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Flavored CBD Oil Drops – Four CBD oil flavors – Spearmint, Berry, Vanilla or Natural. Tasty Hemp CBD Oil Drops make using CBD a tasty part of your day! Get your Cat the chicken-flavored organic CBD Cat Treats – these are crunchy, yummy, and keep your cat healthy and satisfied! Shop the best CBD oils at Soul CBD, including 500- and 1,500-MG drops to help you manage stress, get better sleep and more. Organically farmed and gluten-free!

Tasty Hemp Oil: Flavored CBD Oil Drops — 1oz (300mg CBD, 500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, 1500mg CBD)

These Flavored CBD Oil Drops by Tasty Hemp Oil make using CBD an enjoyable and delicious part of your daily routine. Made using a raw hemp oil extract and a proprietary blend of cannabinoids, these popular, sublingual (under the tongue) drops are incredibly easy to use and full of flavor.

If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to add CBD to your daily diet, this is it.

Four Strengths, Four Great CBD Oil Flavors

Available in four strengths, you can control how much CBD you’re getting from each serving.

New to CBD drops? Try the 300 mg strength, delivering around 7.5 mgs of CBD/CBDa per serving. Or, if you’re looking for something that packs more of a punch, the 1,000 mg strength gives you 21.3 mg of CBD/CBDa per serving.

Each strength comes in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle, which works out at around 30-40 servings in total.

This hemp oil tincture is also available in four great tasting CBD oil flavors:

  • Spearmint
  • Berry
  • Vanilla (While Supplies Last)
  • Natural

Proudly made in Michigan, the Tasty Hemp Oil drops use industrial hemp and all-natural ingredients. The product is handmade in batches, keeping the oil fresh, while the range of flavors helps mellow out the strong “hempy” taste.

What’s more, this product is lab-tested, ensuring the premium grown hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and a high concentration of soothing CBD.

How to Use Tasty Hemp Oil: Tasty CBD Drops

  1. Using the dropper, draw 30 drops of tincture from the bottle.
  2. Place the contents of the dropper under your tongue.
  3. Hold in the mouth sublingually for 60-90 seconds, then swallow.

These flavored CBD oil drops are sublingual, which means they go under your tongue. Using the dropper, simply draw the recommended serving (30 drops) from the bottle and place under your tongue.

Hold for 60 to 90 seconds to allow for maximum absorption, and then swallow.

You should be aware that it can take around 20 to 45 minutes to feel the effects, which will last anywhere between two and four hours. Using the Tasty Hemp Oil Drops, you may feel a sense of calm and relaxation, however, it’s important to remember they are non-psychoactive and cannot get you high.

At the recommended serving size, this product will last up to 2 months with consistent use.


Contains: Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic and Natural Flavors, Stevia, Terpenes

This product is made from natural and organic ingredients. The hemp oil used is extracted from industrial hemp, which is grown for its negligible amount of THC and high levels of CBD. The organic oils used help make the drops easy to swallow and very tasty.

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FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products sold by Healthy Hemp Oil are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on our website is intended to provide general information regarding our products and is not to be construed as medical advice or instruction. Read more

Natural, Berry, Vanilla, Spearmint

300mg CBD, 500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, 1500mg CBD

Here you can view and download the Certificates Of Analysis (COAs) for Tasty CBD Drops. The COAs reflect third-party testing for potency and purity of contaminants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking CBD?

The benefits of taking CBD are wide and varied. It may help soothe your senses, quiet your mind and body, ease discomfort, and may help improve sleep quality.

Do Flavored CBD Oil Drops get you high?

No. CBD tinctures cannot get you high. This is because they contain high levels of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, and only negligible levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the cannabinoid responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis.

How many drops of flavored CBD oil should I take?

As with any CBD product, when you start using a CBD tincture, you should follow the guidance on the packaging closely. We suggest starting with the lowest recommended serving size (usually half a dropper, once or twice a day), and building up to a serving that works for you and your circumstances.

How long does it take for Flavored CBD Oil Drops to take effect?

CBD oil drops can take around 20 to 45 minutes to take effect, and it can last anywhere between two and four hours. When administering the drops, it’s a good idea to hold them under your tongue for around 60-90 seconds before swallowing to improve absorption.

Hemp CBD Oil Yummy CBD

If you are looking for an easy and tasty way to provide your beloved cat with the benefits of CBD, then look no further! Our crunchy CBD cat treats are packed with only the highest-quality ingredients for your feline friend. These chicken fla. . . Show More

If you are looking for an easy and tasty way to provide your beloved cat with the benefits of CBD, then look no further! Our crunchy CBD cat treats are packed with only the highest-quality ingredients for your feline friend. These chicken flavored treats contain 200mg of our high quality broad spectrum CBD oil and have a delicious taste that cats love!Show Less

We’re so confident that your pet will love our products, that we are going to take on 100% of the risk and protect your purchase by giving you a full 60 day guarantee.




Clinically Researched Ingredients

A Favorite Of Veterinarians

We care for your feline baby as much as you do, so we collaborated with veterinarians to craft the tastiest treats for them.

Presenting the chicken-flavored CBD Cat Treats from Petly with 200mg broad-spectrum Hemp derived CDB Oil – They are crunchy, delicious, and suitable for both kittens and grown cats alike.

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CBD Cat Treats At A Glance

✓ Nutritionally Rich: Made with all-natural ingredients such as brown rice, farm-raised chicken, pea flower, alfalfa, and sweet potatoes, our cat treats are high in calcium and essential fatty acids.

