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What is Equilibria? We grow premium organic CBD with 1-on-1 dosage support for a personalized daily routine that fits your life. Learn more about Equilibria Women today! I've found a CBD brand I love, trust and use regularly: Equilibria. Learn more about Equilibria in this review inluding my favorite products. I decided to start taking Equilibria CBD to manage my stress and anxiety. Here's my review of their daily drops, soft gels, and relief cream.

Personalized Wellness for Modern Women.

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We know every woman’s goals are different – and their CBD routines are, too. That’s why we offer FREE 1-on-1 Dosage Support to guide you on whatever journey you choose. No up-selling, no bots, no call centers … just real CBD educators dedicated to helping you get the most out of your routine.

Real Women.
Real Stories.

No miracles. Just science.

Our bodies’ endocannabinoid system (ECS) naturally depletes over time and circumstance. CBD has the power to bring a woman’s ECS back to balance.

This is why we are committed to delivering organic, hand-harvested, full-spectrum CBD to women nationwide.

We built EQ for you.

From our partner farm in Colorado to your doorstep, we prioritize premium quality so you know you’re getting consistent and reliable CBD batch after batch, month after month. Equilibria is premium CBD, made for you and your life.

Our founders have experienced this power first-hand, and believe in curating personalized daily routines that are as unique as the women who use them.

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Equilibria CBD Review – the CBD brand that actually worked for me

A few years ago, I started hearing about CBD. I’ve struggled with anxiety for years so I was hopeful that it could help me. Then, I had a massage in Colorado using CBD and it was unreal. I’ve never been so relaxed during a massage and I also felt like my muscles felt better for longer, post-massage. But, I never knew how to choose good CBD products and I brand hopped a little bit and never found anything that I felt super comfortable with since quality varies SO much. And outside of that one massage in Colorado, I never found products I felt actually made a difference in my anxiety or muscle aches and pains.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve found a brand I love and trust and use regularly in my everyday routine: Equilibria. I’ve been taking it for almost a year now and, if you’re anything like I was, you want all the info you can get before trying it yourself. I hope this posts helps answer all your questions but feel free to leave a comment if you have others!

Equilibria Review

First, let’s talk about what CBD is. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of over 150 naturally-occurring compounds (aka “cannabinoids”) found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, i.e. hemp flowers. (Source and more info here) It’s clinically proven to improve mental and physical well-being, when you take it the right way (and consistently). And, while I think most people know this by now, it bears repeating: there’s no high from it. CBD works with your body’s own endocannabinoid system so it’s assisting a process that your body already does. More info on that here and some below as well.

You can grow and breed the Cannabis Sativa plant in two ways. One way produces marijuana which has up to 30% THC content. THC is the psychoactive part of cannabis. And in higher amounts, it causes the intoxicating “high” effect. (Source)

The second way to grow and breed the Cannabis Sativa plant produces “industrial hemp” with less than 0.3% THC content. That makes it a completely federally legal agricultural crop in the U.S. And that is what Equilibria uses.

As you can probably already gather, since the CBD is produced from the same plant that also produces marijuana, it’s SO important to make sure your CBD is coming from a reputable company that you can trust. You want to know how it’s being produced, where, and by whom, especially since it’s a natural ingredient. Sometimes a company will slap natural on a label without other information, so be aware!

So in this post I’m going to share ALL the details about Equilibria (the CBD company I love and trust) and which products I love and why. Ready? Let’s jump in!

Equilibria Review

How it started

Equilibria was founded by Coco Meers and Marcy Capron Vermillion in 2019, who were interested how CBD could help women specifically. That’s why their tagline is “CBD for women, by women.” I first heard about Equilibria through a few blog friends, and eventually I requested an introduction to their partnership team.

I had a great call with them about 2 years ago, but I declined a partnership at that time since I wanted to try the products for a while before formally working together. I tried a few of their products off and on, but now that I’ve been using a few of their products consistently for a few months, I’m a big fan. (More on that below!)

