Can You Give Human CBD Oil To A Dog

Whether you have a gerbil or a mastiff, CBD can help pets be healthy and happy, and may even support a pet if it has health issues. If you’re reading this article, you’ve no doubt heard of the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. And while countless anecdotal success stories have circulated social media for years, scientific studies on CBD are also beginning to show promise in helping dogs with many conditions from seizures to pain to … Human CBD oil technically is safe for dogs. But it is recommended to give them CBD oil specially made for dogs by following this treatment advisor.

Human CBD for Pets: All You Need to Know

Pet CBD is making a difference in your pet’s health. Whether you have a gerbil or a mastiff, CBD can help pets be healthy and happy, and may even support a pet if it has health issues. You’ve been giving your pet CBD for a while now, and you’ve used up your pet’s whole bottle of hemp oil. Or maybe you want to try it with your pet to see what it can do, and all you have is your personal bottle of CBD oil. Can you give your pet human CBD oil?

Can I Give My Pet Human CBD Oil?

The short answer is, maybe. Many caveats have to do with the health and safety of your pet. There are some very big, potentially fatal, differences between pet and human CBD oil that you’ll need to consider before you give your pet human CBD. Pet CBD is designed, for well, pets. And CBD for people is designed for humans. This means you could easily give your pet too much CBD by accident. Or, there could be ingredients in your CBD that could hurt your pet.

As with any supplement and your pet, it’s a good idea to talk to your veterinarian before starting them on something new. This applies to everything from CBD to a multivitamin. Your vet will likely be supportive of using CBD oil on your pet and may even carry a brand of CBD, like Pet Releaf’s Sentesa .

Difference Between Pet CBD Oil and Human CBD Oil

The main difference, generally, will be the concentration of CBD in the product, which you need to take into careful consideration. Pets are more often much smaller than us humans, so they need less CBD than we do. But concentration isn’t the only difference between pet CBD and human CBD. You need to be concerned with extra, potentially toxic ingredients, THC levels, and the overall quality of your pet CBD. Quality, when it comes to pet CBD, indicates safe and effective manufacturing practices. Poorly made CBD at best will have less bioavailable CBD and at worse could contain toxic chemicals and solvents.

1. Is there anything else in your CBD?

Many substances that are safe for humans are quite dangerous to pets. This includes ingredients found in many human CBD products. Xylitol is a common sweetener used in human CBD and is potentially lethal to animals, even in small amounts. It is a sugar alcohol and is found naturally in many foods, like berries and oats. When pets ingest xylitol, it stimulates a strong release of insulin which can cause a fatal case of hypoglycemia. If you suspect your pet has ingested xylitol, you need to contact your vet or local 24-hour animal hospital right away.

The next common ingredient often found in human CBD that can be toxic to pets may surprise you. It’s essential oils like citrus, peppermint, and cinnamon, that are used for scent and flavor in many human CBD formulas. These essential oils can be dangerous to pets, especially cats if they are ingested.

Some CBD products, including human and low-quality pet CBD, contain unnecessary fillers and additives. Not only are these unnecessary, but they may be unhealthy for your pet. This is another reason why choosing quality pet CBD is so important for your pet.

However, the number one thing you need to confirm is that the THC (the active compound found in marijuana and negligible amounts in hemp) levels are below the legal amount of 0.03%. Marijuana is toxic to pets, especially dogs, who have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains than we do. This means that dogs can absorb THC more quickly than humans, making the effects of THC more strongly felt. A small amount of marijuana can cause toxicity in dogs and cats. This includes second-hand smoke. Thankfully, toxicity is rarely fatal. Pets who have ingested or inhaled too much THC may become unsteady and clumsy. They could either be hyperactive or very vocal. Call your vet or emergency animal clinic if you suspect your pet to have THC toxicity. There’s no need to panic, you likely will just need to keep your little buddy comfortable until the THC wears off. But, do check with your vet in case your pet does need medical attention.

