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Cannabis Professional Certificate Program The Cannabis Professional Online Certificate Program is an intensive 4-week workshop designed to meet the needs of those who want to increase their The Cannabis Medicine Certificate provides you with the necessary knowledge in the underlying science and clinical application of cannabinoids to better care for patients. For a CBD brand, being able to show a CBD certificate of analysis (COA) instills confidence and trust in your product. We'll cover what a COA is, how to read it, and what to look for.

Cannabis Professional Certificate Program

The Cannabis Professional Online Certificate Program is an intensive 4-week workshop designed to meet the needs of those who want to increase their understanding of cannabis and its effects, the cannabis industry, and the environment in which it operates. The program is comprised of four 1-week modules. The videos and materials for each module are available starting on Sunday. Registrants can work at their own pace to complete the module throughout the week and will then participate in a live virtual class via Zoom on the following Saturday morning.

Earn your certificate

Receive a Certificate of Completion from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Learn from the professionals

Broaden your understanding as industry experts pass along their knowledge

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Enjoy the program online, on your own time without the travel expenses.

Get a competitive edge. Grow your expertise at an affordable price – just $1,395

Cannabis is growing in popularity, in part due to its medical benefits. Why wait to join this billion dollar industry?

Take the first steps.

This FGCU program will help prepare individuals for a career in this developing field.

Focus on your personal goals.

Request to take a portion(s) of the full program to focus on the content most relevant and important to you.

What is CREW at FGCU?

Discover what the Cannabis Research Education Workforce (CREW) was designed for.

“I decided to embark on the FGCU course as I am currently looking to change my career to the cannabis industry. The course is presented by the charming Professor Martha Rosenthal, whose unique empathy for the subject makes this dynamic course highly informative and left me able to form an educated and reasoned opinion on the vast majority of subjects and the myriad issues involved in cannabis, both political and social. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the cannabis industry, I did and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

August 2021 Participant

“I came to this class out of curiosity and with the intention to get first class unbiased information about cannabis. After 5 days I have a very good idea of where I want to go to educate and advocate in the coming future.”

August 2019 Participant

“Excellent course for learning a variety of cannabis knowledge. Networking with other classmates was very valuable too. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their knowledge and network.”

August 2019 Participant, Veteran

May 2019 Participant, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Cannabis Research, Education and Workforce Initiative (CREW)

The Cannabis Research, Education and Workforce Initiative is dedicated to creating an academic home for the cannabis industry. We are focused on the dissemination of scientifically valid data, excellence in education, and guiding the next generation of business leaders.

Program Key Points

Here are some of the aspects of our program that separate us from all the rest.

This course is geared towards:

  • Those who are in, or who would like to enter the cannabis industry
  • Patients and advocates
  • Health care professionals
  • Educators
  • Those interested in the legal and financial realities of the cannabis industry
  • Anyone interested in the fastest growing industry in the United States

Reasons to take this certificate program:

  • To enhance your knowledge about the physical, therapeutic, and societal effects of cannabis
  • To learn from experts in the field
  • To further your career
  • To consider financial opportunities in the cannabis industry
  • Earn a digital badge to share the competencies and skills you master with prospective employers, colleagues, clients, and businesses
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Program speakers include:

  • Physicians, botanists, and scientists
  • CEO/entrepreneurs, business leaders, and industry management
  • Accountants and investment bankers
  • Attorneys and community activists
  • Artists and chefs

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from Florida Gulf Coast University. Participants who successfully complete this program are also eligible for a badge through FGCU. The badges help students/professionals stand out to employers . Your digital badge says that you’ve achieved a credential that is relevant to your career.

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Cannabis Professional Certificate Program offered through FGCU’s Office of Continuing Education

Featured article by WINK News shows the first offering of the Cannabis Professional Certificate Program, which was offered May 6-10 of 2019. It featured industry leaders and professionals from multiple fields. The program offered a wealth of knowledge and brought together people from different disciplines. With the successful of the program, they are scheduling another for the near future. View the article here or watch the video below.

