Is an eleaf icare 2 hot enough for cbd oil

A Beginner’s Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizer

Are you looking for a best way to enjoy cannabis? Consider using a dry herb vaporizer. Many people prefer using a vaporizer to inhale dry herbs as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and the process of heating material and releasing its active ingredients is called “vaping” rather than smoking because it does not produce the smoke and tar that is produced when tobacco or weed is burnt. What’s more, these devices are easy to use. With some of research, you can easily find one that fit your specific needs.

What’s a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a device that heats up dry cannabis flowers in order to create a vapor that contains plant material. The flavors and aromas of the dry herb are extracted during the process, and users of this type of vaporizer will feel the effects when inhaling the vapor. While there are some vaporizers that use an oil concentrate of cannabis in a cartridge, this type of vaporizer works with dry cannabis flowers that are inserted into a chamber.

Types of Dry Herb Vaporizer

There are different types of dry herb vaporizer. The most common include:

  • Session Vaporizer: These vaporizers require you to empty your chamber in one session. You cannot start vaping and decide you want to continue another time.
  • Portable Vaporizer: There vaporizers have small or portable size allowing you to smoke whenever and wherever. You can load your chamber and starting vaping as you like.
  • Desktop Vaporizer: These vaporizers have a large size for home use only. The advantage of this method is stronger and more potent effects.

All vaporizers are effective and serve the purpose of the user. For example, people who are consuming medical marijuana, including the elders, will benefit from using a desktop vaporizer whereas people who are constantly on the go but want to consume frequently might want to invest a portable vaporizer.

Vape Parts and Accessories

Most dry herb vaporizers contain the following parts:

  • A heating chamber made by ceramic or metal
  • A built-in battery or replaceable battery
  • Charging cables or cords with outlet plugs
  • A filter screen
  • A mouthpiece
  • A water pipe adaptor

These parts work together to heat the dry herb and produce clean and healthier vape cloud. Some of the parts of your vaporizers are replaceable. At VIVANT, we pay more attention to the purity of flavor, precision control and innovation that you can experience these features and convenience on our products.

You may also be able to find some necessary accessories. If you decide to use a dry herb vaporizer, you may want to have the below accessories as well.

  • A dry herb grinder
  • A packing or loading tool
  • A small tool for cleaning and emptying herb
  • Glass or silicone containers to store your herb or concentrate
Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizer

Although inhaling hot air is not good for the throat, the benefits of vaping over smoking is evident. By using the dry herb vapes you avoid any of the carcinogens or toxic chemical produced from combustion.


Smoking cannabis flowers often reduces the original flavor of the bud. The process of combustion loses a lot of the original taste within the dry herb, however, the process of vaporization is able to maintain more flavor.


If you invest in a solid, reliable dry herb vape, it will, without a doubt, be less expensive than smoking regularly. The cost of papers, lighters, and other smoking accessories build up over time. Plus, herbs actually last longer when you’re not burning them. A one time vape purchase, and avoiding these expenses, will save your money.


The convenience of dry herb vaporizers is extensive. It’s quicker than rolling, it’s more discreet and the smell doesn’t stick to clothes in the same way that smoking does. All you need to do is take the vape out, fill up the chamber with your dry herb, and then inhale.


If you’re someone who is wanting to keep tabs on the amount you are consuming, then the dry herb vaporizer allows you to do this. It’s a lot easier to note for yourself how much herb you are using at a time. Also, you are able to turn up and down the heat, which changes the amount of vapor you inhale.

Which Vaporizer is Best for CBD?

This question gets asked so much it seemed important to create a full guide for the most popular vaporizers on the market detailing which vapes will work with Hempure CBD vape oil and which ones won’t.

Here’s a few key things to keep in mind regardless of what vaporizer you’re using:

  • Hempure CBD Vape Oil is based in MCT oil. It burns at a lower temperature than most e-liquids.
  • The best temperature to use with Hempure CBD Vape oil is somewhere between 160 and 190 degrees F
  • It is best to use Hempure Vape oil with low-powered, smaller vaporizers, rather than large box mods. Larger vaporizers tend to heat up to higher temperatures that can cause CBD vape oil to burn.
  • It is difficult if not impossible to determine the exact temperature that a vaporizer will heat to. Ideally look for a vaporizer with low wattage that does not use sub-ohm coils.

