CBD Oil Chocolate Uk

Support your health with luxury CBD infused dark chocolate. Vegan friendly and sustainably sourced, get your antioxidants through this delicious treat. CBD Chocolate UK made in Wales by a Master Chocolatier. Perfect for CBD Coffee, as a daily top up or to cook with! Available in a range of gourmet flavours These chocolates are handmade in London using 70% chocolate blended with our rich, natural CBD extract. The most decadent CBD chocolate in the UK.

CBD Oil Chocolate Uk

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CBD Infused 70% Dark Chocolate

How to enjoy our CBD chocolate

Both dark chocolate and CBD oil have their own natural re-energising properties, which is why our CBD chocolate is the perfect treat to add into your daily routine.

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants which is known to lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Cocoa beans are also said to trigger the release of endorphins, making you feel more positive about your day.

We’ve added 70mg of our CBD into our chocolate, meaning you’ll have just enough to benefit from the restorative effects of our CBD in each bar. We suggest nibbling on a few squares throughout the day for a slow release of positive energy and satisfaction. However, our CBD chocolate tastes just as good in the evening as it does in the day: relax into the moreish notes of cocoa, combined with the soothing effects of CBD, for a calm and peaceful evening.

Why buy our CBD Chocolate?

Inspired by the restorative effects of Hemp plants, Cheerful Buddha wanted to create something which allowed you to enjoy the health-enhancing properties of CBD in delicious and easy-to-consume edibles.

We think that chocolate is one of the best things to nibble on, which is why we had to create our luxury CBD chocolate : the first of its kind, this single-origin 70% dark chocolate uses cocoa beans sustainably sourced from the only cocoa plantation in Seram Island, Indonesia.

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This gives our CBD chocolate a unique taste like no other: using fairtrade chocolate, grown from one region alone, gives our CBD chocolate a distinctively nutty flavour profile, with undertones of deep and fruity dried fruits and a subtly spiced aroma. Don’t worry – although our raw chocolate has been infused with the highest quality of CBD oil, it won’t come with any of those earthy flavours found in the hemp plant itself. made in partnership with a leading chocolatier in the UK, our CBD chocolate delivers decadent cocoa flavours, whilst leaving you feeling relaxed and satisfied. The perfect treat to add into your daily routine.

Ethical CBD Chocolate

At Cheerful Buddha, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and appreciate our responsibility as a company to sustainably source our ingredients. That’s why our fairtrade chocolate is palm oil free, and uses cocoa beans which have been ethically farmed.

Our chocolate is free from any animal products, making our CBD chocolate completely vegan-friendly. Whilst our vegan chocolate is infused with CBD oil, it has been rigorously lab tested to ensure it contains no detectable levels of THC, the substance which gets you ‘high.’ Instead, simply enjoy the restorative and soothing effects of CBD oil, without any unwanted side effects.

CBD Chocolate UK

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Our CBD Chocolate Goal

“ This isn’t just CBD chucked into some melted chocolate to make money. This was developed with a Master Chocolatier to produce the finest blend between our Organic CBD extract and the unique flavour profiles within the chocolate and ingredients used. ”

When we started our road into CBD Chocolate there were 3 main goals we wanted to achieve.

1. Great taste without compromising on quality.

2. Easy to dose per square and adaptable for use in recipes.

3. Fully traceable with lab reports, SALSA accreditation and made in the UK.

Needless to say, we achieved all of the above.

Our Story

So we started Infinity CBD by working closely with daily CBD users to create products that simply worked, without a middle man between manufacturer and the reseller to keep prices down and to prioritise natural ingredients in all of our products.

Once we launched our initial range we started working closely with a Master Chocolatier to produce the first SALSA accredited CBD infused gourmet chocolate in the United Kingdom in both Broad and Full Spectrum options. It wasn’t an easy process working out the best ratios and recipes but it paid off. We launched our Chocolate range at the second Hemp and CBD Expo in 2019 with great success and feedback!

We’re incredibly proud of what we have accomplished with this stand out CBD Chocolate range. After meticulous testing, research and development we feel confident that the quality of our Gourmet chocolate is second to none.

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Don’t believe us? Well use this code for a discount to try one of our bars! Use the code “LOVECHOCOLATE’ during checkout for 15% OFF and collect reward points for any future purchases at the same time!

Now we offer international shipping or FREE delivery via Royal Mail in the United Kingdom Monday – Friday!

Please note our CBD Chocolate isn’t intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent disease.

Decadent Flavours

The flavour of our CBD Chocolate was intended to be subtle on the Cannabinoids/ terpenes side but to focus on great tasting flavours that we all love. This was in order to make CBD more accessible for first time users to give CBD a good try without being confronted with complicated dosages or the hempy flavour and oily texture associated with CBD Oil.

Although we do limited edition flavours from time to time to spruce things up (Also so we can eat some new flavours ourselves..) we carry four main flavour after extensive testing:

Dark Chocolate Infused with CBD (Full Spectrum)

70% single origin dark chocolate from Ecuador, infused with full spectrum, premium CBD oil.

Handmade in small batches in London, dark single-origin chocolate infused with premium, full-spectrum CBD. Crafted from the freshest ingredients for a more complex taste, these bars offer a chance to step away from the noise and stress of everyday life and have a luxurious moment of ‘me time’ that relaxes and restores.

Not bad for a chocolate bar.

The bioavailability of the CBD can vary depending on what you have already eaten. One bar should be enough for anyone but we recommend you don’t exceed more than 3 bars in a 24 hour period.

Contains 70% min cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa butter emulsifier: Soya, Lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring, f ull spectrum hemp paste (with approx 20mg of CBD), MCT.