, but it looks like they now have cinnamon too

Hemp flower is generally agreed upon as the strongest product. Then full spectrum oil, then CBD isolate is the weakest. Look for high CBD and low THC. For example, Suver Haze from somewhere like Tokn.

When I was doing my research on CBD oils and which one to take, I read a lot about how some of the oils are not free from THC and contain 0,3% of it, so that could maybe make you feel dizzy, sleepy or as if you were high. It’s absolutely legal for these oils to contain up to 0.3 % THC. Then I found about this magnificent CBD oil that is completely free from THC and started using it since. It’s completely safe, it won’t get you high and you’re safe to do any test if your job requires that for example.

I agree CBD has also provided me a significant, positive impact 🙂 be careful and ask your doctor should it be a helping treatment or if it can replace pharms (but only if you trust your doctor – other ones are bribed to write more scripts 😉 ) be careful when dosing other under/over-the-counter drugs! They all mix!

Remember: no CBD manufacturer, grower, distributor can make any health claim – anything that is claimed is anecdotal. Anecdotally, I can vouch it worked help with my anxiety and overall depression.. after struggling with benzos – it’s also my elder friend’s only source of relief from fractured bones they can’t operate on and the like, as she refuses to subject herself to opiates.