Cbd hemp oil for dogs uk

CBD Oil for Dogs UK by Incr-edibles

Do you need a highly effective, easy-to-use CBD Oil for your dog? If so, we have the perfect product right here. Our premium quality THC-Free CBD oil for dogs (UK) is produced using only high-quality food-grade American CBD manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Practices. The CBD we use has to make our high-quality products, such as our CBD Oil for dogs 600mg, and our fantastic CBD treats is extracted from the hemp plant.

Each batch of CBD Isolate we buy from our supplier has been independently tested by a third party lab and we receive their paperwork with every order we place. You can be safe in the knowledge that we only use the highest quality CBD oil for dogs.

Our isolate-based CBD oil differs from Broad spectrum CBD oil and full-spectrum oil in that it is the purest form of CBD that you can get. The CBD contained has been “isolated” from all of the other compounds contained within the hemp plant from which it originates during the extraction process.

Pet owners can be safe in the knowledge that an isolate-based CBD product is the safest of the three major types of CBD used in the manufacture of CBD products for dogs.

While there is an assumption that Broad spectrum CBD oil does not contain any THC, this is most definitely not the case.

Additional to this, we then make arrangements to have our products independently tested to ensure accuracy and consistency of concentration. This is our latest lab report for this particular product giving you a full breakdown of the results and confirming that it is free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Our CBD for dogs is;

  • Lab Tested
  • THC-Free.
  • 99% Pure CBD Isolate.
  • Quality American CBD.
  • Specially formulated for Accurate Dosing.
  • GMP Certified.
  • Non GMO.
  • Free of Animal Testing.
  • Free of Pesticides, Herbicides and Toxic Products.

What are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs?

There are many instances where CBD has been shown to be beneficial to animals

All mammals, including humans, have what is known as an Endocannabinoid System. As such, parallels were initially drawn that CBD would be able to provide potential benefits for animals in the same way as it does for people.

Case studies and experiences of many pet owners have shown the benefits that pet CBD goods can provide for their various types of pets. These benefits are similar to how it may help a human benefit from its use.

You can find anecdotal evidence online to state that it could have potential benefits with the following;

  • Loss of appetite
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Mobility-related issues
  • Pain management
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Stimulating appetite

While we can’t state this expressly, there is a lot of information on the internet alluding to the benefits of CBD for pets.

Many dog problems arise due to inflammation or where inflammation contributes to the dog’s discomfort. It is a known issue with hip dysplasia, pancreatitis, and arthritis in dogs, so it seems reasonable to assume that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD for dogs could help make a difference and provide some relief.

Ideally, we are all looking to provide a better quality of life by helping provide the stated health benefits and pain relief that the best CBD products are said to bring. Using high-quality premium CBD oil and related CBD products can assist in doing this for both humans and pets alike.

Why our CBD pet products do not contain THC

The best CBD Oil for pets

The type of CBD (Cannabidiol) we have opted for in making our CBD Oil for Dogs is known as CBD Isolate.

This CBD is extracted from hemp plants and has had all other cannabinoids removed. In effect, the CBD has been “isolated.” This isolated product means that, unlike full-spectrum CBD oil, it does not contain the compound THC, which is more commonly associated with marijuana/cannabis and getting people “high.” The CBD our products have is 99% pure and is the best and safest CBD to use in making our dog CBD oil.

This particular form of THC-free CBD hemp oil guarantees that, unlike illegal cannabis oil, this CBD oil will be very safe and will not give your pet any adverse psychoactive effects.

While many CBD suppliers sell full-spectrum CBD oil products for animals, we do not recommend this and advise against it to avoid minor adverse side effects.

Broad Spectrum is another type of CBD that people assume will be void of THC, but we know from experience that this is certainly not the case. As such, we as a company decided that Isolated based CBD was, in our opinion, the safest and best CBD oil to use when working with animals and removes any potential risk for psychoactive effects. We also felt that Full Spectrum CBD products were an unnecessary risk that we didn’t want to take with animals, and thus our decision to stick with an isolate-based formula.

Our CBD oil product also contains 98% pure MCT oil. MCT is a type of coconut oil and is an excellent stand-alone product for health. It is widely accepted to be the most suitable carrier oil to use when making the best CBD oil products such as this, although hemp oil is a good alternative.

