Natures cbd oil for pets

Natures cbd oil for pets

In addition to Overcome’s line of human hemp-derived CBD products, we also provide hemp oil for your furry four legged friends under our former name, Nature’s Hemp Oil. Our hemp oils for pets are also formulated with USDA organic hempseed oil, providing nutrition beyond the full spectrum cannabinoids.

With an all natural taste, these oils are easy to drop onto your pet’s food or treats. To start, try 1mg per 10 lbs weight.

Nature’s Hemp Oil for pets is an excellent option for relieving your pet from separation stress and night terrors and promoting relief from joint discomfort.

Natures cbd oil for pets

We Specialize in All-Natural CBD Products for the Health and Wellness of Your Pet

Wide Range of CBD Products for Your Pet

CBD Cream

Does your dog have pain, irritation, or bug bites? If so, our high-quality hemp cream is the perfect choice! You can apply it wherever your pet’s problem areas are for great results.

CBD Soap

Give your pet a relaxing and therapeutic bath with our unique hemp soap! Our all-natural CBD will soak into your pet’s skin for maximum effects to help with anxiety, pain, irritation, and much more.

CBD Spray

Does your pet suffer from pain or anxiety? If so, our CBD spray is a simple way to provide a perfect dose to calm your pet’s nerves and reduce pain.

CBD Oils

Giving your pets their daily dose of CBD has never been easier! With our CBD oils, you can carefully measure the perfect dose for your pet and mix it in with their meals. We’ve got a wide range of potency options so you can find the right match for your pet.

CBD Treats

What if you could give your furry friend a treat that provides health benefits such as anxiety reduction and pain relief? Well, with our high-quality CBD pet treats, you can! We’ve got delicious options that your pet will be drooling over the second you open the bag.

Improve Your Pet’s Health with All-Natural CBD
Medical-Grade and Sourced In the U.S.

Our products contain medical-grade Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. Our 100% legal CBD oils, sprays, and treats are made and sourced in the USA. When you buy our products, you can feel confident you’re getting the highest quality CBD for your furry friend.

Various Sizes to Fit Your Dogs’ Needs

We have CBD oil in dropper bottles of various sizes, from 100mg to 1,000mg. This allows you to measure out the perfect dose for your pet easily. Smaller pets would benefit from a dropper bottle with just 100mg, while larger pets can get more from a dropper with a higher potency.

Why Choose Nature’s Pet Herbals?

Nature’s Pet Herbals is a family-owned and operated company specializing in products for the health of pets. We have multiple product and trade certifications. Above all, though, we’re dedicated to the pets we serve and the families who love them.

We’ve had several customers thank us for products that have made their pets act and feel better. You should try these products with your pets too. You’re sure to see a difference in their demeanor!

What Our Customers Say

My dog has arthritis and I started him on their oil and can happily say that I no longer have to use any Rimadyl or Tramadol. Thank you Nature’s Pet Herbals!

My 3 year old lab mix has really bad anxiety during thunder storms. I have been giving him doses before and during storms and it has worked great to calm him down. I would highly recommend this product!

Mack’s anxiety has been much better he’s been on the oil for about a week. We see a great improvement – tonight’s Thunderstorm he didn’t react like used to – great quality oil !

Try Our Incredible CBD Pet Products Today

Visit us in our store or talk with us online or by phone. Check out our various pet products to see what all we stock. We’ll even give you a small sample or two to try with your pet if you tell us what problem they’ve been experiencing.

You’re in good hands with Nature’s Pet Herbals. Our CBD is produced with the highest quality control standards and is third-party tested. We’re also veterinarian-recommended.

Visit us in store or give us a call to learn more about our incredible, all-natural CBD pet products.


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*All Nature’s Pet Herbal products contain a total delta-9-THC concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis.

FDA Disclosure The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

CBD Oil Pet Tincture

Nature’s Gold CBD is well aware that our pets can suffer from painful, uncomfortable and debilitating illnesses too. CBD oil pet tinctures are a viable treatment for our furry friends as well, so we decided to develop a recipe that would be safe for our client’s pets and easy to administer. We still use our all-natural pure THC-free CBD isolate, but we cut down the concentration so your pets can get the right dose. We also substituted the plant-based oils in our original recipe with wild-caught salmon oil, a tasty treat your pet won’t hesitate to take with food or even dropped in a bowl of water. Finally, a treatment that doesn’t involve force-feeding your animal tablets!

CBD Oil Pet Tincture is available in 500mg and 800mg bottles

Contains pet-friendly wild-caught salmon oil

Grown in the USA

99+% pure CBD isolate

Lower CBD concentration for pets


***Please keep in mind that, like people, every pet is different! These doses are a great average starting point for most pets. Some pets may need more. We always recommend starting with this dosage, seeing how it effects your furry family member, and adjusting from there. As always it’s best to consult with your veterinarian before starting your pet on any new supplement or health product.***