Cbd oil washington state discounts for disabled veterans

Cbd oil washington state discounts for disabled veterans

Once you apply to the Veteran’s program by filling out the form below, you will recieve a 15% off discount on any order in our store. In addition, you’ll receive a monthly donation of cannabis!

This program proudly provides free medical cannabis and cannabis products to Los Angeles veterans in accordance with the SB-34 Dennis Peron Brownie Mary Act. To be eligible for this program, all applicants must submit a completed application and required supporting documentation. Due to high demand, we can only enroll Medical Patients who meet the criteria. Submitting a completed application does not guarantee enrollment.

How do I apply?

You must be a current Higher Path member, Valid MMIC or Doctor’s Recommendation, fill out this application completely, and upload supporting documents.

What if I’m not a member, or do not have a valid Doctor’s Recommendation?

To become a member of the Higher Path Collective, sign up here. To apply for a Doctor’s Recommendation, click here.

Which medicines are available to me?

All compassion cannabis products are laboratory tested in accordance with California state law. These products are all subject to availability, and program members will be notified when designated product arrives. You may choose to partake or pass on each designated option.

Will my personal information be protected?

Yes, everything you submit is subject to HIPAA compliancy and is kept strictly confidential. Used solely for the purposes of administering The Higher Path Compassion Program.

What to Expect

Applying to The Higher Path Veterans Program

Once you have been approved as a qualifying compassion customer you will receive a welcome email which will explain your next steps on how to begin receiving your free cannabis goods. The welcome email will include a menu as well as instructions for your first visit. We look forward to seeing you! Have more questions? Please email [email protected]

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You expressly acknowledge that The Higher Path’s services are for qualified patients under California Health & Safety Code Section 11362.5, 11362.7, et seq., and a physician has recommended the use of medical marijuana. You also expressly acknowledge that the use, possession, cultivation, transportation and distribution of cannabis is illegal in California unless all participants are acting completely within the scope of California’s medical cannabis laws as set forth in the Attorney General’s Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use and the Medical Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act (consisting of AB243, AB266 and SB643) and any amendments thereto. Dispensary Website Theme by Foottraffik.

This Company Is Offering Cannabis For U.S. Military Veterans At A 30% To 50% Discount

During an exclusive conversation, wholesale cannabis delivery company Flower Co. said it is now offering a complimentary membership to all U.S. Military veterans through FlowerVets.com. The membership, usually priced at $119 per year, provides access to the company’s catalogue of cannabis products, priced at a 30 to 50 percent discount versus traditional dispensaries.

The California-based cannabis company, founded on the idea that high-quality cannabis should be accessible to those who need it, offers a unique subscription-based model that gives members access to the convenient pricing.

“We built Flower Co. on the premise that every person deserves safe, fair and affordable access to cannabis,” said Ted Lichtenberger, co-founder and CEO of Flower Co. “Our military veterans, who risk their life for our country, are no exception to this, which is why we are offering them a complimentary membership to our services.”

A Strong Partnership

Flower Co. partnered with the Veterans Cannabis Group on this initiative, seeking to support the organization’s mission to advocate for the use of medicinal cannabis to treat the symptoms of PTSD among U.S. Military veterans.

Cannabis and CBD can help veterans with pain, anxiety and PTSD, several studies have shown. Many of these studies have also suggested cannabis provides a safe alternative to pills currently being prescribed to veterans to treat their ailments – many of which have strong side effects and high addictive potential.

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“[Cannabis] took a little bit for it to grow on me, but within a month those [pharma] drugs [I was taking previously] were in the trash. It’s a simple solution for a majority of what’s going on.”

U.S. Military Veteran

“I can attest to the multitude of health issues that veterans face after their service ends,” said Aaron Augustis, U.S. Army Veteran and Founder of Veterans Cannabis Group. “In my experience, the medicinal effects of cannabis have had a positive impact when dealing with traumatic events, and it’s important that our veterans have cannabis as an option.”

As part of the program, Flower Co. interviewed veterans about their experience with cannabis and will be releasing a series of videos that shine a light on some of the issues that surround cannabis today. See the trailer below.

The veteran on the trailer introduces himself and brings up his four tours to Afghanistan and a couple other countries. “That one thing that I found replaced everything they gave me,” he voices, clearly talking about cannabis.

His entire experience with the U.S. Military was hectic, he reveals. “As you can imagine, for 18, 19, 20-year-old kids it is pretty crazy.

“The first time he went to see his VA medical provider, sharing “everything that was going on, everything that happened… broken back, TBI, severe hearing loss, all kinds of injuries… I left that day, the first day I met this guy, with eight prescription drugs: painkillers, sleeping medicines, anxiety medicine, you name it… That’s kind of what was causing things, wheels not to turn right in my head, and I wasn’t really who I was anymore so my girlfriend was like, ‘hey you need to try CBD or THC.’ So I tried it.

“It took a little bit for it to grow on me, but within a month those [pharma] drugs [I was taking previously] were in the trash. It’s a simple solution for a majority of what’s going on,” he ends.