It’s important to also note that Equilibria products are powerful health agents, but they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment per FDA guidelines. Make sure you’re doing your research on your CBD companies and consulting a health professional or physician before starting a new program for your current health plan, per usual

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Note: I did a partnership with Equilibria on Instagram stories but this blog post is NOT sponsored. I just like their products so much that I wanted to share more details here. I hope this post helps explain the importance of choosing the right CBD brand when you decide to try it. And the brand I recommend is Equilibria.


One of the things I like so much about Equilibria is how transparent they are. Their CBD is fully traceable from their 1,100-acre partner farm in Colorado, and every product is GMO, solvent, heavy-metals, pesticide and herbicide-free.

By contrast, other brands that I bought in the past (even from local North Carolina companies) couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me where the CBD came from, yikes. Equilibria has full spectrum CBD products, meaning the power of the entire hemp plant is used. They use specially-formulated hemp oil which has 9 cannabinoids & 21 terpenes, which is about 3-4x more than other CBD companies. They don’t use any fillers, fluff, or stalks, stems, seeds, and isolates.

Dosage Specialists

I LOVE this aspect to the company. Each customer can set up a call with a personal dosage specialist after purchasing products to talk about the dose YOU should be taking, when YOU should take it, and to talk though any questions or concerns YOU would have.

How CBD is used and how to get the best results will vary so I love that they make it easy to personalize it. You can also reach back out to your dosage specialist at ANY time with questions. And, I think it’s awesome that a lot of their dosage specialists are actually pharmacists.

Side effects

A super common question about the products is if they’ll make you feel high. The answer is no, there is no discernible impairment. You feel relaxed and calm, like you might feel after 2-3 sips of wine, but not anywhere near high. I wouldn’t say it changes my mood at all, but rather it helps my mind relax when I’m going to sleep, and when I can tell I’m getting worked up or stressed, a soft gel or gummy helps take the edge of that stress off while also increasing my focus. And no, it won’t cure panic attacks completely, or make you totally zen, but I do think it helps me manage stress and anxiety.

What CBD does is interact with receptors in the central nervous system. There are two receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS for short). CB1 receptors are the ones that affect things like our emotions and moods, and the CB2 receptors regulate immune signaling and inflammatory responses throughout the body (pain and inflammation). THC attaches to the CB1 receptors which gives you the high feeling, but CBD actually just stimulates your receptors so that your body products it’s own cannabinoids which are endocannabinoids.

Essentially, CBD helps your body function at its best (on its own) without a high.

By Women For Women

I also love that Equilibria is by women, for women, taking into account the changes in women’s bodies.

Works better over time

CBD works best when used consistently. With most things, creating a habit produces the best results. You’ll notice a difference after one time, but you’ll really start to appreciate the results if you take it consistently.

Also, Equilibria has subscriptions so that you can save money while also making sure you’re consistent. (I’m alllll about that subscription life since becoming a mom. I have subscriptions for pantry staples, premade meals, probiotics, and postnatal vitamins.) All subscriptions get a 25% discount. If you’re getting 2+ products, you’ll get an additional 15% off and 3+ products get an extra 25% off for the life of your subscription. AND, on your first order, you can stack my code — afoodiestaysfit — for ANOTHER 15% off, hello good deal.

My Favorite Equilibria Products

I haven’t tried every single product yet, but I wanted to review the ones that I have. When you’re reading about them, keep in mind that you can also order product bundles to save money. When I started out, I got Relief+ Bundle (which used to be known as the Brilliance Box) that has the Drops, Softgels, and Relief Balm.

The Gummies are great, but are similar to the Softgels, so there’s no need to try both if you’re wanting to save money by getting a bundle. If you aren’t interested in the relief balm, then I’d get the Balance box which contains the Daily Drops and Soft Gels only. But I REALLY love the relief balm so just get the Relief+ bundle.

Also keep in mind that you’ll save even MORE when you purchase a subscription (25-50% off as outlined above). And since CBD works better over time with consistency, you’ll also get better results.

