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CBD Coffee

It give us great excitement to be introducing you to our very new and delicious gourmet CBD fusion coffee.
CBD fusion single origin coffee has a very smooth stimulating effect and a very enjoyably satisfying delicious taste.
This is a fine Colombian, single origin and medium roasted coffee, with intense flavours like toffee, walnut plus citrus zest.

  • Description
  • Additional information

Our single origin Colombian coffee beans are blended with a certified organic CBD.
Our (Cannabidiol) is sourced from hemp grown outdoors in Colorado, USA. Our organically grown hemp is extracted with the use of a solvent free CO2 process, achieving a full spectrum extract very rich in CBD and terpenes.
This coffee has been infused in such a way so that the flavour from the CBD doesn’t dominate the delicate coffee flavours. The CBD helps reduce the negative side effects associated with coffee like the jitters and also insomnia.

Because CBD is well known for its calming anti-anxiety effects, Greenworld CBD Coffee has a lot to offer. For instance it offers you the choice to avoid becoming all Jittered up from your strong morning coffee. The CBD provides a balanced, more prolonged surge of energy when it is added to coffee. CBD has a way of balancing the stimulating effects of coffee to give you the best of both worlds.

You may think that infusing coffee with CBD is as easy as adding CBD oil to the bag of coffee beans and shaking it around, but it’s a complicated process. We will try to break it down briefly.

For CBD to be effective in coffee, it must have a way to be delivered into your digestive system, and eventually your bloodstream. This means that it must bind with the oils that are already in the coffee bean. The process of CBD infusion requires the beans to be heated up so that the oils within the beans themselves are readily available to bond with the full spectrum oil. This ensures that the taste from the oils doesn’t overpower the coffee in any way. This also ensures that the CBD oil will be readily accepted by your body so that you can get the full effects of the CBD.
We think CBD coffee is the perfect creation for coffee and CBD lovers around the globe. It is a tasty way to introduce CBD into your daily life. Greenworld CBD coffee will help you feel alert and energised and also helps you flow through your day with less stress and agitation.