Cbd oil for nail salon

CBD Manicures: A Beginner’s Guide

The manicure has become something of a symbol of self care over the years and something that countless women across America love to indulge in and treat themselves to. If you’re one of them, you might be interested to know that CBD manicures are now a thing, and we have everything you need to know about them right here.

What Does a CBD Manicure Involve and Where Can You Get One?

The actual process of getting a CBD manicure isn’t as revolutionary as you might think. They simply involve the use of CBD-infused skin care products during your treatment. There is a really wide range of these products available now, from hydrating hand lotions to silky cuticle oils. In a CBD manicure, your beautician will simply swap some of the more traditional products you’re used to with newer, CBD-infused products.

After the legalization of cannabis in California, CBD manicures started popping up in Los Angeles and other big cities. Since then, they’ve spread across the country, and CBD manicures (and other beauty treatments) are now offered at spas and nail salons from coast to coast. A quick internet search will be sure to turn up a spot or two near you — as long as you’re not living in one of the few states where CBD is still prohibited.

Why Choose A CBD Manicure?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there hasn’t been any scientific research specifically into the effects of CBD manicures, although who knows what researchers will decide to study next. This doesn’t mean that there’s no merit to the claims that CBD products and CBD manicures could be great for your hands and nails, though.

First, a quick guide to CBD: known by its scientific name of cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabinoid — one of more than 100 naturally-occurring compounds found in cannabis plants (which include both hemp and marijuana). Like all cannabinoids, CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors that controls a wide range of bodily functions such as mood, sleep, and fertility. It also has a big influence on the health of the skin. Some studies suggest that using CBD oil products can help the endocannabinoid system restore balance to skin that’s been having a tough time (and the skin on our hands has arguably the toughest time of all).

For example, researchers have found that CBD topicals could be a very effective anti-inflammatory treatment. While human studies are still in their early stages, the initial research shows that applying CBD topicals can reduce the inflammation and offer relief from pain caused by arthritic conditions. One of the best parts of a manicure is the mini-hand massage that usually accompanies it, and with CBD the benefits could be even greater.

Other studies have shown that CBD is a potent antioxidant, which means it can kill off free radicals and prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles. We tend to focus on our faces when we think about anti-aging skin care, but the hands and fingers are one of the first places on the body where the signs of aging become apparent. If you’re looking for a way to keep your hands looking youthful, CBD could be just the ticket.

CBD beauty products may have even more to offer than anti-aging, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory benefits, too. Depending on the type of topicals used during a CBD manicure (pro tip: ask if they’re “transdermal” products), you could also take advantage of CBD’s anti-anxiety properties. Just when you thought manicures couldn’t get any more relaxing.

Are There Special Aftercare Requirements?
Nope. The aftercare requirements for a CBD manicure are the very same as they are for standard manicure treatments.

It’s always recommended that you give your hands and nails more than enough time for the products used to absorb and/or dry fully. After that it is a simple case of wearing protective gloves when gardening, washing dishes, or undertaking other handsy chores. Maintaining your beautifully soft hands with a good quality hand lotion will help the results of the treatment last for longer, too.

Will A CBD Manicure Give You The Hands and Nails of Your Dreams?

Honestly, who knows? The results of beauty treatments like manicures vary widely from salon to salon, based on lots of variables like the training level of the staff and the quality of the products used. There’s definitely a lot of hype surrounding CBD manicures right now (as there is surrounding CBD in general), but whether or not a CBD manicure will meet your expectations depends as much on the skill of the staff as what’s in their bottles.

One thing’s for sure though: they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Pure CBD goodness has already made its way into your bath bombs and lotions, and now it’s in your manicures, too.

A CBD manicure may be just what you need

CBD has found its way into pretty much everything from our wine to water, yoga and cupcakes. Now it has entered our beauty routine. The CBD manicure has landed at Young LDN. But is it worth the £50 price tag? We sent Charlotte to put it to the test…

Most of us have had many a manicure, and know what the process entails. At Young LDN, the experience is already slightly elevated with super comfy chairs, a chic environment, delicious Detox teas and the option to watch any show from your very own iPad with Netflix.

The CBD Mani is a special for this summer – with no green varnish or marijuana stencils in sight. It’s a spin on their Deluxe Mani with the addition of CBD oil; one of the most potent antioxidants around. The 45 minute treatment is finished off with a CBD cream hand massage.

What is CBD oil?