Daily Drops

The Daily Drops come in an oil form with a dropper. Each dropper full contains 10mg CBD, and how much of the dropper you’ll use will be recommended by your dosage specialist. These are perfect for a quicker relief (you’ll notice the effects faster than you would with the soft gels–these are fast acting) because the drops are absorbed sublingually. All that means is that you release the drops under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds. You don’t want to just simply swallow it.

The drops are what I take at night to help me fall and stay asleep. I really feel like it helps my mind relax instead of running a mile a minute as soon as my head hits the pillow. I also occasionally take the Daily Drops during the daytime if I feel particularly stressed and can’t manage it with some other techniques. You can get them in a mint flavor or an unflavored version.

Daily Softgels

The Daily Softgels are little gel capsules that you take like a pill. They’re made to be slow-release, so you’ll feel the results slower than you would with the Daily Drops so these are useful for taking in the morning to help you on a day to day basis.

Daily Gummies

These Daily Gummies just launched! Like the Softgels, they release slower than the Daily Drops, and are a perfect product to take during the day. You could keep these in your office or your kitchen to take as needed. I love the texture but the taste isn’t my favorite… although Hannah likes it! So give it a try and let us know what you think! These also contain 10mg of CBD per gummy.

These are affected by heat, so make sure to keep them in a house with air conditioning, not your car! Shop here.

Sleep Gummies

I am a HUGE fan of Equilibria’s Sleep Gummies. They’re perfect if you struggle to fall asleep because your mind is racing, struggle to stay asleep throughout the night, need help falling back to sleep if you do wake up in the middle of the night, etc. I’ve always been a restless sleeper but even more so now that I’m a mom, and these have helped me so much. Equilibria recommends you start with one gummy and work your way up to two. I find that one works great most of the time for me. I generally take them right as I get into bed, read a few pages of my book, and by then, I’m tired enough to fall asleep. The onset time is between 30 minutes to an hour, so plan to take them as you’re doing your skincare routine if you notice they take longer to work for you.

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These gummies contain 25mg full-spectrum CBD, 5mg of CBN, 25mg of L-Theanine (influences the chemicals in the brain that play key roles in our sleep patterns) , and 25mg of Chamomile (induces sleepiness) per 2 gummies.

Recovery Roll-On

The Recovery Roll-On is a new Equilibria product and I’m OBSESSED. It’s similar to Icyhot (no tingling sensation, but rolls on similarly), but a million times better ;).

It’s a topical CBD that you can apply to any spot that’s inflamed or sore. I loved their Relief Balm before the roll-on came out, but the roll-on is the BEST because you don’t have to get the balm all over your hands. The Recovery Roll-On also contains 750mg of CBD versus the 500mg in the Balm, so you get faster relief AND a cooling sensation from the white willow bark extract and menthol they included in the roll-on. It’s similar to IcyHot but has better ingredients and doesn’t smell so strongly (I hate the smell of IcyHot). And since the Recovery Roll-On contains CBD, you get an amazing blend of pain relief and muscle relaxation.

I use it on my ankles, knees, and sometimes feet. Wherever I’m dealing with some pain from a long run. The formula is non-greasy and fast absorbing and I’m seriously obsessed. I use it on my lower back before my period too!

Relief Balm

I used the the Relief Balm on my achy ankle for months before the Recovery Roll-On, and it helped a LOT. The CBD relief cream soaks into your skin for pain relief from muscle soreness. It’s not like Icy-Hot, where you feel a topical sensation. It’s more like targeted Advil, if that makes sense. I tore my ankle tendon a few years ago and it still gets very achy by the end of the day and this has become a nice ritual to massage the area after I put Thomas down for bed.

There is 500mg CBD per 1oz jar, so you’ll use just a pea size amount. It’s a super thick cream but it’s not sticky at all. It’s made with full-spectrum hemp flower oil, coconut oil, menthol, lavender, rosemary, shea butter, and arnica. While I’ve only used it for pain relief, I want to try it whenever I get a cramp in my lower back to see if it would help. The balm can be used for menopause and menstrual cramps too. I really love that this is a female focused company because products intended to help with things from menopause to childbirth, which is just SO appreciated.

