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The best CBD Oil UK by ACCESS CBD® UK – As seen on TV – You can save 70% compare to CBD UK prices in UK stores. Winner of T3 & Your Healthy Living Best CBD Oil Paypal has decided due to American law that all CBD products are to be classed as narcotics and has decided to not accept any transactions related to them. This can be a frustrating situation for people that enjoy CBD. Medic Pro. Compliance Services for CBD, Vape & Pharmaceutical Industry


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(Source: Internal Market Survey).

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With so many CBD brands within the industry it can be difficult to know who to trust.

In order to bring you a low-cost, quality, broad plant spectrum CBD oil we knew you would love, we made it our priority to gather the relevant data to prove this. This data is updated regularly, so you’re never left behind!

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Our broad plant spectrum ACCESS CBD® oils are naturally flavoured with hundreds of unique cannabis compounds.

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PayPal vs. the UK CBD industry

By the end of 2019, there were 305 million active PayPal accounts worldwide. But, though it is an incredibly popular money transfer platform, you will notice that our online CBD store doesn’t give the option to pay via Paypal and you may be wondering why.

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To put it briefly, PayPal, due to American law, classes all CBD cannabidiol products as a narcotic. This means that the platform does not accept the transactions of any hemp-derived CBD products. The stance that PayPal has taken is very similar to the stance that it has with any transactions that include cannabis plants.

This is due to the fact that PayPal’s policies and terms of use class CBD cannabidiol products as a controlled substance [1] . Their stance is rooted in American law, despite the fact that the 2018 US Farm Bill (which came into effect January 1st 2019) made hemp a legal agricultural commodity, as long as it is cultivated under license and with less than 0.3% THC Content [2] .

Needed to try CBD oil for stress and anxiety. I can’t fault the Hempura oil. It does what it says and helps me feel much less anxious.

Great products. Brilliant customer service. I receive a subscription delivery because I know I will be wanting the product regularly for years. Subtle yet noticeable differences when I take one or two drops under my tongue a day. Usually before leaving for work and sometimes upon getting home from work.

Have been taking Hempura CBD capsules for a few months now. They certainly do the trick and make it easier for me to go up and down stairs. The company is prompt and professional. I will continue to use them in the future.

Used Hempura a number of times now. Always found their oils to be very well priced and prompt delivery times. Very happy with the products and will continue to use.

I bought capsules for arthritic knee pain that I’ve had for about 12 years. I can’t take most painkillers and bought this product more out of hope than expectation of success. I was amazed at the almost intantaneous beneficial effect. It’s not cured but much better. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, I don’t know or care, and so I’m ordering more.

Abiity to help my pains,very good, the site is a great help ,pruduct,posting and price excellent on my monthly order, very satisfied indeed, D A

Hempura CBD products, despite PayPal’s position on CBD, are completely legal in the UK, as long as they contain undetectable levels of THC as per EU law. It is only products with detectable THC levels, usually above 0.01%, that are set apart as containing controlled substances under UK law.

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However, despite the fact that CBD products which meet the strict THC contents regulations are legal in the UK, there have been numerous reports of UK and global CBD retailers having their PayPal accounts frozen or closed down due to their ‘breach’ of PayPal’s terms of use. There is no way to appeal this decision, and the risk of a 180-day ‘freeze’ on any essential business funds held in PayPal. Unfortunately, this means that the vast majority of legitimate and trusted CBD retailers can’t afford to risk accepting PayPal as a payment processor.

What does this mean for Hempura, and CBD UK products sold through the site?

We have formed an excellent partnership with a world-leading payment provider that does accept CBD transactions. Though we are unable to accept any PayPal payments, you don’t need to worry about accessing the best CBD has to offer and making secure payments via our store.

Our payment platform is easy to use and is fully certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. The platform is already processing upwards of 2 million different transactions every single month, with complete freedom on the platform for the use of debit and credit cards. The platform is fully secure and encrypted, so just like with PayPal, your information is safe.

What does the future hold for CBD products purchased online?

As legislation surrounding Hemp and CBD products continues to change and develop (both in the UK and globally), we will monitor the payment platform options available to ensure that we always have the safest and most convenient payment processing systems in place.

CBD Merchant Accounts UK

List of UK-based CBD merchant account services & payment gateways

Are you experiencing CBD PayPal issues? Can’t find a UK-based CBD merchant account? Help is at hand. We’re putting together a useful list of verified CBD merchant account services, payment processors & gateways with offices in the UK.

Selling CBD online

There’s a lot to think about when you run an online business, and with a number of online payment processors readily available, you’d think this would be one thing you wouldn’t need to worry about.

This is true for most small businesses – all you need to do is set up a PayPal or Stripe account and you’re away. But for some businesses, like CBD, things aren’t so simple.

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** Please note that we do not offer CBD merchant account services. Medic Pro is a regulatory consultancy that offers general information on merchant services for CBD businesses **

Finding a payment processor

When processing credit card payments online, merchant account providers assume most of the risk involved in the transaction. Because of this, they assess the level of risk involved with different types of business, and treat them accordingly.

Many businesses will be considered low-risk and will have no problem. But other businesses, because of the nature of the products they sell or the industry they operate in, will be considered high-risk and may face difficulties.

What makes a business high-risk?

Any business or industry that borders on legality and chargebacks is likely to be considered high-risk. For example, lots of digital products have higher rates of chargebacks due to the fact they’re easier to scam and the providers often operate globally.

Are you looking to verify the CBD and THC content of products? We offer fast and reliable CBD testing services to help you comply with UK regulations.

What about CBD retailers?

Businesses that sell CBD online often find it difficult to secure merchant processing. This is because of the origin of CBD i.e cannabis and the fact that this remarkable plant has very different regulations in different territories.

In some territories it’s perfectly legal for recreational use, while in others possession can mean prison. Traditional payment processors like PayPal and Stripe don’t have the support of their banks to deal with cannabis products.

These payment processors are liable to close a business account if that business is likely to undermine their relationship with a bank. After all, it’s much easier for them to close a small business account than it is to negotiate a deal with a large financial institution.

Rather than managing the complexities of differing legal frameworks across the globe, traditional payment processors have opted to avoid risk and not go there at all. Instead, specialist CBD merchant account services have sprung up to fill the gap.

What does a specialist CBD merchant account service do?

There are thousands of payment processors and merchant services across the globe, but very few of them specialise in high-risk industries. Specialist CBD merchant account services provide online payment processing solutions that are specifically geared towards CBD vendors.

These CBD payment processors are companies that have the capacity to handle medium- to high-risk businesses.