CBD Oil Glass Jar With Lid

Purchase glass jars, concentrate containers, and tincture bottles for cannabis and choose from child resistant and sizing options. Glass weed jars have a number of different advantages, making them a very good choice for dispensaries. Find the best jars for weed at Cannabiz Supply. Just when you thought premium cannabis packaging couldn't get any better, we raised the jar. The glass Calyx Jar is here to elevate your brand. Now available for pre-order!

Glass Containers

Meet cannabis compliance regulations with our glass cannabis packaging options.

Glass packaging helps keep your product fresh. THC Label Solutions has many options available, from glass jars, glass pre roll tubes, and glass tincture bottles to help you meet marijuana packaging requirements. Call for more information.

Child Resistant glass jars keep your cannabis product potent, fresh, and secure.

These jars are child resistant to ensure the safety of kids and meet cannabis packaging regulation requirements. Bulk glass jar orders are available. THC Label Solutions can customize your jars with custom labels to fit your branding needs. Call (800) 842-4773 for additional information or to get questions answered about the right choice for your needs.

Glass jars keep product potent and fresh.

These jars can be customized with labels to fit your branding needs. Bulk orders are available. Call for additional information or to get questions answered about the right choice for your needs.

Pre-Roll tubes seal in freshness and provide safe transportation of product.

Individually package rolls and king cones in packaging that helps your brand stand out and remains child-resistant.

Glass tincture bottles are great for dispensing the right amount of liquid.

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Colored tincture bottles protect your product from sunlight deterioration and can be used for hemp oil, cbd oil, and other liquids.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are perhaps the most common way people like to buy and store their medical or recreational cannabis. Glass jars have a number of different advantages, making them a very good choice for displaying your product.

1oz (1g) Glass Jars – Case

1oz Child-Resistant Glass Jars – Case

2oz (3.5g) Glass Jars – Case

2oz Child-Resistant Glass Jars – Case

3oz (3.5g) Glass Jars- Case

3oz Child Resistant Glass Jars – Case

3oz Child-Resistant Matte Cap Glass Jars – Case

4oz (7g) Glass Jars – Case

4oz Child-Resistant Glass Jars – Case

5mL Concentrate Jar

64oz Widemouth Glass Jars

7ml Glass Concentrate Jar

We only source the best quality jars, and our glass containers can be supplied to your buisness in plain or branded designs. We also offer a variety of different color caps, choose between Plastic or Child-Resistant. All of our jars are designed to be very hard-wearing, with thick glass that is resistant to smashing.

Our glass jars for come in a variety of different sizes, whether you just need to store one gram of marijuana or want to get larger amounts at a time. Glass jars are basically unrivaled when it comes to keeping your cannabis in an airtight environment.


Three words we live by at Cannabiz Supply we print your labels, apply them to premium
packaging, and supply your cannabusiness with outstanding service.

Cannabiz Supply Provides High-Quality Cannabis Packaging, Custom Labels, Dispensary Materials, Grow Goods, and Other Cannabis Industry Supplies.

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Calyx Jar

Calyx’s innovative new glass jar is crafted with our expert attention to detail to show off (and seal in) all qualities of your carefully cultivated product.

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Black + White Coated Jars

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Product Advantages

Product Preservation

Calyx’s innovative new glass jar is crafted with our expert attention to detail to show off (and seal in) all qualities of your carefully cultivated product. The Calyx Jar protects the terps and increases your product’s shelf life with our signature sealing technology. Experience a significantly lower moisture loss rate and less reduction in TAC in comparison to other glass containers.

The Calyx Jar is independently tested by MCR Labs to validate its expert design.


The Calyx Jar was designed with our sustainability values at the forefront. Achieved through mindful manufacturing, the Calyx Jar is made out of 56% recycled glass, and is 100% recyclable at the end of life, lid included. The Calyx Jar is made with a high quality, durable design that strongly promotes reusability.

Learn more about our Sustainability initiatives.

Child-Resistant + Senior Friendly

The Calyx Jar exemplifies sophisticated safety for your cannabis product. The design utilizes our signature pinch-and-pull lid mechanism, which is Senior-friendly while accessible to those with dexterity limitations. It is both Child-Resistant and tamper evident with the use of a shrink band or sticker.


Elevate your branding with the Calyx Jar. The four flat surfaces plus the lid allow plenty of room to tell your unique brand story in a container that offers limitless design opportunities. Offer your customers breathtaking branding while clearly disclosing compliance and testing information. Currently available in clear.

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Build your brand with Calyx Creative label and secondary box design services.

Curious about the Calyx Jar?

Cannabis Packaging, Calyx Containers

Introducing the Calyx Jar

Calyx’s new, innovative glass cannabis packaging jar is a premium offering that shows off (and seals in) your carefully cultivated product. Preserve terpenes, flavor, and potency from seed to sale, while adhering to our accessible pinch-and-pull, Child-Resistant certified lid mechanism. Learn how the Calyx Jar is engineered for excellence.

Cannabis Packaging, Cannabis 101

Testing Standards for Cannabis Degradation – And How the Calyx Jar Can Help

To explore the shelf-life of cannabis, a scientifically holistic approach must be taken. Based on USP 671 testing standards, the glass Calyx Jar has been rigorously tested by a third-party to validate its performance meets and exceeds current industry standards.

Cannabis Packaging, Sustainability at Calyx

The Benefits of Glass Packaging in the Cannabis Industry

Glass packaging is a reliable, smart option for storing cannabis products due to its nonporous nature when interacting with cannabis compounds. Not to mention, glass provides important sustainability benefits compared to other packaging materials. Learn more about the benefits of glass packaging in the cannabis industry.

Packaging Compliance and Opacity in the Cannabis Market

The requirements of cannabis packaging compliance in the United States and Canada can consist of a particularly strict list of must-haves that vary depending on the state or territory. From label design and messaging to the opacity of the container, read on for some helpful tips and tricks as you select your cannabis brand’s packaging.