Equilibria CBD Review: Bottom line

If you’ve considered CBD for a little while, I hope this post helps answers some of your questions! I HIGHLY recommend trying it at least, if you think you’d benefit from it. If you decide to order from Equilibria, be sure to set up a call with a dosage specialist if you have any questions!

*Equilibria products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment.

15% off your first order with this link and code “afoodiestaysfit

Equilibria CBD Review: I Tried CBD for Anxiety, and Here’s What I Think

While most of us have heard people talk about CBD as a “trendy” new way to help relieve anxiety, stress, and irritability, there’s understandably a lot of confusion around the subject. How does CBD work?

Is it actually effective? Does CBD make you high? I had all of those same questions. So I decided to write a detailed Equilibria CBD review that covers everything you could possibly need to know.

If you’re just here for the promo code, here it is: LINDSAYSILBERMAN for 15% off Equilibria.

The first time I’d ever heard about CBD was through a friend several years ago. We were out to dinner, and after a particularly stressful day at work, I began to unload on him about how spread thin I felt at my job, and how I constantly anxious I was because of it.

He’d been taking it for a few months and swore that it brought him so much relief, he actually ended up going off of the anti-anxiety meds he’d been on for years.

To be honest, when he mentioned CBD, I initially thought he was talking about medicinal marijuana (LOL.) I didn’t understand the difference. Once he explained that it was not, in fact, weed—and it did not make you high—I was kind of intrigued.

So the next day, I placed an order from the brand he recommended. It was EXPENSIVE (I think over $100) but I was so desperate, I would have paid anything just to feel less stressed.

The package arrived in the mail on a day when everything seemed to be going wrong—the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl.

It was an oil, and to be honest, tasted kind of gross and mushroom-y, but I put it under my tongue as the instructions said.

An hour later, I was running to an appointment in the middle of a torrential downpour with a broken umbrella, and the strangest thing happened.

All of a sudden, the stress and the anxiety that had been weighing on me throughout the day…lifted.


It was really, really strange. The guy who had initially told me about CBD described it perfectly: he said it’s like going from having this weighted feeling on your shoulders to feeling instantly lighter—almost like taking a HUGE deep breath.

Of course, after that, I became a believer. The brand of CBD I really liked ended up going out of business (which I was pissed about!) so I spent the next few years trying different brands, none of which compared.

And then… enter Equilibria. I had seen SO MANY influencers post about it on Instagram and I was curious but skeptical.

Even though, yes—I am technically one of those influencers—I still feel a certain level of skepticism when I see EVERYONE talking about the same product at the same time.

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So I did what I always do in those circumstances: I tried it.

Equilibria CBD Review: My Experience

I’ll be totally candid with you, because this post isn’t sponsored, and I can say whatever I want I had the opportunity to work with the brand about a year ago, but I turned it down because I hadn’t spent enough time testing the product.

If I was going to jump on board the bandwagon that so many people were already on, I needed to know with absolute certainty that it was good.

So I ordered a bunch of the products (I got the Brilliance Box so I could sample everything).

I set up a call with one of their dosage specialists so I would know how much to take, and then I started using the daily drops, the soft gels, and the relief cream regularly. (More details on each of the products below!)

It didn’t take long for me to realize that all the influencers I’d followed who posted about it were completely right. I was SHOOK over how well all of the products worked for me.

I shared a bit about them organically on my stories and heard from a bunch people who were also fans.

After a few months of testing, I asked my manager to see if Equilibria would still be open to working with me on some sponsored Instagram stories and an Equilibria promo code for my followers, and luckily they were.

This is my dream partnership scenario, FYI. Try a brand, fall in love with it, ask them to partner, they agree. I feel like it rarely works out this perfectly, so when it does, it’s very fulfilling.

So now…let’s get into my review of Equilibria CBD.