When you burn vape oil, you’ll experience a terrible tasting vapor and sometimes a burning sensation. It is best to do everything in your power to avoid burning your vape oil.

This list is divided up into three sections. The first section features vaporizers that are recommended for use with Hempure vape oil. The second section features vaporizers that could potentially work, but that may require some experimentation. If you already own a vaporizer in the second list, it is worth it to try using CBD vape oil to see if it causes the vape oil to burn. If you don’t already own a good vape in the second list, we recommend purchasing one from the highly recommended vaporizers. The third section features vaporizers that should be avoided if you’re hoping to vape CBD vape oil.

Highly Recommended CBD Vapes

The Kanger Top Evod is a perfect vaporizer to use with CBD vape oil. It does not provide much power and does not utilize sub-ohm technology. It will not burn CBD vape oil and can produce a pleasant CBD vaping experience.

The Suorin Air is a low powered, pod style vaporizer. Smaller than a credit card, it is the perfect portable vaporizer to use with CBD vape oil. Because it is not as powerful as many other vaporizers, it is less likely to cause burning. The vaping experience with the Suorin Air should be enjoyable.

The Suorin Drop is similar to the Suorin Air listed above. It is even less powerful than the Air and should be fine to use with CBD vape oil.

The Suorin Edge is another prime pick for use with Hempure vape oil. With its low power and small size, it will not cause vape oil to burn and will create a pleasing vaping experience.

The Eleaf Elven Pod will work well with Hempure vape oil. It is a low power device that should not cause burning of any kind.

The Joyetech Atopack should work well with Hempure vape oil. Featuring a power range between 5W and 9W, it is a low powered device that should not burn CBD vape oil. It is the perfect choice for your vape pen.Joyetech Atopack Magic Pod

CBD Vapes With Potential To Work, But Experimentation is Necessary

The Vaporesso Renova Zero features three separate wattage settings. At the lowest setting, it may be possible to use CBD vape oil without experiencing burning. It is recommended to try this with the lowest wattage. Unfortunately, determining the exact temperature that vaporizers heat up at can be difficult if the vaporizer does not feature temperature control settings. Try this vaporizer out at the lowest setting and you may be able to vape CBD oil with issues.

The Juul is quickly becoming one of the most popular vaporizers on the market. While it is possible to use CBD vape oil with a Juul, it is not

recommended. Juul’s were designed to be used with nicotine salts and do not handle oil well. However it is possible to vape CBD oil with a Juul. By removing the plastic cap and the rubber stopper underneath, it is possible to add CBD to an existing Juul pod. This oil will not work well or for a long time, but you can try it out to see for yourself. It could damage the pod, but will not cause damage to the battery itself.

While the Smok Novo is not designed to be used with CBD vape oil, it could work out with some experimentation. It is a low powered vaporizer and features a refillable pod system. It is unlikely that the Smok Novo will produce enough power to burn CBD vape oil. It does not feature temperature control, but with low use and putting some time between inhales, the Smok Novo will likely be ok to use with CBD vape oil.

The Eleaf Iwu Pod falls right in the middle of potential vaporizers. Its 15W power may have the potential to burn CBD vape oil. Temperature can be impacted by many different variables including how hard you inhale. It is best to experiment with this vaporizer to see if you experience burning or choose a different one.

The Joyetech Runabout is a smaller vaporizer and will likely work with CBD Vape oil. However, the Joyetech does not list its actual wattage, so estimating what temperature it heats to is difficult. The Runabout should work, as many small vaporizers of this nature do not heat to high temperatures. It is best to experiment and see if any burning occurs.