Believe it or not, cannabis is a current big thing in beauty – minus the psychoactive extracts.

“CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of more than 80 chemical cannabinoids found in Hemp/Cannabis. While derived from cannabis, CBD is not medical marijuana, it is not psychotropic (unlike THC, the most commonly known cannabinoid) and so will not get you high,” says Elena Lavagni, founder of Neville Hair & Beauty.

She goes on, “our bodies are receptive to cannabinoids as we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) of receptors that allows for cellular communication and regulation, which CBD taps into.”

CBD oil is the perfect finishing touch to a manicure, serving to hydrate the skin. It is anti inflammatory, calming, and a potent antioxidant. CBD also contains vitamin E oil, which is known to protect the skin.

Plus, “introducing CBD into your daily diet may have an extremely positive effect on your immune system and in turn, can give you beautiful glowing skin,” says Oli Summers, founder of Signature CBD (@signature_CBD)

Big business

It’s not just manicures. CBD has found its way into our facials and massages too, and it’s a booming market.

In April 2019, Wowcher found that UK sales of products containing CBD had increased by a colossal 99 per cent, with celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow helping to popularise the use of CBD in beauty.

The treatment

My mani proceeds much as normal, though it is worth noting that Young LDN has recently added the Artistic Nail Design brand to its repertoire, after feedback from customers that the new formulation from CND wasn’t long lasting enough.

After my nails are perfectly painted a bright red, and my gels are left to dry in record time, my manicurist takes Young LDN’s home made scrub and adds in a few drops of CBD oil.

It feels silky smooth, much like any other oil, and rich, with none of the strong smell I generally associate with cannabis.

The verdict

The CBD scrub at Young LDN feels wonderful and leaves my hand super soft. Is it a gimmick because CBD is trendy? Quite possibly. However, it’s certainly no worse than any other oil or scrub, and while a £50 price tag is hefty, the experience is a nice one and it’s fun to try something new.

Finally, a CBD cream is rubbed on, for the ultimate in hydration.

If you’re into the CBD trend, give it a go, though if you’re wondering if I felt more relaxed than usual, no, I didn’t – so don’t expect to.

CBD Part 2: Infusing Cannabidiol Into Salon & Spa Services

The surge of CBD-infused personal care products being sold across the country isn’t just happening in hipster hubs or mom-and-pop wellness stores. Consumers are demanding the product and large corporations are taking notice. As Men’s Health reports, the market is expected to grow to $22 billion by 2022. This should come as no surprise, as earlier this year the retail giants CVS and Walgreens announced they’re going to be selling hemp-derived CBD products in 2,300 stores nationwide.

We know small beauty and wellness businesses are taking notice too. In salons and spas, treatments such as manicures, massages and facials are adding CBD oil to the mix. As this Forbes contributor describes, these are available at salons and spas across the country, from Colorado to New York City. A spa in Napa Valley offers a CBD oil-infused treatment package, incorporating it into body scrubs, massages and hair treatments. A nail salon in Los Angeles offers high-end manicures and pedicures that feature CBD-infused products.

The potential for offering CBD-infused treatments is sure to pique any salon or spa owner’s interest—but how do you know which CBD products are safe? How can you safely incorporate them into your salon or spa services?

With more and more resources becoming available every day, research is key to choosing safe products. Salon Today is quick to point out that CBD products should be safe, as long as they are acquired from a reputable company. Not all CBD is created equal, and it is up to you as the business owner to do your due diligence. If you are planning to add this ingredient to your business’s service offering, you may want to consider Salon Today’s advice: get your CBD oil from a certified-organic source and ensure that it’s third-party tested. According to Consumer Reports’ step-by-step guide to shopping for CBD, reputable manufacturers provide a certificate of analysis (COA) that reports CBD, THC and contaminant levels in their products.

The potential for increasing revenue by offering these products and services is extremely enticing, and rightfully so. However, many of the medicinal benefits and health claims made for CBD products don’t receive any endorsements from the FDA, which doesn’t have a firm stance on the chemical compound yet. According to Salon Today, physicians are hesitant to allow or recommend CBD products because fewer than 10 percent of medical schools study the human endocannabinoid system.

As with any new product offering – Do your research, offer only products and services you believe to be safe and in which your employees are competently trained. You may also want to stay up to date on the latest information and regulations surrounding the enormous growth in popularity of CBD. As more scientific research supporting its safety and health benefits comes out, your salon or spa (and clients) could be reaping the benefits.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at [email protected]