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Guide to buying CBD, delta 8 THC, and more in the San Francisco metro. Learn your local cannabis laws, and view the top-rated dispensaries in the city. Barbary Coast is your new favorite CBD in San Francisco, CA and surrounding areas. Contact our CBD team today!

Where to Buy CBD, Delta 8 THC, & More in San Francisco, California

San Francisco has always been one of the most happening cities in California, indeed, in the entire United States.

Throughout generations, San Francisco has remained a cultural hub and a center for the progression of music, arts, and social development. Nowadays, the city of San Francisco is home to nearly 3.6 million people.

It’s legal to purchase cannabis and cannabis products, including CBD and delta 8 THC, as long as you’re 21 years or older. However, there are specific rules that must be followed in order to remain legal.

We’ll explore some of those rules in more detail throughout this article.

Is CBD Legal in San Francisco, California?

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Is CBD Legal in San Francisco?

CBD (cannabidiol) products are entirely legal in the state of California. You can find CBD products for sale at dispensaries and health food shops throughout the city of San Francisco.

Because of the discrepancy between THC (an intoxicating cannabinoid) and CBD (a non-intoxicating compound from the same plant), there’s sometimes a discrepancy surrounding these two compounds. Some states have moved to ban THC only due to its intoxicating effects. Other states ban cannabis entirely, including CBD.

The state of California chooses to endorse the use of cannabis and all of its components. That said, they do not endorse the purchasing of cannabis from non-licensed growers. If you want to grow cannabis, the government wants a share of your profit.

The 2018 Farm Bill had a profound impact on the production and sale of hemp in California. Hemp was defined as any cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% THC. Hemp could be cultivated for medicinal, industrial, or agricultural purposes legally because of this bill.

If you’re interested in growing your own industrial hemp, then you’ll have to get a license. The first step for this is getting in touch with the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot program.

Is Marijuana Legal In San Francisco?

California is well-known for being one of the more progressive countries in the States, and their marijuana legislation reflects that. The plant is currently legal in California. It’s legal for any citizen over the age of 21 to carry up to 1 ounce of marijuana or 8 grams of marijuana concentrate in San Francisco.

Since cannabis is completely legal, people don’t need to have an MMICP card in order to purchase it. However, some patients who use the plant for legitimate medical purposes prefer to opt for a card so that they can offer proof should they encounter any issues about the number of plants that they’re growing (medical patients can grow more than recreational users).

To become an MMIC, you’ll have to make an in-person application at the health department of your local county. They can sign you up for the program relatively easily. You can expect to pay about $50 for your medical marijuana card.

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Marijuana will cost between $8-15 a gram in San Francisco.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in San Diego?

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that is very similar to the standard THC that you’re probably familiar with, which is delta 9 THC. Since some states and countries specifically outlaw delta 9, and delta 8 has similar effects, people often look for the legal loophole that allows them to enjoy delta 8 legally.

Fortunately, California residents don’t have to worry about this. Under Division 10 of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, it states that all parts of the hemp plant are legal — barring that they contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC by weight.

List of Dispensaries in San Francisco

San Francisco is a country known for its diversity and culture, and this can be seen very well in the variety of its cannabis stores. Here are some of the top-rated dispensaries in the city:

1. Green Cross

The Green Cross manages to strike a fine balance between culture, wealth, and community. Without being considered ‘gentrification,’ the Green Cross is not afraid to show what wealth can do when applied to the authentic hippie roots of San Francisco.

2. Grass Roots

Located in Lower Nob Hill, this late-night cannabis stop has a huge menu and is a great place to get cooked in the evening — just before you go to get the burgers cooked at your favorite fast-food joint.

3. Bloom Room

Found in SoMa, this is a great place to go if you don’t want any strings attached to your cannabis purchase. They don’t have their own style, per se. They are simply a nice-looking shop that happens to focus on one product: cannabis.

4. Urban Pharm

Doubling back on the idea of themed stores, Urban Pharm takes the cake. This dispensary, located in SoMa, was designed by a Burning Man artist and features a strong steampunk aesthetic that can leave you feeling like you just woke up in a 1950s technocratic dystopia.

5. Cookie Co.415

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, or for great customer service, then head on down to Cookie Co. 415. Here, you’ll be met with smiling workers offering competitive prices for high-quality cannabis.

How to Use CBD

There are many different ways that you can use CBD. These are a few examples of the most popular uses of CBD.

1. CBD Tinctures & Oils

CBD tinctures and oils are probably the most popular form of CBD. These products have CBD dissolved in an oil at specific concentrations. MCT oil is a common, high-quality base for CBD oil supplements that provide additional benefits on top of the CBD.

CBD tinctures are easy to use, transport, and store for a long time.