The Kanger Sub Box is a box mod style vaporizer that allows the user to control different Wattage and ohm settings. At the lowest wattage and highest ohm, it may be possible to vape CBD vape oil without any burning. It is worth experimenting with if you already own one to see how the experience goes.

The Aspire 12w Vape features three adjustable wattage options. At the lowest wattage, it may be possible to vape CBD vape oil without experiencing any burning. Try out this vaporizer at the lowest wattage setting to see if it works for you.

The Eleaf iStick Pico is a powerful vaporizer that features temperature control settings. The lowest possible temperature is 200 F. This is 10 degrees above the recommended temperature, however it is possible that no burning will occur when used. Try it out with the lowest temperature setting to see if it works for you.

The Eleaf iStick 40W is another vaporizer that includes temperature control options. The lowest temperature setting is 200 F. While this is higher than the recommended vaping temperature by 10 F, it is still possible that using the Eleaf iStick 40W may not cause burning when used with CBD vape oil. Experiment with yours to see if it creates burning.

The Eleaf iCare 2 could work well with CBD vape oil if a few steps are taken. The Eleaf iCare 2 offers multiple different types of atomizers. Ensure that you get one with a high ohm resistance rating. With a 15W fixed power setting, the Eleaf iCare is not ideal for use with Hempure vape oil. It is worth experimenting with if you already own one.

The Aspire Breeze 2 features 3 different coil types that can be purchased. Be sure to purchase the 1.2 ohm coil as lower ohm coils can create more heat. The Aspire Breeze 2 does not list its wattage, so if you own one of these and want to vape CBD oil, try it with the highest ohm coil and see if it burns the oil.

The VOOPOO Drag Mini features temperature control options that allow for a minimum temperature of 200 F. This is higher than the recommended temperature for vaping CBD vape oil by 10 F. While this is higher, it may still be usable with CBD vape oil. Try it out if you own a VOOPOO Drag Mini already and see if works well for you.

The Smok Alien is a powerful vaporizer that includes temperature control options. The lowest temperature possible with the Alien is 200 F. Again, while this is not the ideal temperature, there are some reports of people vaping CBD oil at this temperature and not experiencing burning. Give it a try if you own one and see how it works for you.

The Smok Nord is a pod style vaporizer. It offers two separate coils. It may be possible to use the Smok Nord when using the 1.4 ohm coil. Smok does not list the Wattage of the Nord, however, it is worth testing out to see if the Nord will burn CBD oil or allow it to be vaporized if you already own one.

Vaporesso Revenger X is a box mod style vaporizer that offers temperature, wattage, and ohm control. With the lowest temperature listed being 200 F, there is chance that this vaporizer will not burn CBD vape oil. Try it out for yourself and see if it works well for you if you already purchased a Vaporesso Revenger X.

Avoid When Vaping CBD Vape Oil

The eGo AIO is not the best vaporizer to use with CBD oil. It features sub-ohm coil technology. Unfortunately, the eGo does not provide temperature control and does not list the average temperatures that it vapes at. With this power setting and sub-ohm feature, there is a good chance it will burn CBD vape oil.

The Vaporesso Taro will not work well with CBD vape oil. The minimum heating temperature is 280 F. This is 90 degrees higher than the recommended 160 to 190 F for CBD vape oil. This vape will likely cause burning and create an unpleasant vaping experience.

The Eleaf iStick is not a good vaporizer to use with CBD vape oil. Because of its high 30W power setting, it will likely burn CBD vape oil. There is no temperature control or temperature settings, so there is no way to turn down the power if needed. It may be possible to mix CBD vape oil with regular e-liquid to reduce the chance of burning. Either way, the Eleaf iStick is less not ideal for use with CBD vape oil.

The Joyetech Batpack uses sub-ohm technology. This is designed to be used with traditional e-liquid and could burn CBD vape oil.

The Eleaf iJust Nexgen vaporizer could create problems when used with CBD vape oil. It features a 50W max power and sub ohm technology. With this combination, there is a good chance this vaporizer will heat up to temperatures that will cause burning. Best to avoid using Hempure vape oil with the Eleaf iJust.