T he best way to avoid your pet from being exposed to high levels of THC is by choosing a pet CBD product that is made with domestic, or American grown hemp. The farming of hemp is strictly regulated here in the states. Hemp grown in the states can only have 0.3% THC, which is a negligible amount and is harmless. Farmers in compliance with the law are growing hemp plants that have been designed to have these lower THC levels. However, hemp grown outside of the states could have higher, and potentially harmful, levels of THC when it comes to pets. So, the best way to know your pet CBD product is safe is to use one made with American hemp.

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2. Is your CBD organic?

A general rule of thumb for CBD is that organic indicates a higher-quality product. While it isn’t necessary, of course, organic does mean that there won’t be any byproducts from farming, like herbicides or pesticides, in the CBD. With their smaller bodies, our pets may be more sensitive to chemicals.

3. Was your CBD cheap?

Cost is another good indicator of quality. The main reason to choose a higher-cost CBD product is that it was likely made with better hemp and manufacturing processes, all of which indicate good CBD. Cheap CBD may have been made with less care and could contain contaminants, or less bioactive CBD.

4. Is your CBD third-party tested for contaminants?

Whether your CBD is organic or not, or cheap or not, check to see if your CBD is tested by an independent lab for quality purposes. If it is, the product is being monitored for THC levels and industrial pollutants. Check the company’s website, or call them to ask for a copy of their analysis certificate. This way you can be sure your precious pup is only getting CBD and nothing else.

5. How was your CBD oil made?

The way that CBD is manufactured directly impacts the quality of the finished product. If your CBD oil was made with heat, the delicate plant compounds of hemp could be damaged or destroyed. Many of hemp’s chemical constituents, like the volatile and highly scented terpenes, will break down in the presence of heat. This means a less active, or powerful, CBD product for you or your pet.

If your CBD product was made with chemicals or solvents, then they may leave behind trace amounts in the CBD product. This could be harmful to both you and your pet. If a CBD product is made without heat, chemicals, or solvents, companies will likely put that information on their label, because it is a way to set themselves apart from competitors. Or, if the information isn’t on the label, it’s likely on the company website. If there’s no information on the packaging or the company website, that’s a good sign that cheaper manufacturing methods that involve heat, chemicals, and solvents are being used.

You must take all of these factors into consideration so you can keep your pet safe. While CBD is good for pets, it may be wiser to simply wait until you can buy some CBD designed for your precious pet, than try and give them a product that wasn’t made for them.

Keep Your Pet Happy and Safe With Pet CBD

If you were wondering about whether or not to give your pet human CBD, you’ve learned why that could be dangerous to your pet and now you know that pet CBD is the safest, most effective choice for your pet. Pet CBD and human CBD can be made very differently, and human CBD can contain substances that are dangerous to pets. We’ve also talked about how American grown hemp makes the safest pet CBD because of how its THC levels are regulated. The THC levels of hemp grown outside of the United States could be higher, which is unsafe for pets.

Pet Releaf starts making its full-spectrum hemp products with hemp sustainably grown here in the United States. They use Terpex technology, which yields the highest amount of extracted botanicals and is done without any heat, chemicals, or solvents. It is also the most environmentally responsible extraction method on the market today. You know you’re giving your pet quality when you choose Pet Releaf. They make pet CBD easy by offering CBD oils for small pets, cats, and dogs, and CBD oil for extra large dogs, and everyone in between. Try their Hemp Oil 100 for pets. It’s USDA Organic! Or, check out the Liposome Hemp Oil 100 , which is CBD oil in a base of sustainably sourced wild Alaskan Red Pollack fish oil. Need some help choosing? Pet Releaf offers a product finder to make choosing a CBD product for your pet easy and fun.

Can I Give Human CBD Oil to My Dog?

If you’re reading this article, you’ve no doubt heard of the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. And while countless anecdotal success stories have circulated social media for years, scientific studies on CBD are also beginning to show promise in helping dogs with many conditions from seizures to pain to anxiety.

You may be taking CBD yourself and wondering: Can I give human CBD oil to my dog?