“As an agricultural student, I am always looking for additional experience, knowledge, and professional certificates – but I was unsure of how much value the course would be. I can say with 100% confidence that the program is well worth the price. Even as a cannabis advocate and studying at a top Agriculture program, almost all of the information was new knowledge. The knowledge you gain is valuable and the connections made are absolutely invaluable. You could not make these connections without this opportunity. Do not hesitate, you won’t regret it!”

-Evan Isaacson, UF Agriculture Student; August 2019 Participant

Cannabis Medicine Certificate

Cannabis – as marijuana – has traditionally been included in the educational curricula of healthcare professionals only as a drug of abuse. In recent years, much has been learned about the endocannabinoid system and the physiological impacts of both endogenous and exogenous cannabinoids. There are, however, few educational programs that prepare scientists, researchers, and clinicians to join this burgeoning field. This Cannabis Medicine Certificate helps to close this educational gap.

Program Overview

The graduate certificate in Cannabis Medicine is designed to equip health professionals with the understanding of current cannabinoid therapies and their health effects. In this program, students gain an understanding of the science underlying endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, and synthetic cannabinoids, as well as their clinical applications.

Expert faculty will provide a didactic and interactive experience for students who choose to obtain the Certificate in Cannabis Medicine from Thomas Jefferson University, one of the most highly respected health sciences universities in the United States.

This certificate is offered in partnership with the Center for Forensic Science Research & Education. For more than 20 years, the Center has been at the forefront of the forensic community, providing novel developments in research, training, and education in the forensic sciences. Their internationally recognized staff has partnered with the Institute of Emerging Health Professions at Thomas Jefferson University to provide an unparalleled learning experience in this emerging field.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to:

  • Apply clinical and basic sciences knowledge to identify appropriate cannabis therapies for specific medical conditions.
  • Explain mechanisms of action, functional roles, and absorption/distribution/ metabolism/excretion of cannabinoids in humans.
  • Determine medical cannabis/cannabinoids proper administration and safe dosing, and identify its physical, psychiatric, and psychological effects.


The Cannabis Medicine certificate is one of the stackable certificates leading up to the MS in Medical Cannabis Science & Business.

The courses in the certificate program are designed to accommodate and interest students with diverse academic backgrounds and career interests. All cannabis courses are online and mostly asynchronous. Students may enroll into the program in fall, spring, or summer.

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Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Term
CMD 503 Pathology Potentially Responsive to Cannabis 3 Fall
CMD 504 Conventional & Cannabinoid Therapy of Disease 3 Spring
CMD 505 Health Implications of Medicinal Cannabis 3 Summer

If you are not ready to commit to a MS degree or a full certificate, take a course or two as a non-degree student (non-matriculated option) – See information.

What is a CBD Certificate of Analysis and How to Read One?

From tinctures to tea bags, CBD has taken the health and wellness market by storm. Consumers worldwide have eagerly embraced CBD, driving a market worth an estimated $2.8 billion in 2020. But the rapid growth of this new industry has resulted in a Wild West-style expansion that has brought with it many sub-par products. A 2017 study found that 26% of tested CBD products contained less CBD than advertised and over 21% of products contained detectable levels of THC. In response, reputable CBD product manufacturers began offering a CBD certificate of analysis (COA) to help instill consumer confidence in their products.

This post is designed for brands that work with CBD wholesalers or manufacturers. It will explain what a CBD isolate certificate of analysis (COA) is, how to read one, and what to look for in each section. We’ll point out potential red flags that may indicate your supplier isn’t producing high-quality products and explain how to obtain a certificate of analysis.

What is a Certificate of Analysis?

A certificate of analysis is a report from an accredited laboratory that details the chemical analysis of a substance, in this case, a CBD product. Typically, every batch of CBD product is tested individually, and a COA is generated for each run. Nearly all CBD certificates of analysis are done using a third-party lab. Not surprisingly, many consumers view a COA completed by the manufacturer themselves as equivalent to the fox watching the hen house. There are many accredited laboratories that offer CBD testing services, making it easy for manufacturers to offer consumers an unbiased CBD analysis.

Many states require cannabis and CBD product labels to include a custom QR code that links to the COA, so be sure to check with your local state regulations when designing your labels.

