Cbd oil for insomnia at night reddit

Does CBD really give you good sleep?

We know marijuana causes poor sleep – its more akin to sedation than real sleep as it stops you from reaching REM sleep.

Does CBD do anything similar?

I sleep great on full spectrum CBD oil. I dream again now, I never realized I wasn’t dreaming too much before.

Same, it’s been five days I’ve been taking CBD before bed and every night I dream.

People always dream but a portion of the people just don’t remember them.

If i take CBD and ZMA before bed i sleep like a rock. My problem tho is falling asleep. i mean the actual process of getting tired enough to go to bed. neither knock me out but if im already dead tired I fall asleep instantly where usually i kinda ruminate over crazy ass thoughts lol.

It’s kind of strange. For me, CBD wakes me up when I’m tired but then when I go to bed I sleep great. So it’s stimulating but also relaxing at the same time. This is from using CBD flower and tincture.

I used it first time last night. It was the first natural sleep I’ve had in decades. I’m trying it during the day I hope it doesn’t make me drowsy but I don’t think it will.

For me special sauce definitely put me out!

Oh the name of that one made me think it would be more uplifting for some reason. Do you know of one that doesn’t cause drowsiness? Thanks if you have advice.

Yes I took pure cbd for the first time today and I’m tired as hell. It’s great for sleeping.

DATA INSIGHT – I started taking CBD oil not for any other reason really than curiosity. I have always tracked my sleep and what I found was that when I started taking CBD oil regularly (as in every day) I slept for 14% more. What’s more, my sleep was better quality.

I also lost about 10lbs of weight (I’m already lean and hit the gym at least 5/6 time per week) – I was annoyed about the weight loss to be honest but I loved the fact that my sleep improved.

CBD for Insomnia? Don’t Want a Prescription Sleep Aid!

Pretty self-explanatory. I am desperate for a sleep aid that works. I’ve tried melatonin and diphenhydramine (benadrly) and they work sometimes but I still have nights where, if my anxiety-ridden, subconscious mind is set on it, I will not sleep. Most recently I had a night where I took 50mg diphenhydramine (extra-strength dose), then 30mg of melatonin (when that wasn’t working), and then 25mg more of diphenhydramine in a desperate attempt to knock myself out before my clinical rotation. Did not sleep a single wink.

I can’t afford to have more nights like this. I’m in nursing school and my program is not forgiving when it comes to this. Not to mention it won’t be acceptable to call in due to insomnia when I have an actual job.

My last resort is to get a prescription sleep aid like a benzodiazepine. After taking pharmacology, I’m not pumped on the idea. I’ve read some research suggesting that CBD is effective for insomnia, so I’m really asking for any specifics like a good brand, what administration route, what dose and when should I take it to sleep?

P.S. it might be helpful to know that I try to avoid smoking weed because it makes me really anxious and has actually kept me up an entire night. Thanks all!

Youll probably just have to try it out. Ive seen some people say it helps alot, in my experience CBD doesnt help with sleep.

But, unlike you, melatonin works great for me. Ive tried perscription pills (ambien, lunesta) and ive tried diphenhydramine, but melatonin is the only thing that has consistantly worked for me.

So maybe CBD will work for you. If youve got stores that sell it, see if they have gummies or suckers so you can spend ten dollars on an experiment instead of 60$+ on a high dose tinture that may not do much for you.

Thanks, that’s good advice, especially on the price thing cuz I know its $$$.

I believe the best sleep aid cannabinoid is CBN, which I think is what THC degrades into.

When I go into a dispensary can I ask for something containing that specific cannabinoid?

Personally I think CBD is a fantastic sleep aid. You’ll have to try it and see what works for you.

You may be on the wrong track here. This article linked below is not substantiated but it sums up lots of cited studies I’ve read. I have no luck with CBD for sedation at any dose or route. I vape Indica strains like 9lb Hammer at night for sedation.

Thanks for the study. Seems like there is a lot of speculation and not a lot of undisputed truths regarding CBDs.

Insomnia was one of the reasons I started smoking. It doesn’t seem like you’re interested in actually getting high though, just relaxing. Not sure how effective just CBD is for sleeping though. It’s hard to find a study, and most answers are totally anecdotal, like mine.

Yeah that’s what it seems like. And yeah, smoking flower is work for me because the high makes me anxious. So if I can get the calming effects of weed without the high, that’s ideal. If CBD is just calming but not sedative, that’s still better than a benzo. All I really need is to be calm and shut my mind up.

I also have insomnia and am useless if I get less than 6-7 hours, which is unacceptable for a graduate student! I love high-CBD weed for everything but insomnia. For that I use strains with lots of linalool like Granddaddy Purple.

But more often, I borrow my wifes Trazodone which knocks me out without any aftereffects the following morning.

Also consider taking less melatonin, you can actually negatively impact future sleep quality by taking too much.

Avoid screens/blue light or use blue-light filters like Flux on your devices from sunset on.

Also try to avoid eating a couple hours before bed, you’ll get more restful sleep during you last cycles of the night.

I love Gdp hybrids.

Been using weed for sleep for decades. Decades! Here is my advice – decarb your weed, stuff it into gel caps – swallow. The easiest, most direct way to ingest weed. The THC produced by eating weed is slightly different than when smoking/vaping, and tends to cause more sleepiness. The downside: takes some practice to get dosing right. Takes longer than any other edible form to kick in (but lasts longer). Depending on your diet, you may even sprinkle the weed over a pile of pasta, etc. there are some savory flavors that work well with cannabis. TEST this out during a break/weekend if you can. If you are the type of person that get high easily from edibles – might work out really well for you.

During the old days when our dealer was dry, I used plain old antihistimine to knock myself out. Works just as well as anything else – I’d use it after a few days of sleep deprivation and I’d sleep like the dead. If you are going to go the pharmacuetical route, why not try an easy thing like that first?

BTW: I grew up with parents really into herbal/natural healing. I think I’ve tried all of the things you listed over the years – none of it works at all IFAIAK.

ETA: I see you can buy at a dispensary. why not try some edibles they have?​

Has anyone found that taking CBD makes your sleep more interrupted?

I’ve been having trouble staying asleep and not waking up every 3 hours or so, so I got some charlottes web sleep gummies to see if maybe they would help, but honestly it seems to make me wake up during sleep more than taking Benadryl does. I’ve taken 1 gummy, 2 gummies, but still nothings working.

Edit: for everybody who’s asking this is the brand of sleep gummies I tried.

Edit 2: Wow I did NOT expect this post to blow up! Thank you all so much for your suggestions, it’s clear that I need to try some tinctures instead of gummies and maybe experiment when some different strains.