The answer is possibly yes, but we’d discourage it for 3 reasons :

  1. Most CBD oils contain a small amount of the psychoactive, high-inducing compound THC. While the amount is likely low (under .3%) and unlikely to cause problems for a human, even trace amounts of THC can be dangerous for dogs. If you do give your dog your CBD oil, be 100% sure that it is THC-free (most are not) by checking the certificate of analysis (COA). If a company does not publicly post an updated COA on their website, DO NOT buy from them.
  2. Many human CBD oils contain both artificial flavorings and sweeteners that are not made for dogs. Some brands include Xylitol, which is extremely deadly to dogs.
  3. Dosages for many CBD oil tinctures made for humans are higher than what should be given to dogs. The concentration of your human CBD oil may be such that giving an appropriate dose for your dog can be difficult, especially for smaller pups. For this reason, you may want to purchase a CBD oil made for dogs in a lower concentration. You can view our CBD for dogs dosage recommendations here.
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In summary, while it is possible to give your dog a CBD oil made for humans, you must use extreme caution and may want to be safe by purchasing a product specifically made for animals.

Dogs and Human CBD Oil

Probably this question has crossed your mind. In this article, we will give you an answer. CBD oil has been found to give an amazing calming feeling.

Sometimes, it just seems like our dogs get into “distress mode”. In some cases, the reasons are obvious, like on the 4th of July or a stormy night, but in others, the reasons aren’t that obvious.

Your dog, being in a state of distress may sometimes disrupt your work or just simply make you uneasy. What do you do at these times? Should you just give them a few drops of CBD oil? Is CBD oil safe for your dog? It’s time to solve your curiosity and give you the answers you need.

Let’s go straight into the next section where we will find out if CBD oil is safe for your dog.

Is Human CBD Oil Safe for My D og ?

So you have your own CBD oil and you are wondering, is human CBD oil is safe for dogs? Well yes, it technically is.

However, giving your dog CBD oil and products made for dogs with CBD oil is much better choice.

Why? Being that CBD oil works a specific function, dog-specific CBD oil is made with a slightly different composition. We will be going into full details within this article.

But, as it stands, human CBD oil for dogs in a reasonable manner is highly unlikely to cause any harm.

Can I Get CBD Oil For Dogs?

There are companies that produce CBD oils specially formulated for dogs. These companies make CBD oil to help dogs with issues like pain, nausea, vomiting, and inflammation.

What Is Cannabis Oil?

Let’s take a step backward and talk about what CBD oil actually is. CBD oil also known as cannabis oil is a liquid that is gotten from the marijuana plant.

You probably think this means your dog may get high, that’s not going to happen. Why? B ecause , CBD oil only contains 1% of THC and in some cases, doesn’t contain THC at all.

The introduction of CBD oil to the market has proved to be nothing short of an innovative solution. Making it available for dogs and pets like horses and cats is an even more welcome development. No doubt, this organic gift of nature has come to stay.

Is Your CBD Oil Organic?

We can agree that organic is the way to go. CBD oil extracted from organical grown hemp is advice able time use, not just for humans but for dogs also.

Organic CBD oil is free of toxins that may result in health issues for your dog and even you.

Besides CBD oil, on its own, without any artificial additives, is highly effective. Therefore, it is important that you note the type of CBD oil you use.

O rganic CBD oil will defend and relieve you from health issues. While inorganic CBD oil may only cause more health issues in the long run.

What Should Be Considered When Giving Your Dogs CBD Oil

So, you want to give your dog human CBD oil? As we said earlier, it’s safe. However, there are certain things you should consider. Two of the most essential things to keep in mind include;

  • The dosage;
  • How you administer the oil to your dog.

Getting the dosage wrong can lead to an overdose which may likely result in some minor side effects like nausea.

Additionally, how you give your dog the CBD oil is equally important because it determines how effective it will be.

Keep these two guidelines in mind and giving your dog CBD oil should be safe. Further, in this article, we will go into details on how you can determine your dog’s exact dosage.

What Does Your Dog Benefit From Taking CBD Oil?

When it comes to giving your dog CBD oil, there are numerous benefits. CBD oil works the same way in dogs as in humans.