✓ THC-Free: We take special care to remove even the slightest presence of THC (the element that causes ‘high’) from our CBD using state-of-the-art technology.

✓ Organic Hemp: The hemp oil used in these treats is organically grown in Colorado, USA. Each and every step of our farming process goes through strict quality control, to ensure excellence.

✓ Crafted with Care: With our CBD cat treats, you can rest assured about quality. Our raw ingredients are free from pesticides, and our final product is free from preservatives or additives.

It’s time to feed these yummy treats to your fur baby and make them healthy and happy from within. Order today!

CBD Oil Drops

Our CBD is all natural, non-GMO and organically farmed in the USA and always third-party lab tested to ensure safety and effectiveness.


Amount Per Serving

So how much CBD is in one full dropper?

500mg — Best Seller for Beginners
17mg CBD Isolate

1000mg — Everyday Go-To Strength
33mg CBD Isolate

1500mg — Extra Strength
50mg CBD Isolate

How to Use CBD Oil

  1. Drop sublingually as desired.
  2. Allow to absorb 30 seconds.
  3. Relax and refresh.

Real People, Real Relief

How Soul Has Helped: Relief from chronic anxiety & everyday stresses

CBD Routine: 17-33mg Oil Drops per day

Why CBD Oil Drops: “Taking Soul Oil Drops helps me feel centered and grounded throughout my day, even (especially) when things don’t go as planned. Before using Soul CBD drops, anxiety used to build throughout my day — one event would lead to the next, and by the end of the day, I’d feel irritable, overwhelmed, anxious, and unable to fall asleep at night. Now after about just 30 days of taking Soul CBD drops first thing in the morning, I notice that there’s no longer an anxiety “build up”. Instead, I just handle things as they come!”

How Soul Has Helped: Reduced stress

CBD Routine: 17mg Oil Drops in the afternoon. 1 CBD Gummy before bed.

Why CBD Oil Drops: “After I got promoted, the pressure of my position overwhelmed me daily. I cried and stressed about stepping through the door of my workplace. After discovering Soul CBD, I no longer stress or feel overwhelmed as I once was (in my personal life too!). Taking Soul CBD has helped me in so many ways, and I will say it saved me from quitting my job!”

How Soul Has Helped: Anxiousness, focus, energy

CBD Routine: 17-33mg Oil Drops per day

Why CBD Oil Drops: “I was hesitant to try any CBD product as I wasn’t sure it would be worth it. I am here to say I am glad that I did and if you are hesitant to try don’t be. My favorite product is the CBD oil drops. I have noticed when I take 1 dropper during the day, I have more energy and I am more focused and calm.”

How Soul Has Helped: Everyday stress, sleep, and workout recovery

CBD Routine: 17mg Oil Drops in the AM. 17mg Oil Drops in the PM

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Why CBD Oil Drops: “I hadn’t used CBD before and omg I was missing out! I’m currently using the 500mg watermelon mint oil, the quality is great and it tastes so freakin good!! It helps keep my mood calm throughout the day and it helps me sleep soundly at night. So happy I tried it!!”

How Soul Has Helped: Relief from chronic pain and muscle spasms

CBD Routine: 25mg CBD Oil Drops on low pain days, 50mg on high pain days

Why CBD Oil Drops: “I believe that CBD is not a one-size-fits-all, which is why I love Soul CDB so much. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (known as CRPS), which is a severe nerve/chronic pain condition. The number one way that Soul CBD has improved my life is the tinctures have replaced prescription muscle relaxers for severe spasms and contractions. The tinctures work way better with no side effects and a bonus is I am less anxious as well.”

How Soul Has Helped: Relief from chronic pain and PTSD

CBD Routine: 17-33mg CBD Oil Drops in tea or coffee

Why CBD Oil Drops: “I use Peppermint CBD Oil Drops every morning in my tea or coffee, it is such a great way to start my day! As a military veteran with ptsd and chronic pain this is my favorite go to. Put it under the tongue and it kicks in quick. Soul CBD has been such a relief. I’ve taken many other CBD companies and with this brand- it doesn’t matter if it’s the first day or 2 years later, it still works the same! I love the consistency of your product and the fact that… IT WORKS, ALWAYS!”

How Soul Has Helped: Improved pain, anxiety and depression

CBD Routine: 50mg CBD Oil Drops. 1 Chill cap at night.

Why CBD Oil Drops: “After struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression, I was put on 3 different prescription medications to control my symptoms. I felt completely lost and never liked the thought of having to take medication on a long term basis. After trying Soul CBD, I felt like I found my light again. I was able to taper off my medication with the help of my physician and have been drug-free for 4 months now! It is such a beautiful feeling knowing that I can control my anxiety with all natural products. I can’t explain how much Soul has changed my life.”

How Soul Has Helped: Relief from menstrual camps, IBS and brain fog

CBD Routine: 12mg CBD Oil Drops every morning. 1 Alert CBD Capsule mid-day.

Why CBD Oil Drops: “Soul CBD has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for my family and I who struggle with IBS, anxiety and ADD with extreme brain fog. I never thought I would find relief until I found Soul! I personally take the oil drops, and alert capsules daily. I recently started taking the drops for period cramps and y’all I get INSTANT relief! CBD is now in my normal routine and I’ll never go back to over the counter medication that provides half the relief.”

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