If you’re first beginning to explore CBD, you may be interested in using a tincture. They offer the best balance between price, effectiveness, convenience, and ease of access.

2. Topical CBD

If you’re experiencing muscle pain, skin disorders, arthritis, or other physical issues, you may be interested in using a topical CBD solution. Topical CBD can be rubbed into the skin. It will perform its duties after it’s absorbed into the tissues of your body.

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One of the benefits of this is that the CBD won’t produce any cognitive effects. Even though CBD generally doesn’t have a lot of side effects, it can be a bit sedating — especially in the higher doses.

CBD lotions and salves are great for sore muscles, irritated skin, and general aches and pains.

3. Inhaled CBD

CBD can also be smoked or vaporized. CBD hemp flowers can be smoked just like marijuana. An even better option is to use the hemp flower in a dried herb vape. These devices heat the flower to its evaporation point — but don’t cause the plant matter to combust.

There are several benefits of smoking CBD, the most obvious being that it takes effect almost immediately. You require much smaller doses of CBD to receive the same benefit. However, the CBD tends to wear off much faster when you are vaporizing or smoking.

This means you’ll have to redose more often and more heavily than you would with any of these other dosing methods.

What to Look for When Shopping for CBD Products

If you’re going to buy CBD —or anything else for that matter —it’s in your best interest to make sure that you’re getting a good product. However, when it comes to CBD, how do you know that you’re even dealing with a reliable supplier?

These are some tips and things you should look out for when buying CBD.

First off, you want to make sure that you’re buying from a transparent company. When it comes to CBD, this might mean a few things:

1. Read Reviews

Make sure that the company is open and honest about its customer reviews. Some companies refuse to let customers post negative reviews. This is an obvious sign of a lack of transparency. That’s not to say that you should look for companies with glaringly negative reviews. Just make sure that a company is not afraid to let their customer feedback be displayed in public.

A further mark of transparency is when companies actually respond to the reviews of their customers. If you are able to access an online forum where customers post their reviews, and you see that the company is actually responding, especially in an effort to improve the experience of dissatisfied customers, this is a sure sign of transparency.

2. Third-Party Testing

Another mark of company transparency is third-party lab testing. Any company can test its own products and post results. However, you want to go with a company that has a third-party lab testing its products. If their products are tested by a third party with no affiliation, you can be sure that the test results are unbiased and that you’re dealing with an authentic company.

3. Check The Manufacturing Methods

You’ll also want to make sure the products and production methods are top-notch.

The best CBD is produced through a CO2 extraction method.

You want to get products that are sourced from organic hemp. However, organic hemp is generally a bit more expensive. Companies that don’t use organic hemp aren’t necessarily bad. Non-organic products are just a bit more likely to run the risk of contamination, pesticides, and GMOs.

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Conclusion: Where to Buy CBD in San Francisco

CBD is legal in San Francisco. Marijuana and related products have been decriminalized in the state of California for some time.

As long as you play within the legal limits and don’t carry more than an ounce of marijuana, or more than 8 grams of concentrate, you won’t have any trouble.

CBD oils, tinctures, salves, and vape juice can all be found in various styles in San Francisco head shops. These headshops are known for their variety and innovation.

There are plenty of CBD products available locally. However, if you choose to buy online, make sure you do so from a reputable company.

CBD Oil San Francisco

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the main active compounds from the marijuana plant. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects. It’s known more for a soothing feeling and supports efficient function of the endocannabinoid system. Some of the most commonly reported uses of CBD include:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anxiety relief
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Improved sleep
  • Quelling seizures
  • Relaxation
  • Stress

CBD Edibles in San Francisco, CA | CBD Delivery

The combination of THC and CBD produces what’s referred to as the entourage effect, which supports the theory that when the cannabinoids are consumed together, they work more effectively. Due to overwhelming success stories and the resulting rise in popularity, more and more varieties of CBD products are becoming available. Some of the most common forms of CBD include:

  • CBD edibles with a typical onset time of 30-60minutes and a 4-8 hours duration of effects
  • Creams and gels with a typical onset time of 5-10 minutes and a 2-4 hours duration of effects
  • Flower with a typical onset time of 3-5 minutes and a 2-4 hours duration of effects
  • Oils and tinctures with a typical onset time of 30-60 minutes and a 4-8 hours duration of effects
  • Inhalers with a typical onset time of 3-5 minutes and a 2-4 hours duration of effects
  • Patches with a typical onset time of 10-15 minutes and a 72 hours duration of effects
  • Pills and capsules with a typical onset time of 15-30minutes and a 4-6 hours duration of effects
  • Vapes with a typical onset time of 3-5 minutes and a 2-4 hours duration of effects

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