CBD Oil Charlotte’s Web Benefits

If there is one cannabis strain that fundamentally changed the way that the world viewed the cannabis plant, it’s Charlotte’s Web. How does CBD oil work? CBD, or Cannabidiol, interacts with our body through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) & has several potential benefits. Learn more about how CBD works today! If you're on the fence about implementing Charlotte's Web CBD into your routine, you likely want to know how it will boost your vitality.

Charlotte’s Web: The Cannabis Strain That Changed Everything

If there is one strain that fundamentally changed the way that the world viewed the cannabis plant, it’s Charlotte’s Web.

But, where did this famous strain come from and what makes it so special?

Here’s the scoop on the cannabis plant that inspired a social movement:

The history of Charlotte’s Web

While every cannabis strain has a story, the Charlotte’s Web legacy is nothing short of remarkable.

This plant has saved lives.

Originally coined “Hippie’s Disappointment” by three Colorado brothers, this low-THC plant made world-wide television after saving the life of a child with intractable epilepsy.

Bred by the five Stanley Brothers in Colorado, the Charlotte’s Web strain is a unique cultivar that does not produce an intoxication.

In fact, test results of the Charlotte’s Web strain have found that it produces very little tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that produces the famous psychoactive “high” that cannabis provides.

Instead, this green flower features high quantities of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychotropic cannabis compound with at times seemingly boundless medical potential.

As it turns out, while the cannabis plant had been used as a primitive treatment for seizure disorders throughout history, the Charlotte’s Web strain was the plant that returned this long-lost natural history to mainstream, present-day consciousness.

In 2013, a Colorado family went on U.S. national television with a miraculous story.

After experiencing hundreds of grand-mal seizures caused by Dravets Syndrome, a rare genetic form of epilepsy, then toddler Charlotte Figi experienced a near complete recovery upon beginning an intensive course of cannabis oil treatments.

That cannabis oil was made from the Charlotte’s Web plant grown by the Stanley Brothers.

In the years since, the Stanley’s have launched a cannabis oil empire, offering CBD oils to the general public online.

The effects of Charlotte’s Web

Both the Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain and the extracted oil will likely produce different effects when they are consumed.

For one, purchasing the Charlotte’s Web hemp oil will produce no noticeable psychoactive effect at all.

However, samples of the Charlotte’s Web strain found at a dispensary may still contain small amounts of THC, perhaps even up to 5%.

In contrast, the plants used to make Charlotte’s Web hemp oil are required by law to contain less than 0.3% THC, making the hemp extract nearly THC-free.

While neither option will cause the signature cannabis “high”, the chances of feeling a slight buzz from this plant are increased when smoking or vaporizing the flower itself.

Otherwise, this plant can produce between 10 and 20% CBD on average.

The higher the CBD content in the sample, the less likely you are to experience any noticeable mind-altering effect.

Instead, while THC often skews your sense of time and causes an oft enjoyable euphoria, CBD tends to provide a gently energizing and upbeat experience.

It’s not uncommon for consumers to report that they do not feel differently after consuming a high-CBD strain, with the exception of simply feeling happier, more engaged, and possibly with more mental clarity than they had previously.

Medical benefits of the Charlotte’s Web strain

The Charlotte’s Web cannabis cultivar belongs to a unique class of cannabis strains that are expected to have exceptionally high medical value.

While there are substantial therapeutic applications of both THC and CBD, the latter is more widely accepted due to its low level of side effects.

As it turns out, many medical cannabis patients don’t like the euphoric and intoxicating effects that THC provides. CBD makes for an excellent alternative.

However, it’s not just CBD that makes Charlotte’s Web so valuable. Here’s a brief description of the four main chemical constituents in the plant, according to lab data.

1. Benefits of CBD

Research into the medical benefits of CBD is really only in its infancy.

However, already scientists have discovered quite a lot about the potential uses of CBD. Amazingly, the potential is quite pronounced.

