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CBD oil/products for acne??

Hi! So I’ve been reading up about CBD oil and it’s use topically (and internally) to get rid of acne. I just started my research on it but the science behind it makes it seem like it could be a like a promising product! I’m interested because I’ve tried practically every product out there, antibiotics, sulfur, essential oils, and birth control and I am headed toward my last resort of Accutane. I’d rather do something more natural than accutane and I’ve read that it is one of 4 products that acts on the oil glands in the face to lessen the production of oil (the others being: Accutane, hormonal birth control, and spironolactone). I was wondering if anyone has had any success using CBD oil topically (pure or in products) or ingesting it and if so, what brand did you use?? Thanks!!

Also: I am a 20 year old female with inflamed, cystic acne, red mark scars, and below the skin red pimple things (? Not sure what they are). Mostly located on my cheeks and forehead (and chin during my time of the month )

[Acne] CBD oil made my skin worse. has anyone experienced this?

I did extensive research about the full spectrum CBD oil and bought 2 different brands. they are both full-spectrum and less than minimum THC contained. It’s been 3-4 weeks using it internally and externally on the face. It gave me a bad headache and I feel tired during the day. Worse is that it made my skin very inflamed and sore. in the last 3-4 days I got13-14 painful pimples on my face, almost like an allergy or infection. Usually, I do breakout but nothing like this inflamed pimples. I am under massive stress because of this. I’ve stopped using it since yesterday. Feel soooo depressed and angry.

Has anyone experienced this kind using cbd oil? Did it get better?

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[Acne] hemp seed oil for acne?

Has anybody tried this? If so what are your results and what brand do you use? So you reccomend any other oils, such as lavender or tea tree to add into it or apply topically? I break out super easily and have never a cleanser that doesn’t break me out or prevent pimples other then a benzoyl peroxide wash, wish I believe isn’t good for long term everyday use. If you can help me that’d be great, thanks.c

I use Origins ‘Hello, Calm’ face mask when my skin is really stressed out. It has hemp seed oil, which is rich in fatty acids. I don’t necessarily see it helping my acne directly, but it certainly helps with the associated redness. It is super moisturizing, so it’s perfect in cold weather. It’s always a nice pick me up when I have hormonal acne.

I know Josie Maran just came out with a 50/50 argan oil/hemp oil combo, as well as a CBD/argan oil mix. I’m excited to read reviews bc the argan oil already does miracles on my skin!

What would you say your skin type is? I’m also wanting to try argan oil! I hear it’s a good non comedogenic moisturizer!

I found some hemp oil off Amazon. I don’t think it is “curing” my breakouts, but it definitely hasn’t caused new ones and I feel like it is helping heal spots I’ve picked at/popped quicker. I also feel like my skin as a whole just looks better since I began using it.

Hemp seed oil is a 0 out of 5 on the comedogenic scale, meaning it will not clog pores. I was using Jojoba oil prior and it was causing new breakouts all the time: I did some research and found out Jojoba oil is a 2 on the scale.

Here is the kind I use: it moisturizes my oily skin without feeling super heavy. I really love it, especially in winter! And it’s not crazy expensive.