CBD Hemp Oil Glass Jar Bamboo Lid

This simple and double-walled thermos glass bottle from OHIA belongs immediately in every bag, on every office table and next to the yoga mat 1oz 30ml OEM and ODM Design Service Screw Lid Top Child Resistant Hemp Oil Glass Jars, Find Details and Price about Glass, Glass Container from 1oz 30ml OEM and ODM Design Service Screw Lid Top Child Resistant Hemp Oil Glass Jars – Qingdao Giant Packaging Co., Ltd. Glass Essential Oil Bottle With Bamboo Dropper, suitable package for any oil product or serum. we support low quantity order and provide shipping door to door service

Ohia Thermos Glass Bottle with bamboo lid

This simple and double-walled thermos glass bottle from OHIA belongs immediately in every bag, on every office table and next to the yoga mat. It is wonderfully suitable for hot as well as cold drinks and has a removable tea strainer, with which you can optionally fill your favorite teas, pour hot water over it and take it with you right away. The lid is made of bamboo and therefore means no additional weight. So you are always ready and on the go for a good start to the day.

Filling volume: 500 ml


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                1oz 30ml OEM and ODM Design Service Screw Lid Top Child Resistant Hemp Oil Glass Jars

                Q: Do you offer the free samples,how can we get the samples?
                A: Yes,we are glad to offer the free samples to you,you only need pay the postage .We can shipped the samples to you by the DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT.,etc.

                Q:Can we do printing on the bottles?
                A: Sure. Various of printing methods will be offered,such as silk screen printing, hot stamping andsilver printing. And we can also provide frosting, color spraying,decal,polishing, plating and label sticker etc.

                Q:What is your MOQ?
                A: Normally our MOQ is based on the products. For products we have in stock, any quantity is ok. However for customized products,MOQ is 10,000-50,000.

                Q: If any defective and broken bottles, how can you settle it for us?
                A: We will replace the defective and broken bottles in your next order or as you required date.

                Q: What is the normal lead time?
                A: 1.In stock: 7-15 Days
                2.Made to order: 25-35 Days
                3.Made to order, requiring new molds and deep processing: 50-75 Days.

                Q: How can we choose the shipping way?
                A:For the small order,we will suggest you choose the express,such as the DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT,etc.For the larger order,we will suggest you choose by sea.If you are urgent,you can choose by air.We will help you to choose the best eficient shipping way according to your detail requirements.

                Q: How do you control quality ?
                A: We have a professional team for quality control.We assure the defective rate less than 3%.

                Q: What is your payment term ?
                A: Our payment term is 30% deposit while 70% to be paid by sight of the copy of B/L.

                Glass Essential Oil Bottle With Bamboo Dropper

                • Glass essential oil bottles have a unique and attractive design.
                • These bottles offer excellent performance.
                • These bottles are reusable.
                • These are spillage proof.
                • These bottles are non-toxic.
                • Their bamboo dropper is highly eco-friendly.
                • These bottles are highly versatile.


                • These bottles are highly recommended as they come with a bamboo dropper. So you do not need to buy a dropper separately.
                • Their bamboo dropper fits properly in the bottle and prevents the entrance of dust inside the bottle.
                • These bottles are lightweight. So you can easily carry these bottles with you while traveling.
                • Their bamboo dropper allows you to apply the right amount of oil on your hand or any other part of the body without spillage of a tiny drop.
                • You can use these bottles to store essential oils, CBD oils, hemp oils, herbal oils, cosmetics, etc.

                How to use:

                • First of all, fill this bottle with the essential oil or any other product.
                • Then Insert the bamboo dropper with the long tube first into the glass bottle.
                • Later on, swiftly put pressure on the top of the dropper; thus, it is flush with the sides of the lip of the glass bottle.
                • As a result, you will feel a minute pop as the insert attaches to the glass bottle.

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