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Lolahemp Reviews

my two boys are now little old men. My dachshunds are my boys. Spock is 13 and Bones is 11. they have stiffness and trouble with steps in and out of our house, sometimes hard to get to standing after sleeping. I have been using your product once a day for one week now. Both of my boys have more pep in their step, can get up easier and are able to run the fence with the neighbor dachshund who is only two. The really are happier and do not act like they have pain. Thank you for helping my boys to .

Dion was having trouble focusing on commands and wanting to play bite. Since receiving the hemp chews he is much settled. I was referred by Arizona Chihuahua Resuce and I am so glad for these chews. Thank you

Without Lola Hemp I dont think our Ziva would be with us today. Before Lola Hemp I was looking at deciding when to put her to sleep. She was so sad, it was an effort for her to get up and down. She’d stopped coming up the stairs, it was just too painful. She now comes up and down the stairs and is known to jump on our bed to take a nap. She’s happy again. We love her so and because of Lola Hemp she is still living her best life with us. I cant thank you enough

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Meet Penny Lane. She is 11 years old and it is so good to see her moving better after taking the Lola CBD chews. She gets 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening. Mornings are rotated between the Hip and Joint and the Omega chews. In the evening, she gets the Calm chew. I leave the box it came in on top of the island in my kitchen and she will literally go and stare at it when she wants one. I like that she feels like they are treats and not medicinal. I also had a great conversation wi.

My Finn was really sick a year and a half ago. His picture is post surgery and now we are approaching his 12th birthday(I didn’t expect him to see 11)! Today he still loves his walks, chasing bunnies and eating almost a year after his “expiration date!” I fully believe that his Lolahemp CBD oil is a contributing factor in his comfort. Thank you Lolahemp from Finny and me!

My 12 year old Pomeranian was beginning to get slow about getting up from laying down. We had tried several other brands of joint and hip supplements but none of them worked as quickly or as effective as the Lolahemp. After just 2 weeks we noticed him being more energetic and no more problems with getting up when laying down or up stairs. We also purchased the Lolahemp calming chews and they far exceed any other calming hemp we have used. Noticed calming effect almost immediately after giving th.

I began using CBD oil for about 4 months and I noticed a small difference. My Vet recommended Lola Hemp Oil. Well I am on my first bottle and see a tremendous difference already!! Easy to know when more is needed!! Wow this is the stuff for us!! I recommend!! The first bottle told me!!

All 4 of our dogs are experiencing fantastic results after starting Lola products. They are all benefiting in different and positive ways. The customer service is fantastic with a very personal touch. It’s obvious this company cares.

Luna has been on Lolahemp for 3 weeks. Literally a few days after she started her discomfort was gone. This video is her after a long walk about 1 1/2 miles. She was tired (12 years old) but no discomfort. I will recommend to all my doggy friends (:

Neely adopted and quite anxious – scared of everything from vacuums and hair dryers to oh the horror of a bath/water! Absolutely helped relax him where I can at least vacuum without him losing his mind. Next up, a bath. Fingers crossed

We use this product for both of our fur-babies and can’t live without it. It has helped tremendously with different medical issues each of them have. We always get great customer service and speedy delivery! We won’t go anywhere else!

We decided to use Lolahemp for our baby Gus after reading the great reviews. She is going to be 9 in December of this year and suffers from some aches and pains that come from old age and her specific breed… we started her on Lolahemp in June of 2021 and months later she is doing amazing! She is jumping around and acting like a puppy again We love her so much and love that lolahemp has made her feel better ❤️

Lolahemp is a company based on service. Yes they have a good product and my dig Lily has greatly benefited from it but it is the service and information you receive


This is my Gussy… happy as a clam. Since starting her on Lolahemp I have noticed such a change in her! She is so much happier now and moving around better than ever!

Our 15 year-old border collie suffers from joint stiffness in her hips. She also has some mild discomfort in one of her front legs due to an injury she sustained when she was younger, which has caused her to have a slight issue when walking. We started her on the regular strength Lolahemp oil (with CBD) about 2 weeks ago. After only a couple of days, we saw a noticeable improvement in her during her daily walks. She is sleeping more soundly at night, and with reduced discomfort, she also seems t.

My dog Heidi was attacked by another dog so severely that it damage a lot of the muscles in her arm. Even with proper surgery she was still limping and not wanting to put any weight on her front left arm. After 40 days and still not seeing much improvement my friend recommended Lolahemp. After just 4 days she was more active, wanting to actually go outside again, and even up for walks. You have no idea how much this means to me. To have my girl back! This gave her, her freedom back and that mean.

This is Grizzly! He is a 3 year old Corgi mix. Before I rescued him, he had been hit by a car which had caused some brain trauma. After having him for about a year, Grizzly started having convulsion episodes at night. They would come on suddenly and would last about 30 seconds until his body would relax again and he would come to. His episodes started occurring about once every three months but over time he got down to once every month. During this time I had taken him to the vet who suggested.

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This is a picture of my ridiculously wonderful Peke-tese taken about 3 yrs ago (Pekinese and Maltese mix). He is now 11 yrs old and I could actually see him look sad when his joint stiffness hurt him. I was desperate and I think I got an email from Lolahemp. Jeter, the gallant canine we are discussing, started to show improvement in about 10 days. would run to the door when the bell rang, was back to the annoying habit of bringing me his Boomie donut toy for me to throw and him to fetch. He loo.