While these few simple sentences do little to acknowledge the scope of what CBD may offer, early research suggests that the benefits of CBD include:

  • Anti-anxiety activity
  • Anti-convulsant activity
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-nausea and vomiting
  • Neuroprotective properties
  • Pain-fighting properties

Of all of these benefits, the anti-seizure properties of CBD have been the most researched.

In fact, CBD is such a powerful anticonvulsant that the US Food and Drug Administration has just approved a cannabis-based drug that contains the purified compound.

The drug in question is designated for the treatment of Dravet’s and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, both rare and severe forms of epilepsy.

2. Benefits of linalool

Apart from CBD, the Charlotte’s Web strain contains numerous other phyto-compounds that may contribute to both the herb’s overall effect and medicinal value.

In the laboratory tests mentioned above, this plant has tested with significant concentrations of linalool.

Linalool is one of many fragrance molecules called terpenes that the cannabis plant produces.

Featuring a light floral scent, linalool is a common constituent in the lavender plant.

As it turns out, there is some evidence that the molecule is partly responsible for the calming effect that makes lavender so popular.

In early research, linalool has demonstrated anti-anxiety properties, calming the nervous system and inspiring feelings of ease.

3. Benefits of alpha-pinene

Another common terpene that has been found in samples of Charlotte’s Web flower is alpha-pinene.

As the name suggests, alpha-pinene features a strong pine aroma and is one of the most abundant terpenes in the natural world.

While human studies of the medical applications of pinene are needed, early research has found that pinene has anti-inflammatory properties.

It has also been suggested that pinene may have a memory-boosting effect, blocking the breakdown of certain neurotransmitters in the central nervous system.

4. Benefits of myrcene

One of the most common terpenes in contemporary cannabis plants, myrcene is a hypnotic compound that is thought to be responsible for the “couch-locking” effects in some high THC cultivars.

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In a high-CBD flower like Charlotte’s Web, however, the terpene is unlikely to produce such pronounced effects.

Still, this musky molecule lends a lemongrass-like aroma to the cultivar. It may also contribute to some of the calming and muscle-relaxant properties of the herb.

In addition, like linalool and pinene, myrcene has anti-inflammatory effects.

Yet, as with all cannabis research, current thought about terpenes is still based on educated guesses and early laboratory experiments, not on data from intensive clinical trials.

Strains similar to Charlotte’s Web

High-CBD cultivars are more popular than ever before.

Now, consumers have more choices and variety when it comes to ratios of THC to CBD, as well as choices among plants that produce a wide array of different tastes, aromas, and overall effects.

For those looking for another high-CBD, low-THC cannabis strain, here are some cultivars to consider:

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD oil, or Cannabidiol oil has become a popular product in recent years and is seen by some as an alternative to THC, but how does it actually work? CBD interacts with our body through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and has several potential benefits. Let’s explore the different receptors and molecular pathways that are affected by CBD via the ECS and learn what happens when they are stimulated.

The Endocannabinoid System

The ECS is a receptor system responsible for supporting and maintaining a healthy balance, or homeostasis. It’s composed of cannabinoid receptors–CB1 and CB2–on cell membranes that regulate processes of eating, sleeping, relaxation, and cognition.

CB1 and CB2 receptors are activated when cannabis is consumed. CB1 receptors are found mostly in the brain and other areas of the body, and CB2 receptors are found mainly in the peripheral nervous system, organs, immune and gastrointestinal system. When it comes to CBD vs THC — the psychoactive compound of cannabis — THC binds more closely to the CB1 receptor than the CB2 receptor, while CBD interacts directly or indirectly with various receptors.

How CBD Oil Works

Derived from hemp plants, CBD is a mighty phytocannabinoid found in hemp and known for supporting the body and mind in many ways. CBD oil can’t interact directly with CB1 and CB2 receptors, but it activates the ECS to create balance. Our bodies produce their own endocannabinoids – but getting these compounds from outside sources, such as high-quality CBD oils, can give our system a real boost. CBD may also slow the breakdown of endocannabinoids by inhibiting the enzyme that metabolizes them, so the endocannabinoids can stay in your body longer.

