Cbd oil for exercise

Using CBD for Workout: Effective or Myth

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most popular non-psychoactive compound obtained from the cannabis plant, famous for its powerful analgesic properties. As an analgesic drug, cannabidiol is often recommended for the treatment of both nociceptive and neuropathic pain.

And if recent findings are anything to go by, CBD might carry additional therapeutic benefits besides pain relief. The substance can help to treat or manage a wide spectrum of other medical conditions, including anxiety, nausea, epileptic seizures, to mention but a few. You can find hemp seeds for sale at your nearest dispensary.

Now, the past few years have seen a growing number of fitness buffs experimenting with CBD. But is CBD effective for workouts Lets find out.

Potential Health Benefits of CBD for Workouts

CBD alleviates workout-induced pain

Pain is the main side effect associated with workouts. Unless you only engage in low-energy forms of exercise, such as yoga, you are bound to experience a degree of pain after each workout.

Now, multiple anecdotal and scientific studies have confirmed that cannabidiol might relieve pain. CBD alleviates pain by interacting with the bodys pain receptors that are spread throughout the endocannabinoid system. And the best part is that the substance is effective against both nociceptive and neuropathic pain.

Nociceptive pain refers to the form of pain induced by physical injury or strain to muscles and joints. Common triggers include energy-intensive workouts and car accidents. On the other hand, neuropathic pain refers to the pain that affects the bodys nervous system. It often results from chronic illnesses, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, endometriosis, etc.

CBD reduces DOMS

Delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) is a special kind of pain that sets in between 1 and 3 days after engaging in a rigorous exercise. DOMS is common among people who follow erratic workout routines. Although DOMS eventually disappears on its own, it could deal a massive blow to your workout schedule while it lasts.

Thankfully, the pain-relieving benefits of CBD can come in handy in reducing the severity of DOMS. CBD might also reduce DOMS by relieving muscle tension. As a muscle relaxant, CBD mimics the effects of conventional drugs like Valium. Of course, the substance offers an added benefit in that you won’t experience the common side effects associated with prescription muscle relaxants, such as sedation, confusion, and trembling.

Whats more, you can boost CBDs muscle-recovery benefits by pairing the compound with Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). SARMs are powerful drugs that deliver effects similar to those of testosterone. Remember to read more info on SARMS Canada before pairing the drug with CBD.

CBD alleviates inflammation

Initially, workout-induced inflammation was mostly managed by applying ice to the inflamed areas. But ice proved to be less effective as it delivered short-lasting benefits.

Then came non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). NSAIDs came with a cocktail of benefits, including managing inflammation, pain, fever, and blood clots. Unfortunately, most NSAIDs became infamous for their ability to trigger a host of unpleasant side effects.

If you are looking for an effective anti-inflammatory drug that induces minimal side effects, you should consider CBD. CBD relieves inflammation by reducing the levels and activity of pro-inflammatory cytokines. The substance also exerts its anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting T cell proliferation, inducing T cell apoptosis, and increasing blood flow to the affected areas. Increased blood flow to the inflamed tissues helps to clear out the cellular debris as well as damaged proteins and by-products of muscle activity, such as lactic acid, from the sites.

CBD boosts your energy levels

You need adequate energy to carry out your workouts successfully. Much of that energy comes from the food that you eat. However, conditions like nausea might make it difficult to eat normally, thereby depriving your body of the much-required energy. And thats where cannabidiol comes in.

CBD, in conjunction with the primary psychoactive cannabis compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , can clear the feelings of nausea, making it more comfortable to eat or take your regular workout supplements. When consumed, THC interacts with certain regions of the brain that control the bodys reward system.

That explains why recreational cannabis users tend to derive maximum pleasure from the activities that naturally make humans happy. Examples of such activities include working out, eating, traveling, and having sex.

On its part, CBD modulates the effects of THC, preventing risks of overdose.

CBD aids sleep

A good nights sleep increases daytime concentration, which translates to heightened productivity. Adequate sleep can also enhance your athletic performance as well as reduce the risks of depression and chronic illnesses like heart disease and obesity.

Sadly, millions of professional athletes and fitness buffs around the world grapple with various sleep disorders, such as insomnia. Luckily, this is one area where CBD might help immensely.

Cannabidiol aids sleep by shortening sleep latency. CBD is also associated with increased sleep duration . Another way CBD might aid your sleep is by reducing rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

REM sleep is a period during sleep when much of the dreaming happens. During this period, people often experience nightmares, which could adversely affect their sleep duration. So, by reducing REM sleep, CBD subsequently reduces the number and intensity of your dreams, which translates to a longer and more peaceful sleep.

