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[HELP] Has anyone had success with CBD oil for canine arthritis pain?

So my dog is around 10 years old and lately has been suffering from arthritis inflammation. The vets have him on tramadol for his dysplasia and now anti inflammatory meds for his arthritis. He’s been in constant pain and was wondering if anyone had any kind of success or experience with CBD oil for dogs and if so which brand worked the best? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the response! I’ll have to ask when he goes back Monday. Was just hoping someone had some sort of experience with it.

A co worker of mine had an old big dog that had trouble walking around and getting out of bed.

They started giving a couple drops in his food every day and it made a small but noticeable difference. He didn’t struggle to get out of bed as much and once he was warmed up a bit he could walk with less limp and for longer.

I have no idea the dosage or what exactly it was but my coworker felt it worth using

CBD Oil for Dogs with Pain? [Discussion]

I have a mutt who is 9 years old and has herniated discs in his back. It has made it very difficult for him to walk and he can no longer go up and down stairs. He has had two surgeries already and is on medication to help the pain but we feel as though the meds aren’t working very well. Vet says there is another surgery we could do to his back but that he wouldn’t recommend putting him through it because it’s such an intense surgery.

Has anyone ever tried using CBD oil for their dog? If so, does it help with their pain? Has anyone noticed a difference? My mom has talked about putting him to sleep because the poor thing seems miserable 🙁 I’m trying to figure out different options before having to take that route because I feel he still could have a few years left.

I’d appreciate any recommendations if anyone has used this option (or any other options) – thank you!!

[Help] CBD for dogs with arthritis?

Does anyone have experience with using CBD for pain management with dogs? We have a 7 year old female English mastiff with arthritis in her left shoulder. She’s on an anti-inflammatory but we are hoping to help her out further.

There is no evidence for benefits aside from one crappily designed study that found a minimal impact. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that dogs are more susceptible to cannabioid toxicity than humans. Currently it cannot be recommended for any condition.

When reading the positive claims in this thread, keep in mind that you will also find plenty of owners claiming to have seen benefits from useless hogwash such as homeopathy.

So it’s not really well studied, but early studies are promising. Side effects, especially longer term side effects, are even less studied. It looks like short-term use (up to 4 weeks or so) doesn’t seem to have side effects, but we have no idea of side effects from more extended use.

I think the primary concern with CBD is that there isn’t standardization. you may not be getting the same thing between products. And make sure you’re getting one that has no THC in it, as that’s toxic to dogs.

Personally, I’d say if the anti-inflammatory is working well, don’t mess with it. If you’re still seeing considerable pain and lack of mobility and your vet doesn’t have another viable option, give it a try and see if it helps. 7 years is getting up there for a Mastiff, it’s worth making sure she’s as comfortable as she can be.