CBD specifically comes from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. After harvesting, CBD oil is obtained by CO2 or alcohol extraction of the ground plant material to pull out the CBD and other beneficial compounds. Our CBD oils include Charlotte’s Web™ premium hemp extract, carrier oil, and flavor.

CBD is considered non-intoxicating, and any CBD oil made from the hemp plant must contain less than 0.3% THC to be sold throughout the country. The final product is popularly produced as CBD oil, but can also be produced as topicals, gummies, or capsules.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD oil is lauded as a dietary supplement with multiple benefits, served in a convenient dropper delivery system or liquid capsules. Depending on the type of product or serving size, effects may vary but generally we to turn CBD oil for:

  • Better sleep*
  • Reducing inflammation after working out*
  • Supporting a sense of calm for focus*
  • Managing everyday stresses*

CBD oil is a versatile supplement and health-conscious consumers who use it on a regular basis see positive effects. Studies show that hemp extract with CBD can be well-tolerated by many. With common results of calm and focus, relief from exercise-induced inflammation, support for healthy sleep cycles, and relief from everyday stresses, anyone looking for support in these areas might benefit from CBD oil.

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Top 7 Uses and Benefits of CBD Oil

While an easy-going, uncomplicated and fulfilling life is what we are all after — we can’t all be rosy, all the time. Every aspect of our day-to-day — from professional to personal — is filled with responsibilities and expectations. Though many of these to-do list items are part of the path to success and happiness, sometimes we need a little pick-me-up to make the road easier. This is why certain cure-all ingredients become trendy seemingly overnight. From those that promise to help us lose the belly fat to ones that guarantee a mood-boost–if you can Google it, you can find it.

Because of the mass abundance, and high expectations, of many products, doing your due diligence has never been more important. This is where the vast benefits of CBD oil are important — especially if you opt for trusted household brands, like Charlotte’s Web. Though generations across the globe have been utilizing the wondrous properties of hemp for hundreds of years, cannabidiol (or CBD) has recently been used as an oil and capsule for general wellness

As a smart shopper, if you are on the fence about implementing a new product into your routine, you likely want to know how it will boost your vitality. We have been studying and fostering quality, reliable and safe products for years, giving us a first-hand perspective on how this gem from Mother Nature can benefit your health. Though there are countless claims about what CBD can provide, not all are backed by science. That’s why we stand by these specific benefits of CBD hemp oil:

Take a gander at any headlines of the day and there’s no doubt you will find plenty of references to this viral term. This means you have probably heard of CBD before — but have you ever fully challenged yourself to conceptualize it? Maybe not — but don’t sweat it. We have the background history and the science mini-lesson for you. Cannabidiol is a chemical compound in the cannabis plant and is most often derived from hemp. It’s a naturally occurring substance that is not psychoactive — meaning it won’t impair or impact your mental state of being. Not to be confused with its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this derivative is more widely legalized across the country. You should definitely do your homework to understand the rules and regulations of your state, though many allow the use of CBD in various products.

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If you look backward thousands of years, indigenous people used hemp for many daily uses — including spinning it into the fiber to make clothing, controlling weeds, and purifying water, to name a few. In modern times, CBD oil can be turned into oils for your skin or to drop on your tongue to support recovery from post-workout inflammation, maintain focus, and other perks.

While most of the time it is humans who use the products, whether topically or orally, there are also a few benefits for man’s (and woman’s!) best friend. And while your best friend may go the oil route, you could be more on Team Supplement since you already take daily vitamins anyway. That’s the beauty of CBD as a health kickstarter — you can use it however you feel most comfortable.

At Charlotte’s Web, we offer many options within our CBD products, but all of them are backed by our commitment to quality and ethical farming and sourcing. The benefits below are ones we celebrate — but it is still important to exercise patience. Because of the vast variety and reach of this natural ingredient, using it across various mediums could be beneficial. As with anything, give your body time to adjust to CBD, and don’t expect overnight results. Your system needs time to process, and we generally recommend 30-60 days to witness an impact.