The Vaporesso Sky Solo is not recommended for use with CBD vape oil. With high wattages of up to 80W and sub-ohm features, this vape will almost certainly cause burning when used with Hempure vape oil.

The Aspire K3 is uses sub-ohm technology which may result in much more power and higher temperatures. The Aspire K3 is not recommended for use with CBD vape oil as burning is likely.

The Aspire Pockex Pocket Aio Vape is not ideal for use with CBD vape oil. With high wattage settings of 23W, this vape will probably create burning when used with CBD vape oil.

The Smok Stick V8 is a more powerful vaporizer designed to be used with traditional e-liquid. It is not recommended for use with CBD vape oil.

The Lost Vape Orion Q provides more power and not enough resistance to use with CBD vape oil. We recommend staying away from this vaporizer if you’re hoping to vape Hempure CBD vape oil.

Why you should stop smoking and start vaping

Cannabis remains both one of the safest intoxicants and one of the most versatile medicines in the world. It’s capable of offering a vast amount of nuanced delights and inspiration, while providing therapeutic liberation from ailments small and large.

The most common method of Cannabis consumption is smoking.

Smoking requires the combustion of the Cannabis flower and leaves where the psychoactive chemicals such Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are released as smoke. These chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs through inhalation.

There are other methods to use Cannabis such as ingestion and topical creams.

These methods are less predictable since dosages are not perfectly controlled. The onset of effects, duration, and intensity will vary from person to person based on each individual’s metabolism.

Combustion of any plant material releases toxic compounds and irritants, and Cannabis is no exception.

Cannabis smoke contains gaseous and particulate matter with the potential to create symptoms of respiratory problems. Burning medical marijuana, just like burning tobacco, produces tar and other carcinogens that actively harm your lungs [3] . Although Cannabis creates fewer problems than cigarette smoking [4] .

Inhalation of combusted Cannabis is associated with large airway inflammation, increased airway resistance, and lung hyperinflation, and those who smoke marijuana regularly report more symptoms of chronic bronchitis than those who do not smoke [5] .

Vaporizers are able to circumvent these risks by gently heating marijuana to a thermal sweet spot that releases active compounds without creating smoke.

This is achieved by hitting temperatures above the boiling point of cannabinoids like THC, but below the combustion point of the plant. Most cannabinoids and terpenes, the therapeutic compounds found in Cannabis, boil in the range of 315-440°F (157-227°C). Beyond 451°F (233°C), combustion begins to occur. For reference, the lowest possible temperature of the butane flame in your Bic lighter is 761°F (405°C). These essential oils contain the majority of the cannabinoids and terpenes which give Cannabis its effects, so in essence, vaporization gives you all the good stuff and very little of the bad [6, 7] .

Vaporizers are also more efficient than smoking.

When Cannabis is combusted, it reaches high enough temperatures to instantly destroy 50 percent of the cannabinoids. As a result vaporizers will require less Cannabis to reach the same level effectiveness.

Another positive of using vaporizers is the lack of smell compared to smoking.

Vapor is less dense than smoke and it quickly dissipates especially in a ventilated area. On the other hand, smoke contains more particulates as byproducts of combustion such as tar, and many of these small particles are sticky and easily attach to the walls or fabrics.

Lastly vaporizers allow the user to truly tastes the flavor of their Cannabis product.

The high heat of combustion leads to burning and smoke which overpowers the natural flavors of the plant. Cannabis plants get their unique aroma from molecules called terpenes. Terpenes are natural aroma chemicals found in plant resins, and they also impact how different Cannabis varieties make you feel. Different terpenes have different boiling points. This means that when heated to low temperatures, some flavors and aromas are more likely to express than when heated to high temperatures. Adjusting the temperature on a vaporizer will allow you to fine-tune the Cannabis experience.

In conclusion:

– Vaporizers allow you to truly taste Cannabis.
– Vaporizers are less smelly.
– Vaporizers are more efficient at using Cannabis.
– And most importantly Vaporizers are safer for your health.

Author : Ali K.


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