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Hemp Bombs Review

Hemp Bombs is an international brand with a wide product variety and a fun feel. Their website is highly educational, and they go the extra mile to inform consumers about the nuances of a CBD health regimen. Non-GMO industrial hemp from Europe is hand-picked for processing here in the U.S. under their plant-to-product business model aimed at stringent quality control. While Hemp Bombs uses CBD isolate and does not feature any full spectrum products, they exhibit a quality standard and high level of transparency.

Hemp Bombs sources their CBD from non-GMO industrial hemp grown on environmentally-friendly and sustainable European farmland. Plants are then chosen by hand and shipped to the U.S. for formulation and processing. The company works with nutritionists to figure out the best synergistic combinations of herbal botanicals to infuse with the CBD isolate. It’s important to note that Hemp Bombs uses CBD isolate in all their products and does not feature full spectrum options. While CBD is obviously amazing, it is ideal to see companies provide full spectrum products in order to offer customers the amazing ‘entourage effect’ of ALL hemp’s cannabinoids.

Another important note: Hemp Bombs admittedly cannot guarantee that their products are 100% vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic. For example, the gelatin present in their gummies most likely contains animal products. While their hemp is verified from an organic source, its other ingredients are not. But their testing results do in fact point to very clean CBD free of contaminants which is why they are awarded the Safety badge.

One thing to note about Hemp Bombs is their obvious transparency. Not only are third-party lab test results available for each SKU, but as previously mentioned, they admit when they fall short of certain certifications. Another positive aspect we love to see is their promise to give back. Hemp Bombs offers a lifelong 15% discount for veterans, active duty personnel, their spouses and dependents. They feel a sense of obligation to provide CBD’s health-boosting properties to those suffering from PTSD, and that’s certainly a program COR supports.

Their product line is in a word, massive. They’ve got everybody covered here with CBD gummies, capsules, tinctures, vape e-liquid, soothing syrup, pet care, a bio-coolant topical, and even beard oil. In fact, the beard oil is what inspired us to issue Hemp Bombs the Innovation Badge. It is noteworthy that they went after a specific issue and used nutritionist-formulated botanical blends to enhance CBD’s effects to solve it. Hemp Bombs failed to receive the Mission Badge simply because it isn’t clear. The motivation seems to be to create a globally recognizable brand, which explains why they push apparel. There just needs to be a more obvious ethical underpinning to the missions behind CBD manufacturers.

Bottom Line – Hemp Bombs has innovative and fun products like gummies and beard oil that are sourced from organic hemp. This is a transparent and energetic brand with a lot of promise. However, they often blend with ingredients that do not qualify as vegan, organic, etc. so use caution when choosing a product. Additionally, their brand is not full spectrum and contains zero THC.