Numerous scientific researches are still in motion in discovering all the benefits of CBD.

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Like you, many pet owners wonder about the benefits of CBD oil and some have shared the below benefits. Let’s get into some details that should interest you.

CBD Oil and Anxiety:

L ike we mentioned earlier, it’s totally natural for your dog to get uneasy sometimes. Anxiety does good neither for you and your dog increasing other health risks like heart problems. Feeling helpless in times like this can be really stressful for a dog owner.

It’s a good thing your furry buddy can finally find some relief because CBD oil can offer the perfect solution. CBD oil and products made from it do a good job in calmly your dog.

CBD Oil and Pain Reliever:

As you already know, dogs go through pain as well. Dogs can experience pain for various reasons ranging from back pain, injuries or even arthritis.

So, what do we do in times like this? Can we at least help our dog get some relief? This is where CBD oil comes in, in such cases, CBD oil performs the function of a pain relief drug.

Many parents share their experiences and testimonies on how this organic solution does wonders.

CBD Oil and Seizures:

Has your dog ever experienced a seizure? Just like humans experience seizures, dogs do too. Going through a seizure is definitely not a good feeling.

One solution that has worked for humans in combating seizures is CBD oil. CBD oil also works in reducing the number of occurrences of seizures in dogs.

This comes as a welcome development to a lot of pet owners with pets that suffer from seizures.

CBD Oil and Nausea:

Although it isn’t new for dogs to experience nausea, CBD oil solves the problem in a new way. By administering CBD oil to your dog, your furry buddy is given instant relief.

Nausea, which is most likely to be caused by a stomach upset stands no chance against CBD oil. Therefore, having a bottle of CBD oil by your side the next time your dog is experiencing nausea will not doubt do you a great deal of good.

CBD Oil and Cancer:

Can CBD oil cure cancer? We are not quite sure about that yet. However, CBD oil can actually help treat the symptoms of cancer.

Treating these symptoms goes a long way in offering some relief to your dog. In situations like this, taking your dog to a vet should also be an option to consider.

CBD Oil and Stress:

Dogs get stressed all the time. Now, the big question is how can we keep our dogs calm and relaxed? Dogs get stressed for various reasons, which could be as a result of seeing another animal or going to the vet.

Indeed, CBD oil can be quite a savior in times like this. The last thing you want is to get stressed, just because you are failing at relaxing your dog.

How Much CBD Oil Can I Give to My Dog?

Now that you know you can give you dog CBD oil and you know its benefits, its time we find out how much of it you can give your dog. Knowing how much CBD oil to give your dog boils down to considering your dog’s weight.

With your dog’s weight, you can ascertain the exact dosage your dog needs.

After getting your dog’s exact weight, all that is left to do is to get your dog into a regular schedule if required. In fact, taking CBD once might be enough in some cases, but putting your dog into a schedule is way more effective in serious cases.

N otably , putting your dog into a dosage schedule is essential, especially if they are such from an illness or chronic pain.

How Do I Know If My Dog Will Benefit From CBD?

How can you be sure that CBD oil will benefit your dog? The benefits of using CBD oil are rather obvious in how it helps both humans and dogs. Humans and dogs alike suffering from discomforts like anxiety, pain, and nausea can be given relief.

No doubt, dogs going through minor and even serious health conditions don’t have to suffer in pain anymore.

The truth is if you find yourself in a situation where your pet is going through a health problem, CBD oil is highly likely to be a solution. Moreover, the side effects of giving CBD oil to your dog are next to zero. With this, you don’t have to worry about any backlash effect.

We can agree that our busy schedule notwithstanding, your furry buddy deserves the best care possible. Believe us, it’s a big relief that the side effects of using CBD oil are not something we need to add to our list of concerns as pet owners.

CBD oil puts a price tag on relief and peace of mind, it is definitely something you should try out.


CBD oil has its amazing benefits, for dogs and humans alike. While we have derived that you can give your dog human CBD oil, it’s important to also note that dog-specific CBD oil is more effective. Dog specific CBD oil comes in the various form that can be both easy to administer and appealing to your dog.