Simple CBD Oil dosing for your dog

With our special formulation 1 drop = 1mg of CBD

At Incr-edibles, we have formulated this new concentration of CBD oil to keep accurate dosing as simple a task as possible. We will also provide easy-to-follow instructions on finding the best CBD oil dosage for your furry friends

The result is that this allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the correct dosage of CBD for your dog regardless of its size. We also include as standard our graduated pipettes which you can see in the image to the right here.

We have considered all possibilities to make this one of the most accurate and safe CBD hemp oil for dogs currently available in the UK market.

When giving CBD oil to your dog, these oil drops can be placed directly into your dog’s mouth for the best results. However, you can also add them to your dog’s food by following our usage guide.

Don’t worry if you are concerned about CBD dosage amounts or how many doses to give CBD to your dog. We have formulated our products to keep it as simple as possible and ensure that you can quickly and accurately provide precise CBD levels to your dog.

Our CBD Oil for Dogs 600mg provides 1mg of CBD for each drop. There is no need for awkward calculations or trying to work out how much CBD you need. We give clear instructions below for each size of dog.

Below is our guide for CBD oil doses to use for the various sizes of your pets.

We advise that if you consider giving your dog the 2nd dose in any 24 hours, you should leave at least 6 hours between each dose.

CBD Oil dosage guide for small dogs

Only 3 Drops (3mg of CBD) per serving – Dogs weighing 22lbs /10kgs or less

At 1 x 3mg serving per day our 30ml bottle will last for 200 days.

At 2 x 3mg servings per day this 30ml bottle will last for 100 days.

CBD Oil dosage guide for medium-sized dogs

Only 6 Drops (6 mg of CBD) per serving – Dogs weighing 22lbs – 50lbs /10kgs – 23kgs

At 1 x 6mg serving per day our 30ml bottle will last for 100 days.

At 2 x 6mg servings per day this 30ml bottle will last for 50 days.

CBD Oil dosage guide for large dogs

Only 10 drops (10mg of CBD) per serving – Dogs weighing in excess of 50lbs / 23Kgs

At 1 x 10mg serving per day our 30ml bottle will last for 60 days.

At 2 x 10mg servings per day this bottle will last for 30 days.

CBD Dog Treats UK

Our Treats are available in packs of 30 for either small, medium, or large dogs.

The dog CBD oil we sell can be easily added directly to your dog’s regular food or dropped onto any dog treats that your dog likes. Let the desired amount of CBD oil soak into the treat, and then feed your dog. However, if convenience is what you are after, we sell our range of Banana & Peanut butter CBD treats. We offer these CBD dog treats in 3 different strengths to cater to varying sizes of dogs.

If you want to give CBD to your dog, this is an excellent, easy-to-use option that your pets will love. Please look at our CBD for Dogs page at the options we have.

If you would like to know more about our other pet CBD products, such as our treats or our vast array of CBG & CBD oils range, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to discuss this with you in further detail. Alternatively, your vet can assist you with any concerns you have. If your pet is already on any medication, we strongly suggest that you always consult your vet first before you begin using CBD as part of your pet’s regimen.

Hemp Oil for Dogs UK

Please note that when you are buying CBD oil or looking to buy CBD products, they are not just hemp products or a type of hemp seed oil being marketed as a CBD product. There are a lot of companies out there who are blatantly pushing hemp products in the guise that they will offer the same benefits to your pets as CBD, but they don’t. While hemp oil will provide some benefits for your dog, it most certainly doesn’t help in the way a genuine quality CBD product will.

Possible side effects of CBD products for dogs & general advice

The best methods of using CBD products for your dog

When our furry friends receive CBD, there are potential side effects, but these are uncommon and typically only seen in conjunction with high doses. They include drowsiness, dry mouth, a possible lowering of blood pressure, and in some cases, diarrhea.

In most cases, we would advise that if you use any pet CBD products to make sure that your pet has access to plenty of clean water afterward.

There are currently no CBD-based products that have been granted a UK veterinary marketing authorisation by the VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate).

As there are currently no CBD products authorised in the UK for veterinary use, a veterinary surgeon may prescribe a legally obtained human CBD product under the provisions of the prescribing cascade. Our CBD oil we sell for dogs is an isolate-based CBD infused in a carrier oil called MCT (Coconut oil).

All pet CBD oils are human CBD oil with maybe the odd flavouring added. If you have any concerns about CBD for pets, always consult your veterinarian, who can advise you on how best to use CBD.