Equilibria Daily Drops Review

  • What They Do: when placed under your tongue, these CBD oil drops offer a short-term but immediate sense of calm and balance
  • Best For: anxiety, stress, irritability
  • How Much I Take: a .75ML dropper-full whenever I felt stressed
  • Flavor and Strength Options: Unscented, Mint, and Extra Strength; limited edition seasonal flavors like Strawberry Shortcake (delicious), Mint Chocolate Truffle, and Peach Gelée
My Pick: Regular Strength Mint Daily Drops

Equilibria Soft Gels Review

  • What They Do: the soft gels are slow-release and used for long-lasting effect
  • Best For: they’re meant for “all-day balance” and are good for insomnia or people who have trouble staying asleep through the night
  • How Much I Take: (2) 10mg soft-gels as needed
  • Options: Regular Strength and Extra Strength
My Pick: Regular Strength

Equilibria Relief Cream Review

  • What It Does: provides relief for aches, pains, and cramps
  • Best For: So many things! I use it for muscle soreness, cramping (I use it for period cramps), tech neck, and even bug bites! Also: if you’ve been in heels all day, take them off, run them under cool water, and then rub the relief cream on your feet, ankles, and calves. You’ll thank me later.
  • How Much I Use: The amount really depends on how big the area is!

Equilibria CBD Bath Bomb

  • I actually haven’t tried this yet because I’m not much of a bath person, but I hear it really relaxes you.

Equilibria CBD Side Effects

I go into a lot of detail about this in my “Frequently Asked Questions about CBD” blog post, but the short answer is: the most common side effects reported are drowsiness, nausea or headaches.

Most people who experience these side effects find that they go away on their own.

Equilibria Coupon Code

You can use the my Equilibria discount code LINDSAYSILBERMAN for 15% off Equilibria.

FAQ’s About Equilibria CBD

How Do I Know my Equilibria Dosage?

According to Equilibria, everyone’s body chemistry is different, so it can take time and experimentation to find the best dose and regimen.

They have dosage specialists available to help you figure out the correct dosage that works best for you!

Does CBD Taste Bad?

Yes and no. The truth is that the unflavored drops definitely taste…earthy. I don’t love it, which is why I much prefer the mint version.

What is CBD?

For the uninitiated, CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a naturally-occurring compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

So you suddenly hear cannabis and you think…

Will CBD Get You High?

The answer is no, and here’s an oversimplified explanation why:

It’s almost like assuming you’d get drunk by drinking a mocktail. A mocktail has a lot of the same components as a cocktail, but the one main component responsible for getting you drunk—alcohol—is absent. Which is why you don’t get drunk (no matter how many mocktails you drink )

Same goes for CBD. While it might appear to be in the same category as marijuana on the surface level, the difference is that marijuana contains up to 30% THC content (THC = what causes the “high”) and high-end CBD brands like Equilibria contain less than .3% of THC… aka no “high” feeling.

If you’re tryna get high, CBD probably isn’t the thing for you.

Which CBD brand is best?

I can tell you from personal experience and after trying dozens of brands—gummy bears, test tubes, oils, creams, etc—I’m 100% certain that Equilibria works the best for me personally.

[Reminder: you can use the discount code LINDSAYSILBERMAN for 15% off Equilibria.]

Now keep in mind—everyone is different—but I will also say that everyone I’ve recommended it to has since messaged me to tell me that they’ve ordered and re-ordered, which is obviously indicative of something.

Another selling point about Equilibria is that I think of it as personalized CBD. The first time you order (and pretty much anytime thereafter if you have a subscription) you have access to their dosage specialists.

You can book an appointment on their website and hop on the phone with a consultant who will walk you through exactly the right dosage and products for you based on your personal needs. Since CBD isn’t really a one-size-fits-all type of product, I really appreciate the personalization factor.

Oh and one added bonus for me about Equilibria: the brand was founded by women.

Final Verdict:

I think you can pretty much surmise that I’m a big fan. Whether you’re thinking about trying CBD for sleep, for anxiety, for menstrual cramps, or even for mosquito bites (!) I would definitely recommend Equilibria.

To me, it not only feels like the most effective choice, it also feels like the safest choice. There are a lot of shady brands in the CBD industry, and it’s nice knowing that Equilibria isn’t one of them.

Have you tried CBD for anxiety or other things? Let me know about your experiences in the comments!

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