If you are willing to go the long mile and give it a try, here are a few CBD benefits you may experience:

CBD Benefit #1: Help you remain calm during stressful situations.*

Think back when you were in college and you were trying to decide on a major. There are some lucky people who have always known what they were destined to do for their career — but for many, it took trial and error to arrive where they are now. Even more, are still figuring out the right trajectory. Regardless of where you happen to be on the career ladder, work-related stress is to be expected. People who are captivated and challenged by their gigs, as well as those who frequently experience the Sunday Scaries, are sometimes bogged down by a seemingly never-ending stream of deadlines and emails. Not to mention client and colleague meetings, business trips, and interpersonal, in-office relationships.

However, to be productive and channel your creativity, managing stress is essential. Everyone has their moments when they feel overworked and over-booked, but your ability to prioritize and work through the chaos and collect your thoughts will set you apart. One of the most talked-about benefits of CBD oil is how it can ease your anxiety and worries in your everyday life. And this isn’t limited to career-related angst. Many professionals find this essential to guide them through difficult quarters, overbearing clients, and all of the annoyances in between. Our CBD gummies for calm can support in calming your nerves, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. When you need to finish a project, shoot off an email, or have a tricky conversation with your manager, the extra zen will go a long way.

CBD Benefit #2: Help you navigate everyday stresses.*

Everyday stresses come at us from every angle. The vast majority of the workforce doesn’t work traditional 9 to 5 hours — we’re expected to be on call and available 24/7. Families with children may have two working parents with full-time gigs, making family life that much more demanding. And though friendships are meant to help us navigate life’s ups and downs, they require accountability too. Juggling all of that may be when the unthinkable happens: the dishwasher breaks down. Or the pipes need to be replaced. Or the handyman measured the blinds wrong and now they need to be fixed. Just when you feel as if you have everything under control, there always seems to be a wrench throw into the mix.

For everyday stressors — from the expected to the unexpected — CBD oil can step in as your relaxation agent. Clearing your mind, settling your heart rate, and giving you a tool to regain focus and control, it can help you get back on track. Much of life is unpredictable and we can’t always have someone to step in and manage the details for us. Luckily, a trusted CBD oil — like Charlotte Web’s — can make the journey smoother.

CBD Benefit #3: Help reduce inflammation after a workout.*

You grew up being active or playing sports — and running around outside until your mother finally made you come in as the sun went down. Or maybe you fell in love with running — or spinning or yoga — as an adult. And now, in an effort to maintain your health, strength, and longevity, you somehow make it to a class or to the gym a few times a week. For those who want to live a balanced, energy-filled life, frequent, consistent fitness is non-negotiable.

Even though you know how important it is to get your heart rate going, there are plenty of hurdles that create a barrier to working out. From late nights in the office to hitting snooze on your morning alarm (whoops) — scheduling is sometimes, well, impossible. However, one of the most common reasons folks skip out on their visit is soreness from the day (or days) before. While this is a normal part of the recovery process, aching muscles can be painful to push through, especially when finding the motivation to prioritize fitness. CBD oil can work wonders here since it fights against workout-induced inflammation. What’s this mean? When we are active and challenge our bodies, we put a strain on our muscles, creating tiny cuts in the tissue. This isn’t dangerous, and rather, helps to build our strength — but that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. Following an intensive, strenuous routine, CBD oil, or our CBD gummies for recovery can speed up the recovery process so you can continue to meet your fitness goals.

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CBD oil benefit #4: Help you to sleep better.*

Think of those Saturday mornings. You know the ones: nothing on your agenda until the afternoon, breezy, comfortable just-right temperature outside. No kiddos or pets — or the garbage pick-up or your neighbors — to disrupt your slumber. Your chest heavy, your breathing relaxed, you zonked out for a solid eight hours and waking up ready to conquer the world. Or at the very least — brunch! More than any other routine we keep up, including working out and smart food choices, our health and energy levels are directly tied to how much time we spend in dreamland. But it’s not just quantity, it’s the quality of sleep that matters as well. You may lay in bed for the recommended hours for our age group — but if you aren’t sleeping soundly, you won’t actually reap the benefits of a good night’s rest.