If your dog has a severe medical condition or is currently receiving prescription medications, please talk to your vet regarding the possibility of side effects and obtain any CBD dosage recommendations they are willing to provide.

CBD Oil for Dogs UK 600mg

With our CBD Oil for Dogs by incr-edibles, we have chosen both the strength and the type of CBD product used after some careful consideration. We have done this to ensure your dog’s welfare is never in question. We chose the CBD type (CBD Isolate) on the undertaking that it contains no THC. The product’s CBD strength of 1mg per drop is ideal for calculating exact, accurate dosages.

Why we chose this particular type of CBD

There were 3 main types of CBD we could have opted for when we chose to make this CBD product.

Those options are:

99% Pure CBD Isolate (No THC contained)

Broad Spectrum CBD (can contain some THC)

Full Spectrum CBD (contains THC within legal UK guidelines)

We chose to go with the first option, a 99% Pure CBD Isolate product. The CBD product used in making our premium quality CBD Oil for Dogs is a high-quality American CBD. This CBD is manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Practices and is a food-grade product. It is the same CBD Isolate we use when making CBD Oil products for humans and, in our opinion, is the best choice of CBD for your dogs.

We have chosen this over the other two forms of CBD listed because it has no THC contained in it. THC is the compound within the hemp/cannabis plant responsible for getting people “high” or “stoned.” THC is not a compound we would like to see given to your animals in any quantity, so the decision was easy. The CBD we are using will still help deliver benefits to your dog, so we don’t see the need to take unnecessary risks, jeopardise your dog’s health, or have any extreme side effects. We want our CBD products to provide your pets with the maximum amount of benefit and care that we can.

Why we chose this strength of CBD Oil for Dogs

The reason that we have decided to use this strength (concentration) of CBD for this product is a fairly straightforward one. These 30ml bottles of CBD oil contain approximately 600 drops. As such, we created this product to contain 600mg of CBD in total. This concentration means that each drop of CBD you give your dog will have 1 mg of CBD.

How much CBD Oil drops should I give to my dog?

Below are our dosing suggestions:

  • Small Dog Breeds (not exceeding 25lbs) we would recommend 3mg of CBD (3 drops) per day.
  • Medium-Sized Dog Breeds (between 25lbs – 55lbs) we would recommend 6mg of CBD (6 drops) per day.
  • Large Dog Breeds (exceeding 55lbs) we would recommend 10mg of CBD (10 drops) per day.

If you feel that your dog needs a 2nd serving of CBD within a 24-hour period please ensure that there is a period of at least 6 hours between dosing. If you need further assistance in regards to this please contact us to discuss your situation.

“In all instances, if your dog is already on any other type of medication we would urge that you discuss your intention to give your dog CBD with your vet first to avoid any contraindications or problematic side effects. We would advise this for all pet owners who are considering CBD as an option for their pets.”

How to give CBD oil drops to your Dog

Just add to normal dog food or treats

There are various ways in which you can administer CBD to your dog. The easiest option is to just add it in with the dogs food at feeding time. Another option would be to take a dog biscuit or dog treat and just drop the required amount of CBD onto it. As an alternative to CBD oil we have created our own range of Incr-edibles CBD Dog Treats in suitable strengths for all dog sizes. We have our 3mg CBD Dog Treats for small dogs, our 6mg CBD Dog Treats for medium-sized dogs and our 10mg CBD Dog Treats for large dogs . These treats are made with our Banana and Peanut butter recipe. Whichever product you choose to give to your dog we sincerely hope that our products will provide the benefits you want for your pets.

Hemp Oil v’s CBD oil for pets

Don’t be caught out with the wrong product

We would prefer not to have to mention this particular topic but it crops up too often for us to ignore. Please be advised that CBD oil and Hemp oils are generally 2 completely different products. While CBD for pets are recognised and known for providing many health benefits Hemp oils are no more that just oils pressed from hemp plant and seeds and will not provide any kind of pain relief or have any similar effects. They have virtually none of the benefits of CBD products and will only derive benefits similar to giving your dog Omega or the like. These products are being sold and often marketed at pet owners by unscrupulous companies looking to benefit from the misunderstandings of the products. We would advise you to ignore any product that does not specifically state that it is CBD when looking to use CBD products for your pets.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.