LolaHemp: CBD Made for Your Pets

Did you know that pets have an endocannabinoid system very similar to that of their human owners?

That’s why there are more pet owners than ever before interested in the benefits of CBD oil for pets.

At CBD School, we’ve been using CBD oil on our dogs for years, finding it truly does offer therapeutic benefits that rival any doggie prescription medication we’ve tried.

In fact, when one of our dogs recently underwent ACL surgery, the vet who performed her surgery actually recommended it as part of her treatment plan!

We love our pets. So, when we found out about LolaHemp, a company that makes products specifically with pets in mind, we knew we had to find out more.

About LolaHemp

LolaHemp was launched in 2018 by the founders of Lolawawa’s Pet Boutique, an e-commerce store for pet lovers and pets that donates a portion of their project to animal rescue efforts.

Lola, a five-year-old rescue Chihuahua mix, is the face behind LolaHemp products and was part of the inspiration for creating a CBD oil specifically for pets. Like many dogs, Lola had an intense fear of thunder.

Any dog owners out there that can relate? CBD oil seems to help immensely alleviate this fear for many dogs.

Another reason LolaHemp was created?

The founders of Lolawawa’s found that their customers had increasing demands for an all-natural supplement that would help with things like anxiety, aggression, and seizures.

With more pet owners interested in CBD for their pets than ever before, the mother and son team behind Lolawawa knew they needed to offer their customers a CBD oil tincture made specifically for pets.

LolaHemp was created for pets by people who love pets. The whole team has a passion for pets, specifically rescue animals.

Lola, after all, was once a rescue and is now a regular user and advocate of the oil that bears her name.

Want another reason to love LolaHemp?

Aside from a seriously great CBD oil for pets, for every four bottles of LolaHemp, that’s sold, one bottle is donated to a pet in need.

As an official partner of Social Tees Animal Rescue (STAR), a program that helps distribute free products to abandoned animals suffering from life-threatening health complications, stress, depression, loss of appetite, and more, LolaHemp cares about animal welfare and is a company that truly gives back to animals that could greatly benefit from the therapeutic properties of CBD.

What’s more, is that all of their hemp products are third-party tested for quality and transparency. Click here to learn more about LolaHemp’s lab test results. Reviews

I’m not sure if it has been effective. Did not notice much difference in his behavior or for his arthritis. Maybe if I stop the CBD I will know if it made a difference. If you suggest increasing the dose I can’t afford that. Not sure what to do. Thank you for such wonderful service and support. You are a great company and will recommend you.

Superior customer service!

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From the start a great company…A Great Company; hands on!

From the start a great company specializing in pet CBD (not just dogs). Quality product & an expanded line of products: salves, calming chews, shampoo, humah CBD . stuck with only them with 3 dogs. Now @2 dogs, my 12 yr old, on harsh vet meds meets – exceeds her expectation by vets mouth. She hopes, jumps, love walks. The owner, a man who aids animal rescues & donated bottles of helpful CBD. 6 *’s!

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Worked wonders for my akits

Have 2 senior dogs

Have 2 senior dogs. One has a history of mast cell cancer. Both have arthritis. Lolahemp has helped both of them with their hips!

My 12 year old dog has been doing great…

My 12 year old dog has been doing great with Lola hemp.

Love this product

Love this product. My dog can’t live without it

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I have had nothing but positive…

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Lolahemp! Not only is their product incredible, their customer service is excellent. Emails are returned within hours and order changes are made whenever needed.

Great product…my yellow Lab it

Great product…my yellow Lab it
@8 she has great mobility & sleeps soundly
Good customer service 2

This product has added a more…

This product has added a more comfortable life for my Phoenix..His Birthday is tomorrow ♥️
He will be 12!

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Great for my dog, Lola, and for me!

The CBD formula for dogs with CBG has been great for my dog, Lola.

I also use the CBD for humans. I sleep better and my arthritis pain is more tolerable.

Lolahemp has saved my dog’s life

I’ve been using lolahemp for a while now. My 13 year old boxer what’s having a hard time getting around as her knees and hips were hurting from arthritis. Along with other supplements Lola hemp is working well. There is an improvement in her behavior and her physical well-being. Thank you very much you’ve been a lifesaver. I was worried that we were going to have to put her down.

they have been there for me in my ups…

they have been there for me in my ups and downs such a caring company who care for the animals, not about money. Thank you and God Bless you ALL

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I just want to tell everyone that…

I just want to tell everyone that Lolahemp really works. My fur baby PD (a female) hurt her hip and could only walk on three legs. I tried every brand you could imagine and decided Lolahemp was going to be the one. I gave it 3 weeks and she started using her leg again. I was astonished at the results and have been using Lolahemp at least twice a day for a year and even when she has those bad days, this helps her cope. And to think a year ago we were considering putting her down. Thank you so much for your product Joey.

As always. Joey is the best

As always. Joey is the best, your Company is the BEST . as well. THANK YOU for being there for us. I appreciate it. Bob Boone

very professional representatives

very professional representatives, excellent products.

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My little girl has gotten off of…

My little girl has gotten off of prescription pain medication and is able to go on walks again.