Cbd oil for lichen scloerosis

Cannabis oil for LS?

seems to work for so many conditions, maybe it would help with LS. anyone ever try it?

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jackie54279 msbutterfly

Posted 3 years ago

Wow! What a great question. Hope someone is willing to admit they tried it!

susan43705 msbutterfly

Edited 16 months ago

Hi, Yes I am trying it now but haven’t been with it long enough to see if it is effective and right now I’m in a bad cycle so had to resort to Clobestol. I got the cannabis and cococut oil mixture and tincture and another to put a drop or two on my tongue. Are you trying it?

jackie54279 susan43705

Posted 3 years ago

I’m not trying it . yet . but live in TX where it’s not legal yet to take medical marijuana. Will be interested to hear if it works for you.

msbutterfly susan43705

Edited 16 months ago

I’m not trying it now, but wouldn’t be opposed. I keep hearing about all of the conditions cannabis treats so I googled and found some results that look like people have had luck using it in LS. Let us know how it goes with your experiment!

cheryl17041 susan43705

Posted 7 months ago

i have tried salves with cbd and thc and it helps . alot

patricia87844 msbutterfly

Edited 7 months ago

i too share Ls UGH! Have too been thinking of trying Cannabis but I was thinking you could get pills or if you use the oil you would use it down there in the uteris.. Anyone have any knowledge as to how to use it? I see my GYN in a couple of weeks and I intend to ask her. Will keep you posted.

seginns msbutterfly

Posted 3 years ago

I’ve tried taking it internally. It doesn’t do anything for me. My mom uses it to help her sleep and says it works, but again, it didn’t do anything for me in any respect. I’ve never tried applying the CBD oil directly to my skin. Honestly, I think it works like a placebo — if you believe it works, you’ll see it “working.” The only medical studies I’ve found showing improvement for any medical condition say that you have to take huge amounts of CBD, much more than what is recommended on most packages sold in the United States.

Vita23 msbutterfly

Edited 16 months ago

I did try it two years ago when I battled the achy vulva and clitoris, tears and the white spots. Hemp oil I bought from Whole Foods worked well. CBD oils differ in terms of quality and properties, so if anyone is happy with a strain, please share the name! The CBD oil I used did not cure, but did soothe for a while. However, so did manuka honey. I admit, I did hope for a profound effect. Who knows what LS is in fact! So far, I believe it is an autoimmune disorder that gets affected by hormones, fungus and oxalates, so any work on the immune system, including hemp and CBD, is good for us.

susan43705 msbutterfly

Edited 7 months ago

Hi Butterfly, Google this: “Cannabis cream helps boy recover.” This is what convinced me to try cannabis down under. But right now I’m in a terrible flare and using the Clob. Ugh. I have Cannabis/coconut oil cream, tincture and smokes. I”m going to try it all.

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