How do you know if you are sleeping effectively? Consider these questions — and answer honestly! — to determine how high you rank on slumber hygiene. How long does it take you to drift away? How many times do you wake up in the middle of the night? How do you feel when you wake up — rested or exhausted? Do you go to bed at the same time — and rise like clockwork? If you struggle with most of these, know that CBD oil helps support healthy sleep cycles. An alternative to our CBD oil or capsules is our CBD gummy + melatonin designed specifically with your sleep needs in mind.

CBD oil benefit #5: Help you fight against dry skin.*

In the winter, as the temperature falls outside, the dry heat skyrockets inside to keep you warm. Then spring rolls around, and all of those beautiful blooms have your nose feeling itchy. Summer may cause your skin to break out thanks to sunscreen and sweat — but for some folks, dry patches are still an issue, year-round. No matter what season gives your body’s largest organ — skin! — the most trouble, maintaining moisture is essential. Dry skin is uncomfortable and makes it more difficult to apply various products that keep us healthy and glowing. Though many people turn to body butter, lotions, or other hydrating gems, sometimes, it’s not enough to reach the moisture level our pores are thirsty for. To the rescue could be CBD oil or CBD cream— since one of the benefits of this powerful topical is how it helps our skin to maintain optimal skin moisturization. As with any new skincare product, you will want to start slow and watch how your pores react. It may take time to start seeing results — so be patient. And when in doubt, talk to a dermatologist about an ideal regimen for your unique chemical makeup.

CBD oil benefit #6: Help your pet feel relaxed.*

Though Fido has historically been referenced as man’s best friend — we would like to think our beloved pets are the whole family’s pal. From the moment you took him or her from the animal shelter as a pup (or as an older dog!) — they stole your heart, filled up your iPhone with countless photos, and of course, most of your bed. That’s why so many pet owners go above and beyond for their pets by feeding them wholesome meals, taking them to training schools, and scheduling regular visits to the vet.

This means you are hyper-aware of any shifts in your pet’s personality. If you notice your pet is skittish, anxious, or overall, not like themselves, it is normal to worry. Much like humans, dogs will experience various ebbs and flows in their mood — all causes by a variety of factors. During the winter, they may not get as much time outside running around, causing them to have extra energy indoors. Or in the summer, when it’s scorching under the sun, they could overheat and have to retreat back to the couch. Perhaps they are aging and experiencing joint pain or tenderness, that while normal, is difficult to manage. Though you should definitely seek veterinary attention if you feel something extraordinary is happening under their fur, one of the benefits of CBD oil extends to your pets. In fact, it’s been shown to calm their nerves and anxiety when used regularly. Test a small drop first — and then see how your four-legged friend responds. Check out all of our great CBD products for dogs here!

CBD oil benefit #7: Help your pet stay stronger for longer.*

Before you had a human baby — your pet your first child. They taught you what unconditional love really means — and how much joy a wagging tail can bring. Ask any pet owner and they will be quick to admit that their pets are not just the guardian of the herd — but part of the family. As they’ve watched you cascade through various milestones, you have witnessed the years wearing on them, too. Though they used to run for hours around your backyard, they’re slower these days. And while they used to serve as your first alarm clock, now you have to wake them up for breakfast. Aging is hard to see — but you can make your pet more comfortable with the use of CBD oil. Because it has been shown to support healthy hips and joints for animals, a drop of CBD oil will have them moving easier. Even if you — sadly — can’t make your dog live forever, you can keep them fresh and happy by adding a bit of CBD oil to their routine.

Now that you know the many benefits of CBD oil, what’s stopping you from giving it a shot? From support for your stress to the angst of your pet and the condition of your skin, there is a use and solution for everyone.

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