Best vaporizer for cbd oil reddit

Best vaporizer/vape pen for CBD?

I am currently in the market for a durable vaporizer/vape pen for CBD after not having much success with oil drops. I am clueless on the topic and was wondering if anyone would be able to help point me in the right direction.

Upon doing some of my own research I do have a couple questions about vaporizers/pens. Some vapes are advertised as having more “coils”, does this matter much or is it relatively unimportant? Also, I saw some vaporizers advertised as having “rings” instead of coils. What does this mean? Thank you for anyone that can help 🙂

r/waxpen is a good resource for this. I personally use a saionara with a pico mod and I love it. Reasonably priced, powerful, compact, discrete, and Arctic fox compatible for custom temperature control settings. There are tons of different coils and I would recommend trying a few out to see what you like. I personally like the ceramic donuts because they don’t have any off-notes and tend to hold the isolate well. I have heard good things about the new bucket coils with top airflow atomizers but I haven’t sprung for one yet.

Edit: more coils basically means bigger harder hits, but a single coil will hit just fine imo.

Best Vape for CBD ejuice?

I’m a beginner to this. After research between smoking weed with THC vs. CBD, I have decided I’d rather go with vaping CBD. Reasons: I have anxiety, but don’t want to get high (ripped/blasted/stoned), just something to help take the edge off and relax a bit. I also wanted something that won’t make me smell like pot, I can use discreetly, so I can take a fit hits on a vape before going into a social situation like classes (which causes me anxiety).

My question to you is What is the best quality, safest vape so I can enjoy CBD e-juice?

Also, my friend recommended the Koi ejuice which is 99% CBD and nicotine free. I want nicotine free. Also what are some safe reliable CBD ejuices in addition to Koi? Help me with my setup please, I look forward to it 🙂