How to Read a CBD Certificate of Analysis

Knowing what the data in each section of the COA means is important. Although there may be some slight differences in how the lab results are reported, these lab reports all follow a similar format. Here are the basics on how to pull the most critical information from a CBD certificate of analysis.

Cannabinoid Types

There are a variety of cannabinoid compounds in the hemp plant. If you’re selling full-spectrum CBD oil, your full-spectrum certificate of analysis should list all the detectable cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDV, and CBG. This section will also include THC, the cannabinoid you don’t want if your product isn’t labeled and legally sold as cannabis — at least not at levels that exceed .3% weight. As you’re scrolling down the list of compounds, you may notice the initials ND next to some of the compounds. That’s short for “non-detect,” lab-speak for “there was so little of this compound present the equipment couldn’t pick it up.”

Weight Percentage

This column is just to the right of the list of cannabinoid types. The weight percentage lists the percentage by weight of each cannabinoid. The reported weight is the weight of just the product itself, minus the packaging.


The next column reports the concentration of each cannabinoid as part of the whole product. The concentration is measured in milligrams per gram (mg/g). Especially for CBD oils, the concentration column makes it fairly easy to double-check that you’re getting what you’ve paid for. For example, if you’ve purchased a product weighing 50 grams that advertises it contains a total of 600mg of CBD, you should see a concentration of 12mg of CBD per gram.

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Heavy Metal Analysis

Ingesting heavy metals in amounts that exceed safe levels can make you sick. That’s why many manufacturers test for these as part of their CBD certificate of analysis. In this section, there are two important places to look. The first is the tested concentration level of each heavy metal in the list. This number tells you how much of each metal was found during testing. The second is the Ingestion column under the Use Limits heading. This number is the maximum amount the government considers safe to consume. The tested concentration level should always be far below the ingestion use limit.

Pesticide Analysis

You aren’t the only one interested in hemp-based products — insects are big fans, too. That’s why CBD certificates of analysis often contain test results for commonly used pesticides. Results in this section look similar to the results for heavy metals. Running across each row is the name of the pesticide tested, the level at which it was detected, the acceptable level limits, and whether the results indicate a pass.

CBD COA Red Flags

You can learn a lot from a COA, both good and bad. Results from a CBD oil certificate of analysis can raise concerns about the quality of a manufacturer. Here are three signs your CBD products aren’t up to standard.

1. Too Much or Too Little THC

Too much THC may mean you’re selling illegal products. If the level of THC exceeds .3% weight, that’s a problem for products not labeled as including THC, especially in states where THC is illegal. Quality CBD products have THC concentrations below the legal limit. A quality manufacturer also ensures the concentrations of CBD are as advertised. CBD products are expensive, and a COA is an easy way to know you’re getting what you’ve paid for.

2. “Full-Spectrum” Products Missing Cannabinoids

One of the draws of full-spectrum CBD oils is getting all of the other cannabinoids that occur alongside the CBD compound. If you’re expecting a full-spectrum product and don’t see other cannabinoids like CBDa, CBN, and CBC listed at detectable levels, that’s not a good sign.

3. Lab Results Completed In-House

The highest-quality manufacturers send a sample from each batch they produce to an accredited, third-party lab for analysis. Having an independent entity vouch for your product is a lot more convincing than asking consumers to trust the results from an in-house lab.

Why a CBD COA is Essential for Selling Your Product

Savvy consumers expect to see a CBD certificate of analysis for the products they purchase. Lab results verifying the safety and quality of each batch have become industry standard. Most COAs for CBD products can be accessed from the manufacturer’s website or via a QR code printed on the product packaging itself. For those selling CBD products, making it easy for potential customers to access the results of the CBD analysis is very important and can make the difference between making a sale or losing one.

Evidence of Quality Boosts Consumer Confidence

In the CBD industry, not every manufacturer is a quality producer. Companies selling CBD products have come to rely on CBD certificates of analysis as an important way to demonstrate the quality of the products that they’re selling. Consumers are more likely to buy your products when they know that a non-biased, commercial laboratory has independently verified the quality and claims made by the manufacturer. That’s a win for you and your customers.

We’ve worked with a variety of companies using CBD wholesale distributors, helping them create packaging labels that stand out. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about CBD labeling and help you choose the best type of label for your CBD products.