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If you have a dog, you want to do everything you can to help keep them healthy and happy. While routine trips to the vet are essential, there are a couple of crucial dog health items that you might take into consideration to help you care for your dog’s wellness between visits. Have a look at a few of the top dog health products below!

Ear Care for Dogs: When it pertains to caring for your dog’s ears, there are a range of debris and microorganisms that can make their home in your dog’s ears. Several of the most common instances include: wax build-up, grass, dirt, microbes, and ear mites. There are ear sprays as well as cleansers that can be practical for both eliminating wax and eliminating microorganisms. This can go a long way toward protecting against an ear condition.

Oral Care for Dogs: Looking after your dog’s mouth is vital also. Dental care in dogs is oftentimes neglected; nevertheless, this has a massive impact on your dog’s quality of life. Lots of infections as well as diseases that dogs develop begin in the mouth. The bright side is that there are a lot of choices when it involves looking after your dog’s mouth. These include things like dog dental sprays, dog dental chews, dog toothpaste, and dog toothbrushes. Our helpful team can help you find the option that works best for your dog.

Eye Care for Dogs: Just like humans, dogs are prone to developing issues with their eyes too. Some of the most usual indicators that something is wrong with your dog’s eyes include pus or fluid draining from the eyes, the eyes looking red, your dog is frequently scratching his or her eyes, and/or your dog appears to be bumping into items. While a veterinarian can help you care for your dog’s eyes, there are also products that you can utilize from home. These consist of dog eye wipes and dog eye drops.

Depend on us to help you with your dog’s health. It is very important to care for your dog’s health. If you are trying to find the most effective dog health and wellness items in Annapolis, MD, then reach out to Pet Barn Inc. We are here to assist you you with all of your dog’s health and wellness needs! Call us today at (410) 573-0404 or visit us at 167 G Jennifer Road.

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CBD For Pets-CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats

Any animal with a backbone is classified as a chordate and has an endocannabinoid system. The Kingdom of Chordata includes amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, and mammals, including house pets. Many animal-owners treat their beloved pets like family members. When a dog or a cat gets sick and conventional options don’t work, people seek alternatives. In the realm of natural healing, CBD for animals is a logical pathway to explore.

While the system of cannabinoid receptors is not as diverse and widespread in your pet, the same receptors affecting mood, sleep, joint function and pain are present. This means that your pet can benefit from CBD, just like humans do. CBD can help your pet with a broad variety of ailments. The wellness effects are often visible in a much shorter time frame. For the pets taking CBD supplementation, the effects can be life-changing.

CBD wellness solutions can be used in pets for many of the same ailments that humans use them for. Here are just some of the things that CBD can help with:

  • Appetite
  • Anxiety and mood
  • Pain
  • Energy levels
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Anxiety and mood
  • Hip dysplasia or arthritis
  • Improved quality of life

CBD for pets usually comes in the form of edible treats in flavors that appeal to animals, but may also simply be in the CBD oil form.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Yes, CBD isn’t just for humans like many people think. CBD for pets is considered safe for both dogs and cats, with a low risk of any side effects, most of them minor. Even the American Kennel Club has recommended CBD usage, and is currently sponsoring the largest CBD study of its kind at Colorado State University. Countless veterinarians have recommended and even prescribed CBD for a wide range of ailments that pets suffer from. Any risks from CBD usage for your pet are very small, while the benefits can be enormous.

The most common side effect reported is excessive sleepiness or lethargy. If your pet experiences a noticeable decline in activity levels, try using a smaller dose. Different ages, sizes and even breeds can react more sensitively to CBD oil.

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How to Buy CBD for Dogs in Maryland

The popularity of CBD has increased dramatically across the US over the past several years, with everything from sodas to bath salts now being offered in a CBD-infused format.

This includes CBD for dogs, which is a fast-growing sector within the pet industry. Owners have found that CBD can help dogs to deal with common conditions like joint inflammation, skin irritations, and separation anxiety when spending time alone.

Unfortunately, the growth of pet CBD has coincided with a rise in low-quality and fake cannabis products, as bad actors seek to take advantage of the increased demand. With many owners new to the world of CBD, it can be confusing and difficult to separate genuine products from the scams.

To help, here are a few tips for dog owners to keep in mind when shopping, as well as some reputable places to buy CBD for dogs in the Maryland area.

Shop from reputable brands and suppliers

Not every pet CBD product is made equal. Some manufacturers – often known as “seed to shelf” companies – have decades of experience in the cannabis industry. These brands may have their own hemp farms or long-standing relationships with hemp farmers. They often work with homegrown strains of hemp, specifically bred to benefit dogs.

Other, less reputable brands may only handle the end-processes of CBD manufacturing, such as packaging and marketing. These companies rarely consist of more than a warehouse and website, buying pre-extracted CBD in powdered form, infusing into oils, and shipping it out to customers.

One way to bypass these sub-par companies is to stick to trusted brands and retailers. By doing some research online or heading to a reliable pet store (see below), owners can feel confident that CBD products have been produced with dogs’ best interests at heart. Try to avoid impulse buying and don’t shop for CBD on Amazon, which doesn’t officially allow the sale of CBD on its marketplace.

Look for the right type of CBD

Most CBD products made for humans are not appropriate for dogs. This is because human CBD is often made from marijuana rather than hemp, which is a psychoactive form of the cannabis plant. Marijuana plants generally contain higher amounts of THC, the compound associated with a “high.”

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Making pet CBD from hemp plants ensures that all products are legal on both a federal and state level, and that they don’t contain more than 0.3% THC, which is considered a safe level for all dogs to consume.

Cannabis extractions also fall into three different categories: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate. Full Spectrum products are made with a complete extraction of the hemp flower, while Broad Spectrum products use a partial extraction. In Isolate products, extracts are processed to remove everything apart from pure CBD.

Dogs can benefit from any type of extract, but full-spectrum extracts are generally considered the most effective. This is because full-spectrum extractions supply dogs with a range of cannabis compounds, all of which work safely together to reduce inflammation.

Think about whether your pet will benefit from CBD

Like other types of cannabis products, CBD is primarily an anti-inflammatory. This means it’s unlikely to be of benefit to happy dogs showing no signs of an inflammatory condition.

Likewise, CBD is able to soothe symptoms of inflammatory canine conditions like anxiety and seizures, but it’s not considered a cure for such disorders, so won’t make them go away permanently. It’s important for owners to consult with their vet about any new issue occurring with their dog.

Where can I buy real CBD for dogs in Southern Maryland?

Here are a few reputable suppliers and manufacturer of CBD for dogs across the Maryland area:

The Dog Chef Pet Store

Located in Mount Vernon, Baltimore the Dog Chef is known for their homemade CBD Brownies, a dog-friendly treat that’s made to reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation. The treats are made with organic CBD oil and come with four brownies to an order.

863 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21201

BioRemedies MD

This Baltimore-based CBD manufacturer began producing pet products in 2017 and offers CBD in both treat and oil formats.

University of Maryland Biopark, 801 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Howl in Hampden

Howl is a Baltimore pet store that takes an ethical approach when it comes to sourcing their foods and products.

3531 Chestnut Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211

Starlite Pets

Starlite Pets is a small, pet-focused CBD company operating out of Jacksonville, that makes 100% hemp-derived organic, full-spectrum CBD.

14320 Jarrettsville Pike #161, Jacksonville, MD 21131

Wag N’ Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming

Based in California MD, Wag N’ Wash is a natural pet food store with a large inventory that stocks only tested and regulated pet CBD products.