Evidently, there are numerous ways CBD might help to optimize your workouts. To get the most out of the compound, go slow on your doses.

Should I Take CBD Before or After a Workout?

It’s no secret by now that a couple of drops of pure CBD oil in your morning coffee will leave you reaping a whole host of health and wellness benefits. Its calming properties that help keep stress and anxiety at bay, improve skin health, reduce inflammation, and improve concentration are sure to set you up right for your day ahead.

But there’s one benefit of CBD that you may not have considered, and that’s its impact on your workout routine. That’s right – studies have shown that CBD offers a number of physiological, biochemical and psychological effects that have the potential to benefit athletes. And you don’t have to be the next Usain Bolt to bask in the glory of its success!

Join us as we explain how using CBD oil before or after a workout can have a positive impact on your fitness.

How to Use CBD Pre-Workout

1. As a Sleeping Aid

If you’re the type to pack your gym bag and lay out your activewear the night before, you’re in luck. CBD can easily be incorporated in your bedtime hot chocolate and work its magic by the time you wake up ready for your workout the following morning.

Why? Good Hemp’s pure CBD oil is beneficial as a sleep aid, which is also prime time for the body to repair itself for the day ahead.

As we sleep, our body gets to work restoring our immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems, which are vital for maintaining our mood, memory, cognitive and other important functions. All of this contributes to ensuring that we’ll be optimally prepared for a workout the following day.

CBD has been shown to reduce the amount of time spent in REM sleep and increase the amount of time in NREM Stage 3 , otherwise known as deep sleep. During deep sleep, the brain, body temperature and heart rate fall, as the brain is using less energy in this state, promoting a better night’s rest overall.

2. To Combat Anxiety & Arousal

Besides being physically prepared to exercise to the best of our ability, we should be mentally and emotionally prepared too. Anxiety and arousal are a key issue in sport psychology , specifically related to physical and technical performance. In a sport setting, arousal is often linked to anxiety, and this negative emotional state can increase muscle tension, affect coordination, and in some cases, cause sweating and nausea. This means you’ll be more likely to take your eye off the ball, literally.

Using CBD before your workout can significantly help to lessen the effects of anxiety and reduce blood pressure, allowing you to bring your A-game from the word go.

CBD For Muscle Recovery After a Workout

1. To Relieve Muscle Soreness

Whether you’re a novice exerciser, or someone who gets their reps in regularly, you’ll almost always find yourself subject to post-workout soreness and inflammations. But that doesn’t mean your DOMS – that’s short for delayed onset muscle soreness – should determine your entire routine.

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil can help relieve delayed onset muscle soreness and exercise induced muscle damage , which naturally occurs after physical activity due to microscopic damage to muscle fibres , since its healing properties are known to reduce muscle pain, bodily aches and inflammation. Whether taken orally or topically , CBD offers a more natural form of relief than many other products such as protein supplements or Tiger Balm.

So does that mean that just a few drops of CBD oil in our post-workout smoothie will have you skipping back to the gym 24 hours after leg day? Well… yes! Maybe not skipping , exactly, but your muscles will be feeling miles better than if you had simply suffered in silence.

2. To Promote Mobility

Further scientific studies around CBD oil and its pharmacological effects reveal that this magical compound can also promote mobility in people with Multiple Sclerosis – whose symptoms often lead to reduced physical activity and functional mobility. According to a study in Frontiers In Neuorology , this is because CBD is “anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective.”

Lotions and potions aside, every little helps when it comes to recovery, so we’ve highlighted some easy post-workout recovery hacks you can try to help you hit the ground running time and time again, without any unwanted setbacks!

Why Choose Good Hemp CBD Oil?

Call us biased, but there’s a bundle of reasons why we believe Good Hemp’s CBD oil is the best in the business. Our range of oils use CBD isolate, which means it only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids, such as its psychoactive cousin THC. Its purity means it avoids the hallucinogenic compound of the cannabis plant, so you can drop it like it’s hot and reap the benefits without getting high!

While we’re on the subject, Good Hemp promotes 100% natural and eco-conscious products, since we’re planning to save the world and all.

That means that all of our products are made without chemical additives or any other nasties you might find in other varieties of CBD oil on the market.

As we’ve explored, there are plenty of different ways you can take CBD oil before and after your workout. Whether you prefer a few drops of the stuff in your pre-workout coffee, whizzed into a healthy smoothie, or even baked into a gooey chocolate and macadamia protein loaf , you’ll find a CBD-based post-workout treat worth sweating for!

Discover our top-selling CBD oil products and start gearing up for those gym gains today.